My Sasha Christmas Presents part 4

Sorry for the late posting today but had to wait for until mid afternoon for the sun to move away from the conservatory to allow me to take the photos for today.

New gifted outfits 019

Today we are looking at Jackie (Rydstrom’s) gift to the Brood, although mainly for Bea, my 1990s Gotz Toddler customised by Raven.

New gifted outfits 023

When I first spotted her for sale on eBay I didn’t bid because she was a toddler and I’m not keen on their body proportions especially, in my opinion, their too short and too curved arms for a representation of an approximately two year old child. I felt that basically the baby torso had just had straight legs added instead of re-moulding the whole doll as it should have been.

New gifted outfits 022

I did regret my original decision of not bidding for her but that was the end of that… or so I thought… little did I know! The next thing I knew was that she appeared for sale on Sashadolluk so I quickly emailed Shelly to see if I could buy her but Shelly herself had decided that she wanted her…. so a second opportunity to buy this little tot was missed.

New gifted outfits 020

I asked Shelly should she ever wish to sell her on I would be only too willing to buy her!

Quite a while later I got an email to say was I still interested in her? Third time lucky. Of course I was… the rest is history although as you can guess she had more in value along the way.

Originally she had a much longer wig but Shelly had started to try to trim it but given up half way through so I bought her this new wig and named her Bea.

New gifted outfits 026

When I saw this little outfit for sale on eBay, although modelled on a baby and it had stripped brown/beige tights and top (and the latter was incorporated into the pinafore) I put a bid in but missed winning it by only a £1. Disappointed but obviously nothing could be done about it….although I did mention it to Jackie in passing and she agreed that she too had liked it and wanted it but hadn’t a baby Sasha or toddler at that time to put it on.

New gifted outfits 024

So at Christmas imagine my sheer delight when I opened this present from Jackie. A million thanks Jackie, for this charming little outfit which you’ll have to agree suits Bea perfectly.

As I’m so late with publishing this post above I have decided to add a few more photos and then give blogging a miss tomorrow (Sunday) as being the twelfth day after Christmas Day I need to take down and put away my decorations,…although I don’t want to as  I’m still enjoying their glitter and sparkle.

Christmas 2012b 025

These two photos show baby ‘J’ playing with the super little snow globe that Susan bought them back from visiting the Christmas markets in Germany earlier last month.

Huge thanks again Susan.

Christmas 2012b 024

I completely forgot to add the next two close up photos of Terry (now nick named Terrorist due to Ronnie’s daughter Merrick) the delightful Steiff Fox Terrier (from the early 1950s) that Steve sent the Brood to my previous post. Loads of thanks again.

Christmas 2012b 020

Isn’t he just absolutely adorable?

Christmas 2012b 019

See you back here hopefully on Monday, all being well, when I’ll be introducing you to the two vintage-sasha outfits that Sarah W gave me for my Sasha girls.


12 thoughts on “My Sasha Christmas Presents part 4

  1. I think Bea looks absolutely gorgeous in her outfit from Jackie…but then I think Bea is a really lovely anyway! And as for ‘terrorist’ the terrier I love him! My daughter is mortified I have revealed to the nation her inability to say terrier when she was a toddler herself 🙂

    • Yes, I agree totally that Lonely’s half sister Bea is just gorgeous as Lonely is..
      Tell your daughter that we just love what she called the Terrier dogs when she was a toddler.. It’s the little things like this that are so special to us when we are remembering our children.when they were young….as goodness only knows they grow up so very fast these days.
      Sasha love from Kendal…

    • I have always admired Raven’s customised eye painting. Such a pity that she no longer does the Sasha Dolls. I had one of her 80s dolls at first but sold her on when I decided to tailor my collection to only buying dolls manufactured between the years 1965-1972….plus 1990s Bea.
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Raven gave Bea beautiful hand-painted eyes… and what a story Bea has… she’s quite a little gypsy! She’s looking toasty warm and delightful… how simply wonderful of Jackie to give you this splendid little outfit… it’s perfect on her.
    Awwe… *snow globes*… I love them (and have a small collection)… this one is really tiny and so cute with that little gnome inside… it certainly is holding J’s attention… must be all that magical snow or glitter falling all over the place when turned upside down.
    Your little terrorist terrier is beyond adorable… he’s cuteness galore… and oh-so photogenic!
    Thank you Kendal for sharing even more of your Christmas presents (part 4)… please keep them coming.
    Hugs, -Anne

    • I was so pleased although it was third time lucky when I finally managed to secure her. Although I’m not keen on the toddlers in general I’ll never part with her. I’m so pleased that she now has another outfit to wear as she basically only has a few that fit and suit her.
      I would have liked to have had someone close by when I took the snow globe photo to have quickly tipped it over so that I could have caught the snow falling on camera. I did try to do it myself but by the time I had picked the camera up again and focused the snow had already fallen.
      Terry/Terrorist is certainly, as you so rightly point out, very photogenic. You can almost see every strand of his hair on the photos.
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. Another delightful post Kendal. Bea looks lovely in her dress the colour suits her so well !
    The globe with santa in is very nice and well I do love the terrier, such a perfect pet for the Sasha’s
    sasha love Dee x

    • I agree she looks a right little poppet in that outfit and seems to suit the darker colours with her slightly oriental eye painting look and black hair.
      They (and me!) are thrilled with their Terrier pet and little globe..We’ve had some really outstanding presents! Many thanks to everyone who so kindly and thoughtfully sent them.
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. Your little toddler, Bea, is adorable. I have BJDs with faceups by Raven and she really does lovely work! The outfit from Jackie is lovely. I knew all about it in advance as Jackie was so excited to be able to get it for you, and it really is as cute as she told me it would be!
    I do like your little terrier too, what a lot of sweet gifts you got from ‘santa’!!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    • Yes, unfortunately for us Raven has moved over to customising the BJDs and now abandoned the Sasha Dolls.
      You kept Jackie’s secret really well then. I had absolutely no idea as we don’t usually give presents.. It certainly was a marvellous and quite unexpected surprise.
      I have just finished taking down my Christmas decorations.and the house is looking quite bare after what seemed to be a lovely long festive season.but luckily my Sashas in their new outfits and playing with their gifts are brightening up the place nicely.
      Sasha love from Kendal..

  5. Lovely pictures of a really sweet toddler. I love that colour outfit. Those beiges, greys and browns look so good on our Sashas! Your blog is always interesting, Kendal. xxx Karin

    • Thanks Karin.
      I have felt that my blog was settling into a rather set pattern with not enough variety and spice of late but don’t seem able to do much about it with the content that recently has to be posted. Perhaps later on the subject matter might liven up a bit when the weather gets warmer and I can venture out and about again.
      Sasha love from Kendal.

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