Farewell to Christmas 2012

Had to take my Christmas decorations down yesterday afternoon so feeling sad that Christmas is over for another year and everything now looking a little drab and rather bare without the previous gold sparkle and glitter that was scattered about the place.

Xmas 2012 021

Have taken several views (sorry about that) of the tree on different days to make sure that I at least got a couple of good photos for here and for future reference.

Xmas 2012 027

This year I have added twelve new baubles and some more fine tinsel that I bought from my visit to Bridgemere Garden World  to make up for the three that had got broken over the last two years and to compensate for any more future breakages.

Christmas 2012b 001

Close up of the baubles, fine tinsel etc in the afternoon’s sunshine.

Christmas 2012b 003

Tree with the lights on!

Xmas 2012 003

Again, the same but taken a little later in the day.

Xmas 2012 007

Close up of the middle of the tree with the lights lit.

Xmas 2012 008

The mantlepiece photographed in the morning without the sunshine. Added the two very fine wood decorations from Austria (that had decorated two of my presents in previous years) to the mirror. (You might have to look closely though to see them.) Liked the effect so will do so again next year.

Xmas 2012 028

The decorated mantlepiece in the afternoon’s sunshine. You can see the two very finely carved wooden mirror decorations more clearly here.

Christmas 2012b 005

I used to hang this weath up in the hall but have swapped it to here over the last two years as I think that this is a perfect place for it, linking the lounge and dinning areas and tones in well with the two sets of deep cream brocade curtains on either side.

Xmas 2012 a 029

Close up of the wreath.

Xmas 2012 023

The decorated candle display in the corner of the dinning room. (Not sure why that Gotz Sasha has decided to have a little lie down.)

Xmas 2012 026

I like this candle stand especially when it is decorated. Fills up this corner of the dinning area nicely, giving it more of a focal point for those sitting on the end and left side of the dinning table.

Xmas 2012 011

The Victorian Kissing Bunch outside the Front Door.

Xmas 2012 018

Close up of the Victorian Kissing Bunch that I made using the holly and mistletoe bought from Bridgemere Garden World and tied with a large red ribbon.

Xmas 2012 019

These were my other two Christmas cards for my non-Sasha friends. The Holly Berries was sold in aid of Arthritis Research and the Brussel Sprout tree for Marie Curie Cancer Care and Save the Children.

Xmas 2012 a 007

I gave three of these attractively presented sweets as gifts to those who I know love these chocolates. (Wouldn’t have minded one myself!)

Xmas 2012 a 004

These little first name initial boxes were filled with gifts for my nieces (and my daughter of course!) who came to share the Christmas Luncheon at Slater’s with us.

I thought that there were rather a fun idea and different….and as some of you know, I like ‘different!’

Xmas 2012 a 002

Thought that I’d include the next photo of what my nieces did with the presents at the table!

Christmas 2012 006

Two photos of my daughter’s present containing MAC make-up, Lancome cosmetics, a stainless steel container for keeping drinks hot when travelling or out and about and a bottle of Baileys original cream. (Can’t add these to the previous present’s post as I used to as I have since realised that she takes a sneaky preview of them on the blog before travelling up here.)

Xmas 2012 011

View from above.

Xmas 2012 012

The purple and gold Polo Hoodie that I gave to Chon. Still a bit creased as it had only just been taken out of it’s original wrapping.

Christmas 2012 024

Christmas 2012 027

Christmas 2012 026

Christmas 2012 029

The Ted Baker shopper bag that I also gave her. The Polo Hoodie was inside.

Christmas 2012 013

I always fill this bowl with Hyacinths for her to take back with her so that when she takes her decorations down they provide a centre point with their beauty and perfume.

Xmas 2012 a 032

Xmas 2012 a 033

I gave her two dogs a chocolate bone each as well as named black with beige paw-prints on towels and squeeky toys in the shape of bottles.

Christmas 2012 017

Hope that you have enjoyed this little insight into Christmas here in Alsager.

Guessing it’s now all over for another year.


9 thoughts on “Farewell to Christmas 2012

  1. Great pictures Kendal, your Christmas decorations are Lovely. I am just like you, i really enjoy having our Christmas dec’s up and hate taking them down again. Mind you our dec’s do go up early (from around the 1st of December) so i can’t moan really, lol.
    Your Christmas presents are always so beautifully wrapped and look like little works of art!
    Thank you for shareing xxxx

    • I’m hoping that your quick reply here means that you are feeling much better today from your chest infection.
      Yes, I know that you are one of the more organised of us who manage to put their Christmas decorations up at the beginning of December whilst un-organised ME is lucky if they get them up in the Christmas Day week. Have even been known to be putting the finishing touches to them on Christmas Day after Father Christmas has been!
      I just love the present wrapping part of Christmas and search ‘high and low’ for attractive paper, ribbons and my now trade mark, the tinkling bells etc. I must congratulate you though on your wonderful wrapping of the presents to me over the last two years. I have been really delighted (and this year remembered to take a photo of them if you’d like me to forward it on to you.)
      Sasha love and more get well wishes, from Kendal.

  2. Your Christmas decorations are super duper! I love your Christmas tree with the gold baubles, it looks very swish. Your presents are beautifully wrapped and very appealing. It’s lovely to see some of your “girls” dotted around the house! It’s been great looking at all your Christmas photos! Love Gill x

    • Thanks Gill. I must admit that I am more than happy with them and they’re easy to get out, set up and put away again although I do miss the smell of fresh pine from the real Conifer Christmas trees…. but the searching for a dainty and not too bushy tree, the getting of it into the car and then into the stand when home… plus with the daily watering and finally the cutting up into small pieces to go into the recycling bin afterwards was proving just too much for me.
      I think that my Sashas enjoy being scattered around the house in the various rooms (banned though from the kitchen, bathroom and conservatory… unless in the latter for a short photo shoot.
      Sasha love and thanks for your commennt, from Kendal.

  3. More lovely photo’s , this time of your elegant decorations and tree.I love seeing the gIrl’s out amongst the christmas cheer.
    I love the pot you use for your daughters flowers, I have a couple of these myself but they are so nice I would love some more but then you need to find somewhere to put another one!!
    You are very good even treating the dogs to a lovely bone, I’d best not let my dogs see that part or they’ll be complaining that they only got a couple of biscuits!!

    Sasha Love Dee x

    • Chon gave me one of these pots a few years ago too and yes, have noticed your two on your blog posts.
      My Brood enjoy either standing or sitting on the furniture around the house and I love seeing them as In go from room to room.
      I completely forgot to take some photos of the dog’s Christmas stockings, in the shape of red paw prints trimmed with white fur, and presents this year..Inside each one they had their new towels, squeaky toy bottles, the chocolate bones and their favourite treats of pig’s ears and pork crackling strips. Their male doggie friend (same breed) who lives a little further down the cul-be-sac sent them two doggie mince pies each from ‘Pets at Home’ which they quickly woofed down.
      Many thanks for your comment. Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. My sentiments exactly… “the post holiday blues”… and it’s always rough landing!
    I really enjoyed seeing your lovely home decorated like a holiday retreat… with all the gold baubles, silver and tiny lights.
    All your presents were so beautifully wrapped… what a shame they had to opened… but I’m sure what was inside was even more spectacular, and appreciated, than the outer wrappings.
    All in all…it looks like you had a very special month of December 2012! Thank you for all the great photos… of a magical month to remember.
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Loved the Sashas so perfectly placed through-out your living space!

  5. Hello Kendal, I thought I would officially follow your posts as I have been unofficially viewing them for some time now.
    Christmas at your house looks so wonderful, a true family occasion with so much thought and care put into it, as with all your blogs.
    I loved all your Sasha gifts and the little ‘terrorist’ dog (this reminds me of my daughter who when very young would call a spirit level a spiritual level, the name has remained ever since).
    I always turn a very slight shade of green when I see all your lovely Sashas, Gregors and babies, such a wonderful collection. What a lovely mummy they have, always dressing them so beautifully with so much care to detail.
    I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year Kedal,I will continue to look forward to your blogs they always brighten my week.
    Sasha hugs to all.

    • A very warm welcome on becoming an official follower/member from all of us here.We do hope that you continue to enjoy the posts and add a comment from time to time as we love to hear people’s feedbacks. (Always helpful to know any reactions,, likes/dislikes etc. for future post. plans.)
      We too loved all the superb Sasha presents from our very kind, thoughtful and generous friends. (Still wondering just what we did to deserve them!)
      My Sasha Dolls are very varied in condition from the very minty to the rather waify but each and everyone is loved, well cared for and treated exactly the same. (My previous primary school teaching years have taught me never to have favourites. or you make a rod for your own back.)
      Many thanks for the New Year good wishes.
      A very happy, healthy and Sasha filled 2013 to you too
      Sasha love from Kendal.

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