The Naughty Chair

As you can see Quirky’s back on the naughty chair (that’s high up on the narrow radiator shelf in the hall)…..once more!

Quirky 027

Unfortunately as you can see he is completely unable to sit still for even a minute at a time.

Quirky 009

Quirky 008

Quirky 011

Susan Bulger Pomeroy has very kindly sent him this little comforter for when he is there to help to settle him down a little. Many thanks Susan. So very kind and thoughtful of you…..although I’m not sure that he deserves it as he can be such a naughty little fellow.

Quirky 003

His comforter is shaped like a little woolly lamb that he calls ‘His Baa-Lambie.’

Quirky 005

One of these days he is going to take a huge tumble off the chair and it’s a good way down onto the hall carpet.

Quirky 015

Never a still moment! Does he not understand the word ‘sit?’

Quirky 022

Look at me I’m standing on the tip of my toes!

Quirky 023

Can anyone see me….because I can’t see you?

Quirky 014

Sniff. Sniff. My Baa-Lambie smells lovely.

Quirky 013

Now where’s my Baa-Lambie gone?

Quirky 026

Help me! I can’t find my Baa-Lambie!

Quirky 025

Mummy! I’ve lost my Baa-Lambie! ………….Ah! There you are!

Quirky 024

Can you get me down now? I’ll be good, I promise!

Quirky 006

PS. I’ve nearly finished my ‘thank you’ cards now so can shortly get back to photographing the last few of my Sasha Christmas presents.


21 thoughts on “The Naughty Chair

  1. Such a little rascal. He must have ants in his pants! Love his cute little chair, he’s lucky it doesn’t topple over with all that fidgeting. Love Gill x

  2. Oh my goodness, an accident waiting to happen!!!!! I hope he doesn’t fall Kendal, it is indeed a long way down, but thank goodness for carpet, all we have here is hard tiled floors!
    Such a little cutie though, I have a Chihuahua who is just like that and can’t keep still for one moment either!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  3. Hopefully the carpet might soften any fall a little. Daren’t even begin to think what such a fall onto hard tiles might do to such a little chap. I’ve had to put the chair up there because he was forever getting off it when it was down on a lower level and I haven’t the time to always watch him for every minute of his ‘naughty’ time.
    Thanks for your comment. Always lovely to hear from my blog followers.
    Sasha love from Kendal…

  4. He is having way too much fun with his naughty chair. Can’t really consider this a punishment! He probably feels like the king in the castle on top of the shelf! What was the deed that took him there, may I ask? Did he not want to get out of his Reindeer suit by any chance??? I am having the same problem with my little lot! xxx Karin

  5. Gosh Karin, I hadn’t thought of that ! Perhaps that’s why he’s so often up there. because he actually LIKES being up there.
    The reason for him being there this time was because he wasn’t letting the new Christmas baby ‘J’ play with their Christmas toys…. particularly the new miniature push along Fisher Price Corn Popper that Dawn Law sent them.
    Think that I’ll go and strip him of the Reindeer outfit immediately to see if that has any effect..
    Sasha love and thanks for your super comment. From Kendal..

  6. Wonderful record of Quirky’s ‘punishment’ ! I feel sorry for any future teacher who will have this live wire in their class! He is definately a handful ! But I am sure you will lick him into shape before he goes off to cause mayhem in the nursery.

    Sasha love Dee

    • Will definitely try to do as you suggest (as I know only too well what over active/disruptive children can be like in the classroom!) but feel that I might be fighting a loosing battle as no amount of punishment seems to cure him for more than a few hours
      Thanks for your comment of which I’ll certainly take good heed.
      Sasha love from Kendal…

  7. Ah my favourite little cheeky rascal, who reminds me very much of ,my naughty little lad who is little no more, but rather a giant. If baby Quirky is anything like him the teachers will certainly find him a real handful at school! Especially with that cheeky little smile and ‘butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth’ look that he is so able to put on. Just look at him up there messing around, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had ants in his pants! I am sure stripping him of his reindeer outfit will sober him up pretty quickly, even if only for a few moments!

    • I’m glad to hear that he’s someone’s favourite little rascal because he’s more than I can handle at times….even when he’s up there on the naughty chair! Nobody else ever gets the chance to sit on it even if they wanted to as it seems to be permentally occupied by him!
      Have now removed his Reindeer outfit in the hope that this might stop him from ‘prancing’ around.
      Many thanks as always for your comment, Sasha love from Kendal.

    • I certainly shan’t tell or let him see this comment as he’s more than I can cope with now….never mind him knowing that he has fans!
      Many thanks as always for your consistent comments and which I always look forward to.
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  8. Oh, that’s so funny and he must be related to Ross for sure! As Ross has turned his tumbles into an art form, Quirky has certainly had a very good teacher! Love “Auntie” Jax xxx

    • Yes,, they do seem to be two of a pair! Both these blonde haired, brown eyed boys have been with me the longest so perhaps that’s why they think that they are ‘something’ or ‘somebody!’
      Many thanks for your comment. Always appreciated!
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  9. This was privately emailed to me…..

    Love the photo story of the baby and the chair — totally charming. And the snow scene backdrop is a winner.’

    Many thanks. So pleased that you enjoyed Quirky’s antics on the naughty chair.
    I too was delighted with the Winter backdrop…. although I didn’t manage to use it for my Christmas card background as planned. Time just ran out.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  10. Sorry I couldn’t comment before as the internet was playing up….Love this post! Only wish I could get a naughty chair for French bulldog pup Spencer…he would be permanently GLUED on it 🙂

  11. Sorry to hear about your internet problem but good that it’s now been sorted.
    Perhaps Quirky and Spencer could share a naughty chair and entertain each other and give us both a bit of peace.
    Sasha love and always look forward to your comments with their play on words or wicked sense of humour. From Kendal…where we are now getting thickly falling snow this morning.

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