My Sasha Christmas Presents part 2

BOTH these two vintage-sasha outfits below were so very kindly and generously sent to me by Susan Bulger Pomeroy for Christmas and to thank me for looking after her at the Sasha Festival (since that was her very first Sasha function and she didn’t personally know anybody there.)

New gifted outfits 008

It was purely my pleasure to finally meet her after a couple of years communicating via the internet as she is such a truly wonderful person.

New gifted outfits 010

I have chosen my very first Gotz slate eyed girl to wear this very attractive smock and trouser outfit complete with the matching shoes and socks. I bought her from Marie Morgan MANY years ago for £600 in those days when the Sasha Dolls were much more expensive due to the lack of circulation on the internet.

This Gotz girl has, I think,  a slightly older look than the six to seven years that it is thought that the Sashas are meant to relate to and has on occasions, when required, (Mothering Sunday and Christmas Eve wrapping presents for the younger ones)  played the part of a young mother to a Sasha baby.

New gifted outfits 004

As you can see the smock is made from a very dainty floral cotton with toning plum cord trousers and shoes. I have always liked Sarah William’s slightly wider trousers with the little turn-up at the bottom.

New gifted outfits 007

As with so many of vintage-sasha’s outfits it also comes with two matching hair ribbons to complete the look. This Gotz doll has really beautifully thickly rooted hair with no usual thin places on the top of her crown. Truly amazing!

New gifted outfits 001

This second vintage-sasha outfit given to me by Susan is seen on a NEW Gotz doll of mine which I was undecided whether to keep or sell on to a best friend before I saw here dressed in this ‘perfectly suited to her’ outfit. (So sorry for this change of heart as I’m sure that you are very disappointed.)

New gifted outfits 011

She is a pale skinned Gotz girl with unusually differently shaped slate eyes, more oval than the usually rounded style.

New gifted outfits 012

She had been professionlly cleaned and re-strung by Brenda Walton by her previous owner and rather unfortunately (for my personal tastes) has had her lips re-painted (I’m not keen on re-painted lips preferring them to remain nude if the original paint was too rubbed, oxidised or barely there.)

New gifted outfits 013

Although this outfit came with white socks and brown shoes I have added my personal touch and put some Trendon Kiltie black tights along with a pair of black patent Mary-Jane shoes by JJ that Jean gave me as a gift last year.

New gifted outfits 016

I am really fond of Sarah’s berets and think that they really put a finishing touch to an outfit. I also love the matching cord collars and cuffs. A very attractive trim.

New gifted outfits 018

Again this was an outfit that I had seen previously for sale on vintage-sasha’s website but missed buying due to a sale-pending already on it…afraid this is fast becoming the story of my life with these very popular beautifully styled, fitted and sewn  outfits.

New gifted outfits 014

A million/trillion thanks Susan for these wonderful presents which also included a little snow globe and two elastic hair ties with a heart shape attached bought for me when she went over to Germany earlier last month to visit the markets (and which will be shown on a later post.)

Hopefully I’ll be posting two more of my presents tomorrow.


21 thoughts on “My Sasha Christmas Presents part 2

  1. Two gorgeous outfits, what a lovely present! I love the colours of the second outfit and as you say they are perfectly suited to your very beautiful NEW Gotz girl. I’m not surprised you decided not to part with her, she is lovely. Gill x

  2. Afraid that I’m still feeling very guilty at not letting my friend have her as promised.
    Not a good way to start the New Year by being so selfish! Don’t want to get onto Father Christmas NAUGHTY list and not receive any presents next Christmas… as unfortunately I know all about being on his ‘naughty’ list in January, as when I was six or seven I was continually fighting with and not sharing my new Christmas toys with my eldest brother.when one morning I woke up to find that he had been and taken away all my new presents.
    A really rude awaking I can tell you. Took me three weeks of being exceptionally good before they were returned. Certainly learnt my lesson there!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. Kendal, what beautiful outfits!. Susan did a wonderful job at chooseing them, as there very you, lol.
    Nice to see the pale skinned girl again (sorry about her lips, lol) that outfit of Sarah’s suit’s her so well! XXXX

    • Oh! I so agree that those outfits are very ‘ME’ as were all the Christmas outfits that I was given. Thinking that it’s now really obvious that my Sasha friends, including you, are getting to know my Sasha clothing tastes very well indeed..I really enjoy wandering around my home finding the right doll for each outfit..
      Until I actually put this brown dress and beret on this new pale skinned girl I was beginning to decide if I really wanted to keep her but that outfit (unfortunately for my friend) really clinched the decision.
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. What lovely pressies you got Kendal! Well done! I love the berets with the outfits too, I think I need to make some for my two girls….
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    • Yes, I certainly was very lucky and there’s even more to be shown over the next few days..
      I think that the berets really finish/top off some of the outfits so I should, if you can, treat your girls by making some.
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  5. Oh Kendal! What are you doing!!!! You are making it impossible for us weak-willed Sasha maniacs to stick to our New Year’s resolutions ‘ No More Sasha Clothes Buying’ and definitely ‘No More Buying of Sasha Dolls’! But your lovely selection above plus the most delightful models are making me go weak at the knees and I can see another year of failure to stick to N.Y.R. looming! Saying that, I have enjoyed looking at those lovely pictures. So bring it on!!! xxx Karin

    • So sorry about that! Unfortunately if I don’t post what I have been given i shall be getting emails to ask why aren’t I showing my Christmas presents this year.
      Please try to keep your New Year Resolutions in mind though as you view them. Like you and so many others I’m trying NOT to Sasha spend over the next few months but just enjoy what I already have here so you’re not alone.
      A very happy New Year.
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  6. It’s a *Gotz* kind of day! I do love these two girls… who are very different and possess their own magical and unique character.
    Sarah at *vintage-sasha* continues to create wonderful and superbly made outfits. The little purple/plum number is adorable on your blonde… sewn using nice proportions and styling. The little ruffle at the yoke is a sweet touch and adds a delicate flair to the pants outfit.
    Ms. Pale Skin is so lovely and I agree with your decision to *keep* her… plus she’s a red-head.
    I have always admired women with pale skin and red hair… and that goes for dolls too… lol! She has those *special* almond shaped eyes and I’m pleased to know you are over-looking her repainted lips. (And I *do* know how touchy you are about lips!) I think the color brown suits this red cutie particularly well. I like what you’ve done by adding the tights and studio-style Mary-Janes… giving a wintery look. (The dress fabric reminds me of a rice pattern.)
    “Bravo Susan!” You know *exactly* what Kendal loves… my compliments to you for your good taste and generosity.
    I, too, am in your company… as I always arrive to Sarah’s site late. Her *outfits* literally fly out the door!
    Thank you for sharing your Christmas presents (part 2)… fun stuff!!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • I am, as most of you know rather an early Gotz Doll fanatic as, as you so rightly point out their little faces just oooze character and personality whereas in my opinion,, the Frido//Trendon dolls are more on the pretty-pretty, sweet looking side. Nice, I guess to have a mixture.
      I must find the time to add up the numbers of how many English compared to the Gotz I have. Guessing though that if I count in the 15 babies that will definitely tip the scales towards the English.manufactured dolls ….so perhaps I’ll leave them out of the census.and see what ratio comes up.
      Sasha love and as always thanks for your continued and detailed comments. From Kendal..

  7. Oooh! I love your slated eyed blonde and her beautiful outfit by Sarah and given by susan ( a lovely lady who I had the pleasure of meeting at the festival) I love the colour and I love her !
    The second sasha and outfit are also very lovely and it is true how an outfit can just give a sasha that zing! that sets her apart.
    Thanks for sharing these love girls and their new cloths
    Sasha hugs Dee x

    • I’ve often thought that it would be nice just to have one or two Sasha Dolls that could have all my attention all of the time BUT now realise from my experience over the years of dressing these dolls that they might not always look so good in every outfit. that I bought for them….whereas now I have a large number to choose from I always manage to find a doll that suits that outfit the best.
      Well this is my excuse to have so many Sashas. Don’t seem to get this problem with the Gregor lads or babies!
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  8. Not to worry. WE all do this from time to time. I find it especially difficult to proof read this tiny and feint print at the best of times and now have to have a magnifying glass by the side of my laptop and even then spelling mistakes are still made. Would rather have this though than no comment left at all!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  9. Hi Kendal,
    You have a way of bringing these beautiful Sasha’s and their clothes to life. I could look at your pics for hours on end and still find something subtle but different every time I look. You have a true gift and I look forward to your blog every day.
    Many thanks,
    Susan xx

    • Oh, what a lovely thing to say. I’m very flattered but I think that the praise has to go to Sasha Morgenthaler herself for the dolls and those amazing Sasha seamstresses nowadays for their wonderful Sasha/Gregor clothing.
      I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you again for that fabulous Christmas parcel! I’m so lucky to have met and have you as a friend.
      Sasha love from Kendal.
      PS. Susan, by the way, only collects the Sasha babies and toddlers and now has a superb collection of them..

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