Christmas Eve

This is my FIRST ever Sasha story (have always been very taken with Dee’s and Ronnie’s recent stories) and was planned to be posted on Christmas Eve/Day………….. BUT unfortunately when my daughter had arrived and was ‘cleaning’ my laptop for me to make it boot up quicker she accidentally disconnected the Router… SO I have been without the internet for a few days now and as we didn’t know the password (that the previous computer firm had used) we weren’t able re-connect it …. (although she tried as hard as she could) so had to wait for a computer ‘geek’ to come over today to sort it out for us.

So better late than never, here is the little story………

It seems, un-beknown to me, that on morning of Christmas Eve all the babies,, whilst I was busy in the kitchen preparing some food, had suddenly gathered around the laptop

Obviously a case of ‘While that cat’s away the mice will play.’

Xmas 2012 030

What can they be up to you may well ask?

Xmas 2012 031

All seem to be intently en-grossed in watching what was on the screen….

Xmas 2012 041

In fact so completely absorbed…..

Xmas 2012 042

Looking at what seems to be some Trendon/Gotz babies……

Xmas 2012 047

That were on the Sashadolluk’s website.

Xmas 2012 044

(As there wasn’t enough room in front of the screen some are even hanging over the laptop lid….)

Xmas 2012 032

That they didn’t hear Fritz come in. (Had chosen Fritz as Lawrence Jones was complaining as to where he had got to recently!)

Xmas 2012 048

”What are you little scalleywags doing then around Mummy’s laptop?” He asked.

Xmas 2012 052

“…And why are you looking at these baby Sashas?”

Xmas 2012 053

“We’re chosing one to give to Mummy for Christmas as we know she likes to have a new Sasha baby then to remind her of the celebration of birth of baby Jesus.”

Xmas 2012 050

“But it’s Christmas Eve morning… so you do realise that there is no post now until after Christmas day?”

Xmas 2012 051

‘So even if you chose one Mummy wouldn’t get it in time.’

Xmas 2012 049

Oh, but she will as we asked Santa Claus if he could help us….

Xmas 2012 a 026….and he said for us to tell Auntie Shelly to leave the baby Sasha on her fireplace mantlepiece and he would call there and collect it before he comes up north to deliver our presents.

Xmas 2012 a 022

“Well, if that’s the plan then I’m sure that it will be ok,” replies Fritz, “But we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Xmas 2012 a 025

The babies all seemed convinced that their plan would work.

Xmas 2012 a 023

Which it did as here is Father Christmas arriving on his sleigh at Sinclair Avenue in Alsager later on that Christmas Eve evening…..

Father Christmas comes to Town 004

And stopping at the end of our drive with………

Father Christmas comes to Town 001

The chosen baby Sasha for our mummy.

Father Christmas comes to Town 003

Thank you very much Santa Claus for this special delivery…a quirky eye-browed Frido baby Woolly.

Father Christmas comes to Town 005

“Bye-bye and see you next year!”

Father Christmas comes to Town 006

Hoping that you enjoyed the above.
(My apologies for the orange tones on some of the photos which were taken under artificial light.)


16 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Yes, aren’t I a lucky one. He’s just delightful. Haven’t decided on a name as yet.
    They are a great bunch of Sasha babies when they are behaving themselves that is but rather hard work and a handful when not!

  2. Your babies look so cute all gathered around your laptop choosing such a lovely surprise for their Mummy! Love the new arrival and how nice of Santa to make a special delivery! Hope you had a great Christmas. Love Gill xx

  3. A darling story! My… your Sasha babies have good taste (just like their Mummy)… selecting for you a yummy and very desirable little quirky Woolly. And, they even arranged for Father Christmas (himself) to deliver the precious bundle of joy. Happiness arrives… and “congratulations to the new Mummy!” I can see your Christmas is going to be spectacular… have fun and enjoy every minute!
    Hugs, -Anne
    Many thanks for the photos… lovely to see *all* 14 babies together… cuteness galore! 🙂

    • Thanks. Yes, I guess that I am getting known for my love of the 1969 (for 1970 release) of the Quirky eye-brow babies. I was rather hoping that no-one would count the wee little tots although I have been very good and got their numbers down from 26 to the now 15 with the new little mite.

  4. Love this story of the babie’s getting you a Christmas present! And yet again that little added touch of Santa actually delivering him! Which only goes to show it’s not what you know but WHO you know !
    Yet again shown my place by the master…
    Sasha love Dee
    Have a very happy new year and I hope you are not close friends with the easter bunny…..

    • Forgot…I should have perhaps taken a glass of Sherry and a mince pie out with me as well as the camera!
      Gosh! I hope that Easter isn’t too early this year (will need to replenish my Sasha funds) as I do like to have a new Sasha baby to remind me of Easter’s significance of new life!

  5. Kendal…Your story telling is wonderful,I knew it would be,I had my eye on the little chap myself,no need to trouble Shelly now lol,the pleasure you give us all is just fantastic,thank you for treating us to looking at your beautiful ‘Family’ of babies and Boys and Girls…Sasha dolls are just amazing aren’t they,the perfect doll IMO…..(I am certain quite a few of you will agree 🙂 x
    Happy New Year Kendal….

    • Thank you Chris.
      So pleased that you enjoyed my very first story. Not sure though if I can keep it up as it needs a lot of organised fore-thought and I’m more of a ‘last minute spur of the moment, un-organised and scatty kind of person!
      Many thanks again for your absolutely gorgeous Sasha outfit present. It was one that I really, really wanted but just missed buying! I’m just having a little trying on session ready for a big photo shoot hopefully tomorrow of some of my presents to be listed on New Year’s Day. Well, that’s the plan…but you know what can happen to the best laid plans!

  6. Oh my goodness!!!! You really have been a very good girl this year for Santa to actually make such a special delivery for you! Congratulations on your lovely new baby, I hope he’ll get on well with his little brothers and sisters, and realise that without their intervention and obviously direct line to Santa, he’d not have been home for Christmas!!
    Big hugs and a Happy New Year to you
    Love Sharon in Spain xx

    • I always TRY to be a ‘goodie’ at all times but sometimes fail miserably especially when Shelly lists irresistible new dolls on her website and I am tempted!
      I’m sure that this little baby, now named ‘J’, will soon settle in with his 14 peers and be eternally grateful to them for choosing him to come and live with them here.
      Wishing you too a very happy and Sasha filled New Year.

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