‘Dolly Mixtures’

Was rather pleased with the title today… (taking a leaf out of Dee’s and Ronny’s books/blogs!) ….though where these delicious little childhood sweets have disappeared from most of the shop/store counters these days I don’t know…… as I loved them.

Below are a few pictures of these famous sweets which incidentally are already making my mouth water.


Looking closer at the photo I can’t see any of the harder scented sweets or the brightly coloured shiny beans that were included in the mixture that I knew. Today they are looking more like paler mini liquorice allsorts with the odd sugar coated jelly shape thrown in.   Why can’t some things be left as they were?


Have since my last post discovered the two photos that I was after to list in the previous post (Dollydoodle board shorts and little chest in use as a Sasha/Gregor sock storage.)

Unfortunately I can’t now remember who I asked permission from to use this photo of my Festival hostess table gift in use (Francine?) but whoever it was, thank you again.


On a more positive and not so forgetful note I have now found the photo (that was especially taken for me by Judith Easthope) of the Dollydoodles Union Jack board shorts that I put in the little wooden chest’s bottom drawer.

UJ Shorts


I am in the process of starting my annual  ‘Spring reviewing’ and sorting out (wouldn’t dare use the word ‘culling’ in front of them!) of my Sasha collection.                               Today, I am taking a closer look at my two 1969 Gotz No-navels.

Walkies 024

This blonde, blue eyed doll is one of my two 1969 Gotz girls. (The other is a brown eyed brunette shown later on in the post.)

Walkies 023

I originally bought her from Sashadolluk as she was wearing the complete rare Gotz leather and fur coat/hat/skirt outfit…. BUT I did like the doll as well !!!

nnifvosz1These five photos, as you can tell, were taken by Shelly herself!


d22411 066

d22411 068 d22411 069

Back I’m afraid to my second class somewhat hazy photography again.

Walkies 018

She (no name as yet!) has decided on this sunny but cold day to take all three of their dogs for a walk across the open fields. Terrorist, named by Ronny’s daughter (a beautiful antique Steiff model of a Wire-Haired Terrier and given to them at Christmas by their wonderfully generous, Uncle Steve) joins the other two pet dogs (another Steiff Wire-Haired Fox Terrier named Foxy, and a Golden Spaniel, Goldy (both bought by me for them some years ago) for the long walk.

Walkies 014

I love this girl’s overall sulky look and although I’m not generally keen on Sashas with lots of hair I’m rather taken with her wild unkempt locks (which, BTW, I hadn’t brushed for the photoshoot ….well a waste of time with the wind blowing the way it was!)

Walkies 020

I have dressed her up warmly in a Frilly-Lilly fleece fully lined Duffle coat (excellent value and fit IMO considering that it wasn’t originally made for the Sasha Dolls) over a white Gotz T-shirt and Dollydoodle’s jeggings which fit snuggly under a pair of JJ snowboots.

Walkies 019

I’ve decided that backdrops in the conservatory are now the only way to go for me and my Sasha photography since, firstly I don’t go out and about so much and secondly I’m no longer able to bend down to either place the dolls on the ground or take the photos at that lower level.

Although I have had this particular backdrop for several months now this is the first time that I have used it.

Walkies 025

I have trawled through the millions of photos in ‘My Pictures’ and selected a few more of this doll to try to show her at her best to help me make the decision of whether she stays or goes.

Birthday Presents 3 011

She is wearing a delightful fresh looking little vintage-sasha dress given to me by Sarah Williams for my birthday last year. Just can’t do without Sarah’s fanatastic outfits.

Birthday Presents 3 006

I have teamed it with a pair of JJ sandals and commercially made socks.

Birthday Presents 3 003

This was a superb earflap hat that Cathy Buckley-Mellor gave my Sashas for Christmas 2011. You can just see the top of a Doll Works knitted dress knitted by Andrea Jacqes.

2011 Christmas presents 010

This blue cotton sun hat is part of a Pinestreetstudio dungaree outfit seen below.

Project 010

I think that the blue of the hat really enhances her eyes.

Project 001

Here we see the full Dungaree outfit on my 1969 blonde No-navel with my other 1969 brunette and brown eyed No-navel.

Project 019


This doll often chooses to wear this OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress as it goes so well with her colouring.

New Props! 003

One of my favourite close-up photos of this doll.

Autumn Clothing 5 013

Here is another very unusual Pinestreetstudio shorts, top and scarf outfit with JJ brown sandals and commercially made socks.

Yet more Summer changes 001

Project 013

I have always loved the way Cindy Patrick puts such different materials together in an outfit as if they had always belonged to each other.

Yet more Summer changes 004

Yet more Summer changes 007

This is the outfit that the doll came to me in, a dainty white Ruthsdoll’s dress under sweet little cardigan knitted by Jane Woodbridge.

14th July. 09 017

This little soul languished on the Sashadolluk website for months and months. Each morning I would stop and say an extra special ‘Hello’ to her until one day I gave in and told her to come and live here.

19th July 09 034

I had just received her a few days before I went to one of Anne-Marie Hollis’s Sasha fundays so I decided to take her with me to meet some of the other Sasha Dolls and to enjoy some fun as she looks quite a solemn little soul.

AM Sasha Fun Day 010

This was my first venture into the No-navel scene after many years of showing absolutely no interest in the last of the 1960s Gotz series dolls. Now I’m well and truely hooked!
Here she is wearing a paler checked themed Ruthsdoll’s dress for the Springtime.

Autumnal dressing 2 043

Teamed up here with JJ sandals. I do like Ruth’s copy of one of the original studio doll styles with the two rows of smocking and gathered material inbetween.

Autumnal dressing 2 045

Autumnal dressing 2 046

She now has on another of vintage-sasha’s little supremely simply styled dresses.

Photographs after watching the Royal Wedding 063

Photographs after watching the Royal Wedding 064

Like the lilac socks and burgandy shoes with this material.

Photographs after watching the Royal Wedding 059

Photographs after watching the Royal Wedding 060

Looking good here in trendy Dollydoodle leisure wear.

Dollydoodles.1 042

Dollydoodles.1 043

Christmas shopping at Trentham Garden World in 2009.

Christmas 2011 016

As a final desert course to this post I am serving up something that we all wish would happen to us.
Cassie of Sashapotomus was treated out to a 10th wedding aniversary meal on 14th February,St. Valentines day, by her husband and this is what was served up for desert. How MAGNIFICENT is this?

11076_216229411849699_708086490_n sasha silver

Below is a close up of this truely stunning doll!
When I showed this photo to my daughter she said that this doll reminded her of the one I gave her in 1966 for her second birthday (though unfortunately we haven’t even one photo of the doll which was eventually stolen during one of her later house moves) whilst my very practical and down to earth sister exclaimed ‘Well you needn’t think that anything like this is going happen on your birthday!’

377608_216049421867698_428175457_n sasha np

I had hoped that I could have included my third 1970 No-navel doll as well but time ran out so she will have to be featured in another post later on.
BTW the verdict on these two No-navel dolls is that they are indeed staying here for at least another year!


38 thoughts on “‘Dolly Mixtures’

  1. Ooh dolly mixtures! That brings back memories of my Grandmother who used to buy me a bag of those along with Spangles every Saturday! Love your No Naval girls especially the one with blue eyes, who looks great dressed in blue, making her eyes even more stunning! I just showed Tony that great desert Cassie was served, hint hint! I think it went right over his head! Gill xx

    • Oh! I remember Spangles too! Square, slightly transparent-see-through in different colours of red, yellow,orange and green in a long rectangular shaped package.
      Thinking the desert photos will go over most husband’s heads! Guessing that the only way that I would be likely to get that sort of treatment would be to do it for myself …and that spoils the fun and surprise.

  2. Oh dear Kendal – I always thought I was just a Trendon girl but my horizons and, unfortunately on financial grounds, my desires are widening. Your no navel girls are stunning. The early Gotz dolls are growing on me, to the point of becoming an obsession. Wish our bank manager was a doll person, LOL!
    How on earth do you keep track of who made all your lovely Sasha outfits? I get quite excited when you post on your blog, there is just so much eye candy there and I think you take great photos.
    Jenni x

    • Oh dear. I replied to your comment this morning but have just come back and can’t now find it so am going to have to reply again.

      So sorry to have tempted you with the Gotz dolls but I’m sure that, given time, you would have eventually found them for yourself.

      Talking of Bank Managers,.one of mine once asked me to bring one of the dolls in so that he could see just what was tempting me to overspend time and time again. Unfortunately he didn’t see their light but then neither did his pep talk make me see his light! So life just carried on in the same way!

      I love buying Sasha clothing as much as the dolls themselves so naturally I find no difficulty in remembering the names of the wonderful seamstresses who made them.

  3. well your brunette no navel has just got in touch and has said she wants to come and live with ME and she wants to bring her cindy outfit with her !……sarah x

    • Well, she would certainly feel right at home with your large Gotz Sasha Doll family down there. Gosh you’re wanting jam on it too with her asking to bring her Pinestreetstudio outfit down with her.
      Rest assured that your vintage-sasha outfits are just as wonderful!

  4. Please don’t get rid of duffle coat girl Kendal 😦 Pinafore dress girls tend to be rather predictable and end up working for ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ on Radio 4, so the occasional Bohemian Radio 1 girl on your bog is most welcome. I suspect Rupert Bear and his mates would welcome her if you do part company. ‘Rupert and the missing duffle coat’ sounds like an interesting story………Dinkie (a very sociable Nutwood cat) could turn detective, although it would be rather difficult designing a detective’s hat for a cat.

    I ‘m wondering, though, why Billy the dog is looking so grumpy and sad (picture No. 7). Did he apply for a job as a rep. with Dollydoodle and has just received his rejection letter? Poor Billy – he’d set his heart on that :(:(:(. Can’t one of your talented dress makers make him a nice coat to keep him warm during this inclement weather?

    P.S. Great hats as well. Love the blue one 🙂

    • Great to have you back commenting as have missed you of late.
      Pleased that you like my blonde Gotz No-navel girl as not a lot of people like the Gotz dolls, preferring the more prettier English conterparts!

      Yes, unfortunately the Spaniel puppy does look rather sad and forlorn sitting there ….though it was this expression on his face that drew me to buy him. Perhaps he wants to be a Terrier like the other two OR he too wants to be put on a lead. Whatever the case I’ll go and try to cheer him up.

      Thanks and super to hear from you again.

  5. So glad to hear the two no navel dolls are staying with you for another year…that might give me time to save up for your blonde girl as I think she is gorgeous! I nearly had to go and beg hubby to let me have her if she had made the ‘got to go’ list! In fact Henry was ready to march in on Mark and ‘order’ him to let us adopt her! LOL I love the original outfit she came in as well Kendal, she looks good in everything!

    Fabulous photos as always, please don’t do you pictures down, they are great (and yes I know that wasn’t very good English!) Just love the backdrop, a very sensible way to take photos, rather than trying to scrabble on the ground.

    • So lovely to hear from you again Lorraine. I do hope that that means you are feeling much better now. I couldn’t begin to imagine a post without your view and encouragement..

      I am really pleased that these two 1969 No-navel girls are proving popular with my followers. Makes me feel not so guilty about having ignored the No-navels for so long beforehand.

      So pleased that ‘Dear’ Henry is still taking an interest in my Sasha posts as I do so love him and his world wide adventures..Such a wonderfully thoughtful and caring lad..

      I so agree with you that being able to take photos at a reasonable height and in comfort is so much easier.
      Must check my photo settings when I find the camera booklet as they don’t seem to be anywhere near as sharp as they used to be.


  6. I think both NN are beautiful. The blonde girl looks like she has a fuller face than the brunette, but apart from their different hair and eye colour i couldn’t choose between them. So what is this third NN like, lol? Love the back drop that you have used for the blonde. I to remember Spangles Kendal, lol. Lovely post as always.
    Love Steve XXXX

    • Finally getting near to the end of my replies. Hope that you didn’t think that I had forgotten you?
      I know that you are a No-nose fan rather than a No-navel admirer so it was lovely of you to take the time to comment on these two and point the differences in their face shapes..

      My third 1970 No-navel girl is rather lovely too. She has blonde hair and pale brown 1970 more sketchy eye painting and looks magnificent in several of vintage-sasha’s outfits as the subtle colours of the materials really enhance her paler colouring. You’ll immediately recognise her when she eventually appears here

      If you remember the Spangles sweets can you recall how sharp they were to the tongue if they got broken or had a jagged edge?

  7. Cathy has just emailed me this as she is still unable to leave any comments……

    ‘Just seen your blog … I LOVE your blonde no navel and in THAT Gotz outfit she looks fabulous, well she looks fabulous in anything! I have the twin to your brunette brown eyed no navel, mine is called is Beth and I think they are so sweet … I have a blue cardigan very like the one yours is wearing but I very much like the white dress she has underneath it, it looks a bit like that very early gotz white dress, is yours by Ruth do you know? Glad to read that they are staying with you for at least another year but if you ever did decide to part with the Gotz fur leather outfit or the blonde or both .. would you please let me know 🙂 ‘

    • Thanks Cathy. Will make a note of what you wish for and should I ever come to part with those I’ll let you know.
      Would love to see a photo of Beth, your brunette twin No-navel.
      Yes, the white dress was one of Ruthsdoll’s but unfortunately I haven’t it here now as it went on a doll that I was selling, as it so suited her. Another regretful sale due to necessity!

  8. Well it would appear I will be well down the list of people after your brunette no navel should she ever go up for adoption! I do love the No navel’s , it’s their pixie faces just that bit different to the normal Sasha’s , if there is such a thing as a normal Sasha!
    Great set of photo’s Kendal ,always a joy to see what they have been wearing and how lovely they look.
    Great backdrop and a good idea to keep out of this nasty cold weather that seems never ending at the moment.
    Liked the photo’s of the dolly mixtures also….sweets…mmm
    have a lovely week
    Sasha Love Dee xx

    • Many thanks for your comment Dee. I was wondering if at some point I could be so bold as to ask for a rhyming comment to one of my future posts. That would be so exciting and really make my day. I’m just rubbish at things like that and have been so admiring them on Ronny’s blog posts.

      You’ve hit the nail right on the head when you describe the No-navel’s faces as ‘pixie’ shaped. A wonderful description! Shall always remember that one.

      Thanks for the weeks good wishes. I shall feel much better when this cold spell disappears..

      • Kendal’s no navel’s
        a sight to behold
        Both dressed so beautifully
        in blue, white or gold?

        Faces like pixie’s
        Hair rich and thick
        I wonder which one
        Kendal will pick!

        If she should sell one
        I’m too late to ask
        Other’s before me
        Have completed that task

        Content I must be
        to glaze at them here
        And admire their faces
        both sweet and dear

      • Unfortunately I’m not too sure just where this reply is going to position itself as there was no reply space underneath Dee’s magnificent poem…but here goes…

        A million/trillion thanks Dee for this superb poem. I’m ‘thrilled to bits’ and ‘over the moon’ with it. Shall be reading it over and over again until I know it off by heart.

        I’m now shouting ‘Yippee! I’ve now got one of Dee’s poems’ from the roof tops!

  9. Girls look beautiful (as always!) . Glad they are staying with you for a while longer! I adore the pictures of the dogs including Terrorist of course!!
    Was never a fan of Dolly Mixtures …I loved JELLY BABIES 🙂

      • Gosh Dee! You got in there before me as I was going to ask if she ate the heads first or, if like me she saved the heads until the last.
        Think that it’s going to take me all day just to reply to these comments. Why on earth did I make that New Year resolution to try to answer each and everyone!

    • It’s so hard to move on dolls that you have had for years and become attached to but if I didn’t make some sort of an effort every now and then the bungalow would be over run with them with no room for me!

      Well I know that you would favour the dogs more being a ‘doggie’ person yourself.
      Sometimes I wishnthat Lonely could become a little dog so that she would get some TLC from you if only occassionally.

      Was planning to ask, before Dee stepped in with her comment, if you bite the heads off the Jelly Babies first… or last like I did? But thinking it over now I guess that you would eat the heads first….though if they were dog shaped Jelly Doggies then you’d naturally save their heads until last.
      Takes all sorts to make a world.

      • I love dogs better than people (and Lonely!) I must admit 🙂 That is going to cause a back lash from Dee…and probably another rhyme!!! 🙂
        I never eat the heads off the Jelly Babies first and always share a packet with the hounds…well, they are BASSETS after all 🙂
        Honestly I do…they love sweeties!!

      • Basset’s are hounds
        and sweeties too
        The ice Queen do love them
        but Lonely not you!

        If you were a sweetie
        She’d gobble you up!
        And finish by giving
        the rest to her pup!

        So Lonely be thankful
        your a Sasha tot
        For if you was a jelly
        you’d be in a hounds belly!!

      • Oh GOSH Dee! TWO poems in one post….although this is more for Ronny!
        Will have to add them to my next post in case people have missed them.
        How wonderful to be able to do these poems at the ‘drop of a hat!’

  10. Apologies for lack of postings Kendal – caught flu on Boxing Day and was then back working in Frogland 😦 Enjoyed the Fritz posting 🙂 and loved that exquisite corduroy dress that you featured quite recently in one of your postings. Sorry, but I forget some of the the doll’s names. I can remember Belle’s…….because she has beautiful manners and the Incredible String Band recorded a gorgeous song entitled: ‘Darling Belle’ [1]. Very sad song about the First World War.

    That little duffle coat in today’s posting is perfection and I love the toggles and cuffs……and the quality of the hair. I bet she doesn’t have to use 5 dollops of conditioner/hairwash!

    Thanks, as ever, for the time and effort you devote to both your blog themes and pics 🙂


    [1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30FwPK3q7h8

    • So sorry to hear that you were prey to that very nasty flu virus which when picked up carried on re-occurring for quite some time afterwards.

      Thanks for the youtube video link.Belle was delighted to watch and listen to it too.

      Pleased that you are selecting things that you particularly notice or like. Makes it more interesting for me to ‘re-remember’ or check back.

      Thought that you would be pleased to see Fritz make an appearance and head down to Sussex. You can see what he was up to on Ronny’s blogspot http://absolutely-sasha.blogspot.com

  11. Oooh when I saw these Dolly Mixtures, I immediately thought of the Pic n Mix counter at Woolworths! Oh those were the days! As it happens though, there is a British sweet shop in Nerja, here in Spain and I went there on Friday and bought a big bag of goodies, just for myself. Sadly, I’ve finished the bag this evening! I’m soooo greedy when it comes to sweets!
    On the dolly front, I love your girls and enjoyed your photos as usual. I really like that Pinestreetstudio shorts, top and scarf outfit, what a great mix of fabrics….just what I like for my girls. I must keep an eye open for this seamstresses work. But I do love all your girls above, they are so beautiful, and so well dressed!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  12. The Pinestreetstudio outfits were always rather extra special with their mix and match fabrics and unusual designs. Such a pity that Cindy doesn’t seem make so many these days.

    I was quite disappointed when I saw the pictures of the Dolly Mixtures that are around these days,, nowhere near the variety that I knew as a child..I am all for changes in life if they are for the better but sadly they often aren’t.

    I remember I was thrilled when Gotz decided to re-produce the Sasha dolls again but unfortunately they lacked the expressive facial painting of their previous 1960s series. Such a disappointment!.
    You would think that with all this new technology and materials that they would have been literally ‘a cut above’ their first production. The only thing IMO that improved was the outfits which were often replicas of the Studio Doll’s outfits which was lovely to see and own..

    Thank you for commenting. Always lovely to hear from you on the Sasha front..

  13. Sorry for the delay dear friend.
    All mad this end with many appointments and meeting minister today.
    Love to you all and all I can say to all the photos and the sweets is this….
    YUMMY!! xx

    • Oh Sarah! There was no need for you to comment as I know just how busy you are at this very sad time but it was lovely to hear from you all the same.
      Pleased that you enjoyed this mixture of a post. Nothing quite like a Sasha Doll to bring you a bit of cheer when you’re feeling upset and down.

  14. I just loved seeing your two no navels being featured. They are ever so sweet and their clothing a feast for the eyes. Your blond girl looks so fabulous in blue. I love her duffel coat and the blue and white print dress of Sarah’s. The no navels have much more appeal to me than the earlier Gotz productions. For one thing, Gotz finally got the hair right with a full, thick head of hair and plenty on the top. I also like the longer arms that fit clothing better than the short arms of the earlier dolls.They seem to have a sweet personality, almost elf- like in appearance, with delicate little chins and no bubblegum lips. Thank you for a great show of color and beauty!
    Love, Ellen

  15. Many thanks for your most interesting comment.

    How beautifully you have described the No-navel girls….’sweet personalities, full, thick head of hair, longer arms, elf like faces,, delicate little chins and no bubble-pink lips.’

    I know that you are a great collector of them so basically I suppose that I must be considered to be rather a new-comer to these later 1969/70s Gotz series dolls… but am being quickly won over to their beauty and charm.

    I always think that it’s a good thing that we don’t all love exactly the very same Sasha Dolls so there are plenty to go round between us.

  16. Dear Kendal, again some mouthwateringly beautiful photography! I must resist looking at your blogs and desiring to own some of these beauties! But it is always such a pleasure, so I shall probably go on doing it all the same. xxx Karin

    • Thanks Karin.
      I’m so pleased that you will STILL be a blog follower in spite of the temptations of some of the Dolls…. but aren’t we all so lucky to have these Sasha Dolls in our lives?
      Daren’t think of my life without them. They give me so much pleasure.

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