Latest Sasha Update from Alsager

This truly wonderful surprise present arrived in the post the other day from Christine Taylor. Aren’t I lucky? A million/trillion thanks for yet another superb portrait, by you, to add to my Sasha Gallery!

Jan. bits and bobs 011

As you can see it is a unique oil pastel painting of one of my favourite (and now quite well known) Sasha Dolls, Belle.

Look, look everyone, this is ME!

Jan. bits and bobs 012

Belle is a Trendon 1970 Gregor Doll customised by Shelly. If I’m not mistaken she was/is my first ever Shelly repaint and reminds me of the Mabel Lucy Attwell’s pictures.

She is wigged in one of my very favourite Global wigs in a style called Cossette, which unfortunately is now discontinued.

Jan. bits and bobs 014

Have taken many photos of this magnificent painting as unfortunately the light and reflection from the conservatory windows are masking it’s true beauty…. but the natural light inside the house at this time of year isn’t good enough to take it indoors (without using the flash) and I have no extra photographic lights.

Jan. bits and bobs 017

It is beautifully framed to match my previous one of Fritz so that they can be displayed together in my Doll Room (spare bedroom.)

Belle is wearing one of Ruthsdoll’s very early short,  smocked dresses that I picked up on Shelly’s second hand clothing sales page.

Jan. bits and bobs 018

Please notice that she iswearing the new style Boneka sandals that Dorisanne so kindly sent me for Christmas (along with two other differently style pairs (see photo below this)Many thanks again Dorisanne. Really love them and they will be just perfect for my dolls to wear this Summer with their shorts, cropped leggings and cotton dresses.

Jan. bits and bobs 019

The three pairs of great shoes from Dorisanne. Many thanks again for your superb surprise gift.

Shoes 003

Changing the subject now ….here is Fritz getting prepared and geared up for his long journey down to Ronnie’s in Sussex to try to see if he can help Lonely get her little bear back and hopefully chastise Lucas and a few of Ronnie’s other mean and nasty toddlers.

Jan. bits and bobs 009

Here he is armed with his fishing net (which incidentally took us ages to locate) a longer pole and a swim ring and rope just in case Teddy was still water bound in the pond.

Just as the box was about to be sealed up Terrorist (their new pet given to them by Steve at Christmas) decides that it might be best if he comes too in case a ‘sniffer’ dog is needed to scent out and get on the trail of either Lonely’s missing bear or nasty little toddler Lucas who snatched the bear and threw him into the pond in the first place.

In hindsight I should have popped my Raven customised toddler, Bea, in as well so that she could have had a little play with Lonely in the hope of cheering her up… BUT will perhaps do that later on when the weather gets warmer and they can play out in Ronnie’s huge garden.

(Also if there’s time afterwards Fritz needs to have a word to sort out those two other naughty and bullying toddlers, Little Shelly and Tatum…. who definitely need a firm talking to.)

Jan. bits and bobs 010

About this time of year when I’m more house bound I try to REVIEW my ever increasing Sasha collection. This year following Steve’s advice and suggestion late last year, I’m starting by taking a look at those dolls who are usually only seen in the chorus, so to speak, and don’t get to bask in the front stage limelight.

Sunday's photos 002

This is a petite Frido 1967 Dungaree NP girl, named Autumn, who I think has a rather  sad/sorrowful look about her.

She is wearing my first ever Ruthsdoll’s smocked dress that was actually taken off, although you could more truthfully say, stripped off one of Ruth’s own dolls (who then had to travel home nude!) that she bought to Dawn’s very first Sasha funday in June 2004 (See the two photos below taken at Dawn’s.)

Dawn's luncheon 001

Ruth’s lovely early Gotz slate eyed doll, re-rooted by her daughter, Lisa, came wearing this beautiful outfit…..but left in the nudie!

Dawn's luncheon 002

Sunday's photos 008

She usually has her hair in side bunches, making good use of her full centre part but today I have let her have her hair loose as a change for the photoshoot (although personally I prefer it tied in two bunches.)

Sunday's photos 010

Second up is Sophie, one of my favourite early slate eyed waif Gotz dolls. Sunday's photos 013

Her delightful checked smocked dress is designed and made by Jill Mackley and she wears a sweet little Molly (Thelma) cardigan over the top to keep her arms warm in this cold spell of weather.

Sunday's photos 014

Sophie likes to wear her hair in two plaits with this long strand of hair falling over her face. (I’m not sure that I’d like it dangling across mine as it must be causing a slight loss of eye sight and certainly some aggravation….but you can’t tell these kids these days!)

One of my many nieces used to wear her fringe just like this for some time!

Sunday's photos 019

I always think that Sophie has a slight resemblance to both my daughter and I when we  had our hair in plaits at this age…. except that we had blue eyes…..(although I have always wished for brown.)

Sunday's photos 017

When I first missed buying Belle for sale on Shelly’s website I bought this 1972 falling haired Trendon doll and wig and sent her to Shelly and asked her if she would try to replica Belle for me. So that is why I have her.

Sunday's photos 020

In those days we weren’t so aware of the head and facial differences amongst the dolls or else I would have realised from the start that this girl hadn’t the wider round face of Belle.

Sunday's photos 022

Sunday's photos 027

She is wearing a very pretty simply style Autumn coloured floral vintage-sasha dress (which I think suits her colouring superbly!) and commercially manufactured shoes and socks.

Sunday's photos 026

A petite 1970 Trendon Gingham full centre part ‘minty’ girl is up next.

Sunday's photos 029

To me she represents what I think of as a typical Sasha Doll. Blue eyed with blonde hair that can be styled loose, braided or bunched.

Sunday's photos 032

She is wearing a delightful front opening vintage-sasha smock and shorts set that enhances her blue eyes. Over the top, with it being Winter, she has added a little Molly/Thelma designed and knitted cardi and underneath her shorts she has a pair of Sarah’s stripped tights. Her leather bar shoes are by JJ.

Sunday's photos 033

A really sweet, pretty looking little doll but unfortunately to me, lacks the facial character of the Gotz Dolls.

Sunday's photos 037

Next we have a lovely pale skinned, slate eyed 1960s Gotz girl wearing a Ruthsdoll’s trademark checked smocked dress that we have all come to love. Commercially made shoes and socks complete the outfit.

Sunday's photos 042

I think that her hair frames her face delightfully and her soft, fine fringe is perfect.

Sunday's photos 043

She has, I always think, a rather serene and demure look about her.

Sunday's photos 048

…with a touch of shyness and maybe in this photo here, a slight questioning of life?

Sunday's photos 052

Another Frido/Trendon 1969/70ish Gingham girl who is now wigged due to falling hair, in a strawberry blonde shade in the discontinued Global Cossette style.

Sunday's photos 058

Another very attractive Ruthsdoll’s smocked smock style dress that I acquired as it came on a doll that I bought second hand.

Sunday's photos 053

I think that this is a pretty looking doll, again the wig gives her a softer look with the thin plates and wispy tendrils framing her face. It isn’t glued in place like the other two above but I don’t take it on and off much as they are now showing signs of wear.

Sunday's photos 061

Side view of the wig showing the side detail and thin braids. (This doll always reminds me of Jill Mackley’s Georgia who used to model all Jill’s dresses for sale.)

Sunday's photos 060

I have found taking photos for my Sasha Doll Collection review helps in the fact that I can see them clearly (well, when managing to ignore ALL these stray hairs across their faces, that I never seem to be without these days, as when my reading glasses aren’t on I just don’t see them) when close up on the computer screen and so easier to make any decisions as to whether to keep them for another year or try to find good Sasha homes that they can be adopted into.


20 thoughts on “Latest Sasha Update from Alsager

  1. Sorry i have been a bit quite of late, but i haven’t been a hundred percent and feeling a bit sorry for myself, lol.
    Anyway, its so nice to see some of your other beautiful girls Kendal. I am glad you are taking my advice and letting the more camera shy girls take the lime light for a change, lol. Loveing Sophie and your mint blonde and of course Ruth’s beautiful dresses, lol. xxx

    • Wouldn’t dared NOT to have taken YOUR advice as I so treasure OUR friendship.
      Thanks for commenting even though I know that you’re not feeling so well. Hope that you will soon be back to your usual self with your health and enjoying life to the full again.

  2. They are all very beautiful dolls, Kendal. I love the pre-Belle girl, she could be Belle’s big sister as her slimmer face makes her look similar but a little older. The Gotz girls are unusual too – they have better hair than many of their type. I’m trying not to b envious of the special dolls you own.
    Good luck to Sir Fritz, knight in shining armor for a certain little toddler!

    • I agree that the wider, rounder faces do somehow give a younger look to these dolls. I have managed over my years of collecting to gather quite a few now.
      It’s a shame that some of the Gotz Sashas don’t have such good hair, especially on the top of their crown where it can be very thin and show the scalp and rooting holes but their facial expressions always IMO make up for this.

      Thanks for the good wishes for Fritz. I do hope that he does prove to be Lonely’s knight in shining armour but I have my doubts that he can do much good when up against THAT cold hearted Ronnie….but least we’ve tried and done our best!

  3. Oh Kendal what a delight on this murky tuesday morning!
    A lovely picture from the talented Chris of your girl, who is wearing my favourite wig. Which is of course discontinued! do they know how much they could make if they ever made some more!!
    AUTUMN what can I say ..I love her from the top of her gorgeous red head to the tip of her pretty shoes……oh to own A sasha such as she!…….
    and then we have some lovely slate eyed girls and not one not two! but three cossette wigged Sasha’s all so different but yet the same..beautiful.
    Beautiful girls in beautiful dresses ! a delight kendal, thank you
    sasha love Dee
    ps might I suggest a photo of all three cossette wigged girls together would be a wonderous sight!

  4. I must agree with Dee! What a delight to all of us Sasha lovers! That portrait is wonderful. You have some really enchanting Sashas dressed to perfection! Just lovely to see them all and give us inspiration (as long as we can keep the green-eyed monster away, haha). It did brighten up a dull afternoon. Many thanks, Kendal. xxx Karin

    • I do realise just how lucky I am to have collected such a wide variety of these gorgeous dolls over my many years of collecting. I’m only sad that I’ve had to let so many depart in the meantime as my tastes changed and Sasha money became so limited that it’s often the case, as with many of us, of one doll in, one doll out.
      I don’t mind too much though as I like the challenge of getting to know a new doll and what suits her the best in the way of clothing. At the moment though all my dolls seem to be still in their Christmas dresses. Must do something about this as they’ll not get the chance to wear their fabulous Winter coats and ski wear etc. this year.

  5. Thank you Kendal for all your efforts with today’s post. So many pretty faces and outfits!
    A *truly* lovely surpise gift from the talented Christine Taylor… you must be *over-the-moon* to have it. Belle is a very special girl with a *look* all her own… and Christine captured it.
    How nice to receive 3 pairs of practical shoes from Dorisanne… Boneka makes some very attractive styles for our Sashas and Gregors. I find myself liking the new chunky style of the classic ankle strap shoe… very *studio-ish*.
    “Search and rescue”… I’m sure Fritz will get to the bottom of this situation with poor poor Lonely… so much drama over *there* at “Absolutely Sasha!” Nice to see he is going well prepared with his swim ring, fishing pole (and net) and his faithful furry *new* friend, Terrorist, by his side. Very smart of him to take a baggie of *back-up* little plushes… just in case they are needed.
    Lovely 67 NP dungarees girl, Autumn (w/o her bunches), wearing her *must have* dress… she certainly knows what she wants… lol. (Beautiful hand painted eyes.)
    Sophie, what a sweet little character… love her light pink-frosted lips and that hair-do… fits her personality perfectly… dressed her smocked Jill Mackley dress and multi-pastel Molly-cardi… too cute!
    Well, what do we have here… another Belle look-a-like girl… hmm, you can never have enough of a good thing!
    It is always good to have the *essential Sasha* in one’s collection… Miss Minty is quite a cupcake dressed in her vintage-sasha outfit and multi-blue colored Molly-cardi.
    Your blonde slate-eyed Gotz girl looks to have the silkiest hair and fringe… always a *plus* with a Gotz, as so many of these girls have dry hair… especially at the ends.
    And lastly… omg, an *almost* Belle look-a-like… the more the merrier! 🙂
    Hugs, -Anne.

    • Pleased that you enjoyed the ‘bumper’ post today… which normally I might have divided into two or three parts but am somewhat struggling to reply to all the comments so decided to make life a little easier here and post them altogether so that I can keep my new year resolution up for a little longer.
      I do appreciate the time and effort that you take commenting on each and every one of the dolls/topics included…plus the fact that you remember all the details and can sort me out when I forget the odd thing….like the doll’s names!
      Many thanks. A true friend indeed!

  6. Kendal, you have some beautiful dolls and the more I see your Gotz kids, so the more drawn to them I am! But I have to behave myself and stick with the four I have!!!! I love how you have them all dressed too, they just look so much like old fashioned little children!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    • Pleased to hear that YOU are behaving yourself and resisting the lure of the GOTZ Sashas. I can never understand why some collectors just don’t care for them. To me they are just irresistable…..and at long last I have been won over by the No-navels….(now have three) ….after years of trying not to even glance at them!

  7. Pure delight to see such lovely photos of your gorgeous girls in their really lovely outfits. I love your painting it will look great hanging alongside Frtiz. You’ve brightened my morning.
    Love Gillxx

    • Many thanks for commenting. Yes, Belle’s portrait is absolutely gorgeous and such a good replica of her and is going to be hung in the Doll Room alongside Fritz’s. Both these dolls reside there too so are on hand for comparisons by family and friends who pass through there on their way to the conservatory..

    Dear Kendal and friends, have not been able to post due to more computer and parent complications!
    Have SO SO enjoyed being able to look at the backlog today of all the goings on of my dear friend and nieces and nephews of the Chon and Brood kind!
    Look forward to catching up again soon.
    Super pics Kendal.
    Missed them dreadfully.
    Thank heavens for the telephone! xx

    • Great to have you back on line again. Sorry to hear of your problems but pleased that you have now managed to catch up on the blog.
      Take care of yourself until we speak next time.
      Sasha love to you and yours, from Kendal and hers!

  9. I just want to let you know, that I adore all of your “Belle” Sasha’s with their exceptional wigs that makes them looks so lovely.

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