My Single Fringe Girls

At this moment in time I have three Frido single fringe girls in the styles of two Dungaree and one Single Fringe Gingham ….although two are classified as waifs due to their trimmed hair.

This darker skinned, bobbed haired girl has been with me for MANY years, probably the longest time here of all my dolls.
She just doesn’t seem to have any fringe at all and as I have mentioned before, I like to think that she was rooted when the fringe machine broke down that one time.     Although her hair has been cut it is the silkiest, most beautiful of all my doll’s hairs.

Photos one 031

I am still uncertain if she is a 1968 or 1969 model and as you can see her lips have oxidised. (Keep saying that I should have them removed but….although that’s another one of those jobs that I never seem to get around to.)

Photos one 029

I just love this Ruthsdoll’s outfit that I treated myself to just before Christmas as a New Year gift from ‘Me to Me’…..and think that it really suits her overall colouring.
(From the looks of things below I might not have done the top neck press-stud up. Sorry.)

Photos one 033

I was very pleased with the way these commercially made brown shoes and tan socks tone with this dress. (Oh! Hello to Terrorist! He certainly colour co-ordinates well too!)

Photos one 037

This length of hair styles superbly into short bunches, a style that I am particularly fond of and used to wear myself ‘in the olden days when I was young’ as my overall hair was rather too thin and fine for plaiting.

Photos one 043

I was delighted with these copies of one of Sasha’s original studio dresses by Ruth Hartley and now wish that I had purchased the pink one too…. but didn’t want to appear ‘greedy’ knowing how sort after they always are.

Photos one 042

Her hair handles beautifully, wonderful to the touch and falls back into place nicely.        I think that she could easily advertise one of those shampoos/conditioners seen on the TV.

Photos one 041

The object of this post was basically for me to compare the doll above with the doll about to be shown below to see if I could just keep one and sell the other on….but alas the close-up photos have done the opposite and convinced me to keep both!

Looking at my Sashas 001

This is a Frido 1968 Dungaree girl again with a full centre part to allow for braids, side bunches or just hanging loose….although it isn’t anywhere near as nice a quality as the girl above.

Looking at my Sashas 008

She is wearing another smocked style OOAK dress by Ruthsdolls which I think suits her very well. The smocking is a new heart shaped style that Ruth Hartley has just bought out.

Looking at my Sashas 006

I have teamed it with commercially made brown bar shoes and ercu coloured socks.

Looking at my Sashas 007

I was rather pleased with this side view pose as it shows her very fine fringe which likes to stick out in front. I’m sure that a little ‘off the boil hot water’ would tame it but I daren’t risk it with my hands!

Looking at my Sashas 010

So I have come to accept this fringe as part of her character and am now rather fond of it.  I must apologise for the clear elastic bands on show but I couldn’t find any ribbons the right colour at the time. (Note to ones-self. Ribbons need to be sorted and gathered together into a box instead of ‘here, there and everywhere in drawers, cupboards and carrier-bags!)

Looking at my Sashas 009

My one and only blonde Frido 1968 SF doll with her very trimmed fringe, but nicely ‘feathered’  hair at the sides and back.

No-navels 002

This is a very pretty and quite minty doll (apart from her hair) and, as I am discovering, is rather photogentic when the light is right in the conservatory/studio….especially when I remember to brush those stray hairs from her face.

No-navels 003

She is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s complete outfit which one of my NP sisters always liked to claim as her own but sadly she has, and unfortunately just this week, had to be adopted into a new home, so this dress was up for ‘grabs’ so to speak.

No-navels 006

She falls into my ‘Middle of the range priced dolls’ and being termed a ‘waif’ due to her hair is allowed to go ‘out and about’ BUT not take even the slightest posing risks.

No-navels 008

You can clearly see the ‘feathered’ trimming to her hair in this photo. Just perfect for me as I’m not keen on ‘loads’ of thick hair on my Sasha Dolls, especially when hoods, berets or hats are needed to be worn.

Single Fringe girl 011

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you have enjoyed seeing and meeting three more of my Sasha Dolls that I am lucky enough to own.

Future plans here will hopefully include….the rest of my NPs photographed in the shrubbery….next Sunday’s post, my Gotz slate-eyed girls, the Gregor lads, my customised dolls, the babies, non slate-eyed Gotz, my best IMO ‘out and about’ Sasha  photos, favourite Sasha/Gregor/baby outfits, my waifs and strays and regrets of dolls moved on.


25 thoughts on “My Single Fringe Girls

    • Guess that’s about all you can say this week! All rather boring after the last two weeks more lively posts.Been struggling with finding any Sasha time this last seven days.
      Love and a big kiss to Lonely!

  1. Thanks for your comment.
    Unfortunately I’m feeling slightly guilty as I had originally planned to trawl through my thousands of photographs and pick out photos of these three girls in different surroundings and outfits but time this week eluded me so had to resort to the same background and outfit….so rather boring!
    Hadn’t dawned on me until you mentioned it that all three girls are wearing Ruthsdoll’s outfits! My apologies! Must try to do better in future.

  2. Lovely girls Kendal I can certainly see why you couldn’t choose between the first two, although I think the first is my favourite, even with the trimmed hair and oxidised lips – they are ‘her’ and suit her perfectly. Beautiful outfits as always.

    • Thanks for commenting Lorraine.
      I think that you might well be right with this decision as I was swayed with her too although two of my other friends seem to prefer the second more perfect girl.
      Guessing that I’m more of a ‘waif doll’ mother.
      I,, like you, do love Ruthsdoll’s outfits. They seem to suit most of our
      Sasha dolls so well..
      Love to ‘Dear’ Henry….and not forgetting Rory, my two favourites of your Gregor lads!

  3. Kendal another feast for the eyes! Such beautiful Sasha’s I could not pick between them either! All three would be most welcome to come live in the village.
    Ruth’s dresses are so lovely and just perfect on the girls and again your attention to detail makes just all who follow in your footsteps want to do better!
    A lovely treat for Sunday morning and tales of more to come…hurrah!!
    Sasha Love Dee xx

    • Thanks Dee….although I have to admit that today’s post was rather boring but I need to take a good long hard look at my dolls every now and then to stop the numbers increasing too much and this is the only way that I can do it, as normally I just tend to say ‘Hello, you look nice’ as I pass them by without taking a really closer look.

  4. Lovely to see some more of your beautiful girls. My favourite is the blonde Frido 1968 SF girl, love her hair she looks so sweet. Love their dresses too, especially the green one. I’m a fan of Ruthdolls outfits, they always look sooo nice! Love Gill x

    • I always enjoy reading people’s comments especially if they had favourite dolls or outfits or poses. Feedbacks are very good for me! Helps me to plan for future posts.
      Talking of Ruth’s dresses I suddenly realised the other day that the brown’maroon checked dress that you bought like this green one here I have another dress of hers (though open fronted) made from the same material. so just as well that one had already been bought by you and so I had to have the green version.

      • Our Sashas do have a lot of clothes (in my case far too many) so I guess sometimes it’s quite easy to forget what we actually have! Always room for more though! Gill x

      • Oh, I certainly agree with that! Can easily second that motion!
        Always lovely to have the odd new outfit or accessory pop through the letter box amongst those nasty bills.

  5. Great post Kendal, i love the single fringe girls. I think at one time i had around eight, now i am down to just five. I sold the other three on, to buy my Studio doll.
    Your girls are all beautiful Mrs Hackney (although i still prefer number two, with the blonde coming a close second, lol). Love Ruth’s smocked dresses! XXXXXX

    • Oh, I know that the single fringe girls are your favourites! Perhaps that’s why I have only three as you see and snap them up first!
      Do you like the second girl because she is more perfect or for some other reason like her eye painting?
      We all love Ruthsdoll’s dresses! No wonder they are so popular that it’s hard to get hold of them these days. (Same is now applying to the vintage-sasha outfits!)

  6. Far from being boring, Kendal!! It is always a pleasure to see a close study of your wonderful dolls. I am very fond of the single fringe girl’s and a few days ago I counted the girls in my collection and discovered I had seven. My very first Sasha was purchased in 1968 and she happened to be a single fringe. I, too, think Ruth’s dresses are the most perfect dresses ever for Sasha. They, for me, capture the Sasha look as I have imagined it should be…simple and sweet without detracting from the doll itself. Ellen

    • Thanks Ellen. That’s cheered me up telling me that’s it not being quite so boring as I had thought.
      How wonderful that your very first Sasha Doll was in 1968, the year of the single fringe girls! Lucky you with SEVEN of these gorgeous girls and I’m guessing all beautifully dressed and in near perfect condition! As you know I did have a very minty girl but sold her on as she wasn’t being re-dressed or played with here, just looked at and admired!

      BTW are there any of my blog followers who can top this number of SF dolls?

  7. Love them all Kendal, but the blonde Fredo is so sweet with her whispy hair. She steels my heart. Love the outfits, too. Ruthsdolls chooses such understated colours. She understands the ‘Sasha Doll’. Lovely post. Always look forward to your posts. xxx Karin

  8. Thanks Karin. Hope that you didn’t find it too boring.
    I always like to read which dolls/outfits/poses/scenes etc. people prefer . I always think that it’s a good job when it comes to the Sasha Dolls that we don’t all like the same styles of dolls or else there wouldn’t be enough to share between us.
    I’ve never met anyone as yet who didn’t like the Ruthsdoll’s dresses. I myself particularly like the small checked materials that she uses.

  9. Just gorgeous fringe girls Kendal! I must admit the second girl is my favorite due to her stunning face with that quirky brow… she’s got the *LOOK*. My second favorite is Bethany with her wider face… simply lovely. And, I do like the darker vinyl… so the first girl with the silkiest hair and no fringe certainly has her assets.
    The little dresses by Ruth are sweet and classic, with each dress complimenting its wearer… nice choices.
    Thank you for the great photos and all the time/effort it took to dress and photograph these adorable beauties. 🙂
    Hugs, -Anne

  10. I always enjoy hearing from my followers which of my dolls or outfits they prefer or ;like the best.
    It’s interesting too to note why they like that particular doll as it makes me take another look at some feature that I might have overlooked.
    As you already know I do so enjoy the ‘dressing’ of my Brood, probably because I don’t bother so much nowadays with my own clothes being reduced by health problems to only wearing ‘comfortable and easy to wear’ clothing.
    Thanks for your continual commenting support.

  11. Kendall, another bunch of cuties, but I have to say that although the redheads are pretty…..I really love the blond girl with her shorter hair, she’s gorgeous!!! I love her more modern look mixed with the old fashioned style of her sweet dress. And those little boots, aww they are beyond cute too!
    Another great bunch of photos!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  12. I agree that my blonde girl , Bethany, looks so very different with her modern hair style,.though a pity that the fringe has been so shortly and bluntly cut by another ‘not so budding’ hairdresser.
    I fell in love with her rather plumper cheeks and small, cute little mouth.
    I too, rather like these Ruthsdoll’s boots with this OOAK dress and probably wouldn’t have thought of putting the two together myself.
    Many thanks for commenting. Always lovely to hear what other Sasha collectors think.

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