A little fill-in post while I start to write my thank you cards.

My teacher/Sasha local friend Kate Smith came to visit me on Friday and bought me this delightful little pot plant.  I’ve never seen anything like these little white drooping bells that are providing a pretty focal point after the lack now of the Christmas decorations.

Christmas 2012b 029

Aren’t the little snow white bell shaped flowers so dainty?

Christmas 2012b 030

The dark variegated leaves make a super backcloth for showing them off. Many, many thanks Kate. I’m so thrilled with it.

Christmas 2012b 032

Finally I’m able to show you the canvas print, very kindly donated by Sarah Price, that I won via a silent auction at Judith’s Sasha Saturday in October. I had left it down there with my daughter when I travelled back home as she was going to have it framed for me and and bring back up here at Christmas.

Christmas 2012b 017

She chose a simple white wooden frame to show off the overall greyish print. I’ve always admired this picture and did at one time try to replicate it with one of my blonde NP dolls in some long grass …but failed miserably.

Christmas 2012b 018

‘J’ asking Sasha if he can come and lie in the grass with her.

Christmas 2012b 026

Here we have my Christmas baby ‘J’ holding the sweet little Pooh Bear that Sarah Price gave the Brood for Christmas.

New gifted outfits 028

He is filled with tiny little polystrene beans and is so soft and cuddly. Many thanks indeed Sarah.

New gifted outfits 030

My daughter was always extremely fond of Pooh Bear and his friends and practically knew all the books off by heart.

New gifted outfits 031

He’s quite a dear little chappie don’t you agree?

New gifted outfits 033

Love his choppy hair.

New gifted outfits 035

Here is my New Year present to myself. A Ruthsdoll’s smocked checked dress.

Christmas 2012 017

It is a replica of the dress featured on the studio doll on the front cover of the book, Saha Dolls, The History.
Christmas 2012 022

These were made in different coloured (pink, beige, yellow, blue and one OOAK green) homespun checks in limited editions for sale just before December.

Christmas 2012 021

I personally liked the pink the best but chose this beige as I thought that it was the closest in colour to the dress featured ….although would have liked the OOAK green as well but that had already sold.

Christmas 2012 018

My 1968 Frido waif Dungaree with her bobbed hair is wearing it here. She is the doll that I have had in my collection the very longest. Her hair is lovely, soft and shiny, her vinyl quite dark and her lips oxidised but still holds a treasured place in my heart. She completes the outfit with commercially made shoes and socks.

Back to the thank you letters!


15 thoughts on “A little fill-in post while I start to write my thank you cards.

  1. What a lovely post to start the day! And as for your ’68 girl…absolute perfection! She looks gorgeous in that dress, I can see why she has been with you so long!

  2. Thanks Ronnie. I’m very partial to that length of hair on the Sasha girls.
    She is, as I said, a Dungaree girl with a FCP and her hair ties into very attractively short bunches…. especially good when it’s windy and she’s out and about on a photo shoot.
    I have kept her too on account of the fact that she has absolutely no sign of a fringe so like to think that she was re-rooted when the fringe machine broke down that time!
    Sasha love and thanks again for your lovely comment, from Kendal.

  3. Gayle Rotheim emailed this to me privately (Many thanks Gayle. It was great to meet you at the Festival!) but I thought that I’d like to include it here as this is exactly how I feel and would like to thank all those other Sasha bloggers whose blogs I can’t get enough of (especially Lorraine’s and Henry’s, Dee’s, Ronnie’s, Sarah William’s, Shelly’s, Dollmum’s …..and all the new ones that have just sprung into life.)

    ‘Hi Kendal,

    I’m starting out the New Year by thanking you for the joy you bring me (and many others) through you blog. Each time I see there is something from you, I smile…even before I see the photos of your “kids”. You have a real gift of bringing your Sashas to life and your enthusiasm is contagious!

    Merci, Danke, Tack, Grazie, Akun, Muito, Ahsante, Gracious, Diolch, Thank you!

    xxx Gayle’

  4. I just love that plant, isn’t it wonderful? Haven’t seen anything like that before, what a treat.

    Your 68 girl is just delightful and I love her, the dress suits her perfectly.

    Baby J is just…well lovely and his little Pooh Bear is delightful and that picture is very special, what a lovely treasure to have.

    • Oh thanks Lorraine for this comment.
      The plant is so sweet and dainty. Keep having to go and have a little close up look at it. The little drooping bells almost look unreal.
      Yes, I too think that this Dungaree girl is quite a poppet. and am thrilled with how she looks in the new dress.
      I was thrilled with winning the picture as hadn’t really seen it properly before winning it as I was just leaving to go to Shelly’s when it came up for the silent Auction. so very quickly wrote a random highish bid, being for charity, on one of the slips of paper ….so was amazed when a won it. as I hadn’t given it another thought.
      From the looks of things baby ‘J’ has collared the Pooh Bear for himself …so obviously Quirky hasn’t as yet seen it.!
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  5. Well another lovely post Kendal. The plant is so delicate with it’s little drooping flowers, reminicent of the snowdrops that will soon be showing, it gives us a reminder that spring is not too far away now.
    Baby J has such a sweet face, Winnie the Pooh is perect for him I can understand he wouldn’t want to let him go. Again this reminds me of my daughter who used to call him Pooy the Bear.
    Your dungarees girls is gorgeous, the dress is perfect on her. I loved the dresses but found them to late to be able to buy one…maybe next time. Also on my wish list is a no philtrum Sasha but I think I will have to keep wishing for a while yet.
    Thank you for the warm wishes yeterday.
    Sasha hugs from Rita

    • I definitely think that the plant belongs to the Cyclamen family but haven’t been able to find out any more about it as yet. I agree it does remind us of the Snowdrops that should start peeping up from under the ground very soon now.
      Loved what your daughter called the now famous ‘Pooy’ /Pooh Bear as I did yesterday with her naming of the ‘spiritual’ level. Aren’t these kids just great?
      Sorry that you missed seeing Ruthsdoll’s dresses before they sold out. Have you joined Ruth’s mailing list? Worth doing so if you haven’t.
      Plenty of time to think about an NP as so many of the other Sashas are just as gorgeous.
      Sasha love and thank you again for your second most interesting comment, from Kendal..

  6. Love that plant! The leaves look like Cyclamen leaves but… Is it a Gloxinia? I must show this post to my friend who is a garden expert! Very pretty, whatever it is. Adore the little baby – he is so sweet and think that photograph is stunning! What a good idea to make a study of a Sasha in this way. They are just amazing, aren’t they! I find it very hard to think of them as ‘dolls’ as my non-Sasha friends always refer to them! A Happy Sasha New Year, Kendal! xxx Karin

    • I definitely think that it is a Cyclamen plant too but not sure of any more of the finer details.but agree it is extremely pretty.
      You’re right the Sasha Dolls look so life-like in some of the photos.
      Seeing the photograph framed has spurred me on to have a pencil drawing print of a Gregor that I won off eBay some years ago also framed in a similar way. I should be having him back here in April..
      Sasha love and thanks Karin for taking the time to comment yet again and please let me know if you hear of any more details of Kate’s plant. From Kendal.

  7. Good Morning!
    Your photos are like a candy shop… so many different *yummies* to choose from.
    A very pretty house plant, a beautifully framed black and white photo of our beloved *Sasha*… an NP no less, the classic and always appropriate (for any age) Pooh bean plush… “So they went off together. But wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the Forest, a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.”
    Congratulations again on your newest little Quirky *J*… an adorable little sprout! And, your new dress from Ruth’s is *studio-delicious*… I really like it in the latte (beige) color on your ever so gorgeous and stunning fringe-less 68 Frido waif!
    Thank you for a nicely done post… as always.
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Certainly today’s post turned out to be a complete ‘Dolly’ mixture. Was tidying up a few ends before the next post hopefully on Saturday as I might be going out shopping at The Trafford Centre for the day tomorrow.
      Enjoyed reading the Pooh Bear quote. Brought back some lovely memories..
      Sasha love and many thanks as always for your ‘always to be relied upon’ comments.Such ‘spurring on’ material. From Kendal.

  8. Kendal what a lovely post to come home to! A lovely plant, baby J with his bear , a fabulous original print of a gorgeous Sasha and then to top it all a RED dungarees Np in a beautiful Ruth Hartley OOAK dress.. B E A U T I F U L !

    Sasha Love Dee xx

    • Oh thanks Dee. Pleased that like me you love everything in this post, plant, baby ‘J’,, picture, Pooh Bear’, Dungaree girl (although not an NP,but a single fringe girl minus the single fringe) and a limited edition Ruthsdoll’s dress..
      Sasha love and always lovely to read your comments. From Kendal.

  9. Beautiful dress and I really love the black and white print, it’s gorgeous. And the plain frame sets if off perfectly.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

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