More New Year Sasha outfits

This is the moleskin smock dress that was under the Bambino Bella white coat outfit featured in the last post.

January 2013 012

Unfortunately for you there are far too many photos of this here as I was so taken with the general overall look that I couldn’t decide which to eliminate.

January 2013 010

I thought that the colours of the outfit so suited the backcloth…..although a doll in a sleeveless smock and no footwear definitely doesn’t!

January 2013 007

I’m finding that this particularly doll in spite of her badly cut hair is very photogenic.

January 2013 006

….And has quite an angelic looking face.

January 2013 005

Have plans when things have settled down from Christmas to send her off to Jackie Rydstrom to have her single fringe re-rooted, though leaving the rest of her shortened feathered cut hair as it is.

January 2013 004

Rather sorry to leave photographing this doll.

January 2013 003

Another Single Fringe girl’s up next.

January 2013 023

I have for the moment clipped her very fine fringe back as the few fine fringe hairs always have a trendency to stick outwards and upwards and need re-styling with a little hot water when I muster up the necessary courage.

January 2013 022

Not the most suitable of hair slides I’ll agree as rather on the large side! Need to search through their hair accessory drawer and locate some smaller ones.

January 2013 021

This is one of the two dresses (this is an OOAK) that I bought off Ruthsdoll’s Christmas November listing.

January 2013 019

Really would have preferred the brown colourway one but that was already sale pending (and by I now know who!)

January 2013 018

This doll is a 1968 Frido Dungaree girl with a full centre part and………

January 2013 016…… she has been here with me for quite a long time now.

January 2013 015

Next up is Annaleise again, a 1970ish Trendon Gingham has been re-rooted by Jackie Rydstrom on account of badly falling hair.

January 2013 011

She is wearing a dress and shorts outfit that I just managed to buy at the last minute from vintage-sasha’s last listing of 2012 at the begiining of December.

January 2013 008

Wasn’t too sure when buying it whether it was really me but as there was no other choice available it was a case of that or nothing…..and I’m not so good at dealing with the latter!

January 2013 007

Luckily my fears were unfounded the other day when on account of being snow bound in the house I was able to treat myself to a little Sasha ‘trying on new clothing’ play!

January 2013 004

….and I simply adore it!

January 2013 003

…on this petite and dainty little doll…..even with the somewhat clashing auburn hair.

January 2013 002

Finally I’m ending with something completely different ………My daughter sent me this photo (taken with her mobile phone) of Amber, one of her two Weimaraner dogs, who has been naughty again (she ate the largest portion, along with her sister, Ellie, of a box of dark chocolates, given to Chon for Christmas, firstly eating through the Xmas paper wrappings (after managing to jump up and get it off the middle of the dinning table) and then the cardboard box, on Christmas Eve when Chon was at work thus causing her untold financial cost as the vertinary surgeon had to be called out immediately to their home {for those of you unaware, human chocolate is poisonous for dogs and can cause death} ) and eaten the corner of Chon’s bus thank you card to my sister for her Xmas  present. (The smaller typed wording at the top of the note reads   ‘Amber’s Confession!’)

Ambers Apology


19 thoughts on “More New Year Sasha outfits

  1. Your blonde lass is very photogenic indeed and looks lovely in her outfit. All the girls look fabulous in fact…would they look anything less? I very much doubt it! 😉 Thank you for showing us some more lovely Sasha candy.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I’m becoming really rather attached to this blonde waif, who didn’t, for once, cost the earth having such badly cut hair.
      I can see her modelling a quite lot for me in the future. Now needs to be given a name…though something that I’m not good at!.

  2. Lovely dresses as always! I wonder who that was who bought the brown dress??? I rather like the green one! Your blonde girl’s hairstyle is rather nice and once you have the fringe sorted by Jackie I think it will look super! She does have a really cute face. I love that guilty look on Amber’s face. What a cute “naughty” dog! I hope she recovered okay from eating all that chocolate! Love Gill x

    • ‘WE’ well know WHO bought that BROWN dress!!!! You’re getting as naughty as Amber!!!
      Yes thanks,(and we kept a very careful eye on them when they were up here over Christmas) the dogs have survived the chocolate ordeal although the vet says that it has shortened their lives as they can never get rid of the poison out of their systems. Were they smaller breeds of dogs that would have killed them but being healthy, well fed and exercised in their younger days (they are both now over 90 in human years!) has helped the situation.
      Amber has saved many dog’s lives who have had to have operations as she gave blood on a regular basis and so is very well loved at the Veterinary Surgeon’s there..

  3. Thank you for showing Bethany’s dress w/o the coat… I like the simplicity and length, and those striped tights add a bit of flare and warmth. Agreed, Bethany is a keeper and mega-photogenic!
    Your single fringe red-head with the large hair slides has *gorgeous* eye painting and brows. I think she looks great in her *new* green plaid (Ruth’s) dress… embellished with the white smocking under the yoke… really a pretty color for her.
    Annaleise is an adorable *all* red beauty in her *vintage-sasha* red plaid dress… with matching red shoes.
    Where is the *Terrorist* puppy? (I miss him.)
    Poor poor pooches (Amber and Ellie)… eating forbidden chocolate.
    Many thanks for the *generous* amount of photos to look at this morning… always a pleasure!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • What would I do without you when it comes to remembering the names that I have already given to my dolls. Unfortunately my memory is somewhat fading these days in these matters so I’m so pleased that YOU remembered her name Bethany. I think that it is such a pretty name and really suits her.
      ‘Terrorist’ .was off out taking a romp in the snowy back garden when I was taking these latest photos but I’ll make sure that he stays in for the next photographic session..
      Thanks, Amber and Ellie seem to be doing OK now..

  4. Lovely Sashas and gorgeous outfits beautifully photographed again, Kendal! Amber is soooo lucky not to have been affected by the chocolate, especially high coco content chocs! Our first dog did something similar. We finished off all the Christmas presents under the tree with a Ferrero Rochet stuck to the wrapping paper. When we came to open the presents, they had all gone – foil and all. Only the cases were left. He also lived to tell the tale! I love that picture of Amber, guilt written all over her aristocratic, sweet face! Just love dogs! xxx Karin

    • Thanks Karin. So sorry to hear that you have had dog and chocolate trouble in the past but pleased that he lived to tell the tale and the Ferrero Rochet didn’t put paid to his life there and then..
      I’ve had a super time dressing and photographing my Sashas whilst being stuck in the house with this freezing/snowy weather which looks like continuing for a little while longer.

  5. Lovely girls in lovely outfits, Kendal!
    Tell Chon to keep a close eye on Amber for being dozy – my little dog had an Easter egg lapse many years ago and we thought she was just full and sleepy. It turned out she had poisoned herself as ‘human’ chocolate is toxic to dogs if eaten in large amounts. Mind you, Sweep ate six large eggs we’d stored for the Easter bunny to deliver to various children. It was the evening before the big day and we were more worried about how to replace the eggs in time than in naughty little Sweep’s health. It cost a veterinary fortune to get her health again.

    • What is it with these dogs and chocolates???? Even when we think that they are out of reach and sight they still seem to ‘scent’ them out.
      Mind you look whose talking. I just adore them in any shape, size or form and treat myself to some everyday whilst watching TV in the evenings.
      Had to have a little smile though that you at the time were more concerned at how to replace the eggs at such short notice than in naughty Sweep’s health, not realising just how dangerous they are …. but guessing that that thought would have been quickly replaced when you were handed the Vet’s bill!
      Was Sweep named after the Sooty and his dog, Sweep’ that my daughter so loved? The show used to come each year to a theatre near us and naturally we had to go, complete with her three puppets, Sooty, Sweep and Sue!
      Many thanks for the comment.

    • Think that she might have been forgiven by now but Chon was certainly cross with her on Christmas Eve after a hard day at work plus trying to get ready to travel up the three and a half hours hard drive to me. the next morning.
      Always lovely to hear from you. Thanks.

  6. What a beautiful Sasha your girl with the shorter hair, I do love the waif’s , they have that little something extra, a certain spark!
    Then she’s followed by two red head’s , what a lovely treat, and both in beautiful outfits.A fabulous post to come home to, three beautie’s for me to enjoy.
    Luckily my dogs have never eaten chocolate ( They’d have to fight everyone else in the house first! ) thank goodness they’ll be ok and l like her confession sign!
    sasha love Dee

    • Thanks Dee BUT nowhere near as wonderful a treat as your posts are to me!

      Pleased to hear that your dogs have never tasted our chocolates….and pray that they never will in the future. It was all so very worrying.

      I too, had a smile when I first saw and read Amber’s guilty confession. Reminds me of my confessions in Church over the years! Sometimes needed a lot of courage to enter into that confessional box.!.
      Now my confessions are more to my bank for overspending on Sasha Dolls when I have promised never to do it again…. can’t seem to help myself!

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