My Sasha Christmas Card

This year’s Sasha Christmas Card depicting three of my Trendon babies on their sledge out in the real snow. They are wearing Sashawardrobe and Dollydoodle fleeces, footless leggings and beanie hats, plus Ruthsdoll’s tights and Christine Durand’s knitted earflap cap and later Gotz original shoes.

Snow 006

One of my cards for trendy non-Sasha friends in aid of The Cancer Research.


Below are two other cards by the Spot Company. Love this little festive Robin.


One for the teenagers! I also had two other styles of cards, one in aid of the Arthhritic society and the other for Marie Curie Cancer Care and Save the Children which I’ll try to photograph next time I have the camera out.


A few of my Christmas gifts for family and friends. Unfortunately didn’t manage to take them all as was racing to catch the last posting date.

2012 Xmas presents 014

This years Mistletoe paper was purchased from Marks and Spencer with matching tags and lime green ribbon, silver and off white curling  ribbon and silver bells from Hobbycraft.

2012 Xmas presents 013

Have not taken any of my daughter’s presents as yet as have only just finished wrapping those.

2012 Xmas presents 011

Was delighted as when I came to cut the paper I discovered that it is one of those that has the guiding squares printed on the back to enable one to cut straight.

2012 Xmas presents 010

I did buy a few twigs of artificial mistletoe to add to it if needed… as you will see on one of Chon’s presents on later post… but still am undecided whether to leave it on or remove it. Might instead add a sprig or two of real mistletoe at the end.

2012 Xmas presents 009

I thought that this cracker shape was quite pretty.

2012 Xmas presents 007

It is a lovely quality paper and for a backed silver foil was wonderfully easy to wrap with.

2012 Xmas presents 006

Here I have added a little bit of green twisted tinsel with little star shapes attached.

2012 Xmas presents 005

2012 Xmas presents 004

Have taken some of the presents at different angles so that you can see the decorative ribbons etc more easily.

2012 Xmas presents 003

I’m still wrapping my teenage niece’s (who are joining us for Christmas luncheon)presents but they are completely different to these as you will see.

2012 Xmas presents 002


11 thoughts on “My Sasha Christmas Card

  1. Love the cards Kendal, especially the Sasha babies! You are so organised I meant to do a Sasha card this Chrsitmas but the time just shot past! Maybe next year.

    Lovely Mistletoe wrapping paper, such beautifully wrapped gifts, always lovely to see.
    Merry Christmas
    Dee x

    • Thanks Dee for your comment. As I said in my reply to Gillian time ran out for me to think of and photograph a special card for this year so had to resort to a previously taken one from 2011 in the second fall of snow that we had.
      Sasha love, many thanks.and have a happy Christmas, from Kendal.
      PS. Have thought of a little Sasha story for today but unfortunately not sure if I’ll have the time to carry it out as have to do my M&S food pre-ordered fresh food shopping, then deliver quite a few more cards and presents, which involves visits and catching-up of news, plus finish off wrapping .another eight presents..

  2. What good taste in wrapping paper you have!!! I bought that one too. Yours look really nice finished off with the bows and bells. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas – Gill xx

    • Snap! As the old saying goes, ‘Great minds think alike, fools seldom differ!’
      I hope that you were as thrilled with it as I was. Fabulous to use and loved the guiding squares on the backing!
      Sasha love, thanks and a very happy Christmas. From Kendal.

  3. Very beautiful!!!

    Kendals Sasha Brood wrote:

    > kendalssashabrood posted: “This year’s Sasha Christmas Card depicting > three of my Trendon babies on their sledge out in the real snow. They > are wearing Sashawardrobe and Dollydoodle fleeces, footless leggings > and beanie hats, plus Ruthsdoll’s tights and Christine Durand’s > knitted e” >

    • Thank you. Unfortunately I hadn’t the time to take a special photo for this year’s card as time ran out so had to use a photo that I taken in 2011’s snow.
      Sasha love and a very happy Christmas to you all, from Kendal.
      Unfortunately as I explained to Heidi and in answer to your previous comment, I can’t attend the 2013 Sasha Festival as my Arthritis can’t cope with air conditioning, either on the air flights or in the hotels.

  4. I absolutely adore your Sasha Christmas card this year… those babies are awesomely adorable! Everything about it is perfect perfect.
    You have esquisite taste Kendal… it shows in *all* you do. This year’s paper is quite different… silver with green mistletoe… really lovely with the matching tags… the silver bells, twisty tinsel and star shapes attached… along with the coordinating ribbons. Beautiful and majestic packages!
    Thank you for taking these photos… I always enjoy seeing your choices, as each year is different and just as finely done as the year before. You never disappoint!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Many thanks for yet another ‘spurring me on’ comment.I was rather worried that this year’s wrapping paper wouldn’t equal up to last years (which I was really pleased with) but luckily, in my opinion, it has and was a wonderfully easy paper to use.
      Sasha love and thanks again and a very happy Christmas, from Kendal.

  5. The wrapping must have taken you ages…love your attention to detail! The Christmas card is absolutely lovely and one I shall treasure…thank you so much …

  6. Enchanting post, Kendal! So many inquisitive babies all looking so sweet! Beautifully wrapped presents to boot! Very classy! Loved it all. xxx Karin

  7. Thanks Karin I too loved the babies little faces as they peered at the computer screen and then when they turned towards Fritz to listen to what he had to say.Pity though that those photos taken later on when the natural light had faded were tinged with orange from the artificial lightning.
    Pleased that you liked the wrapping paper. I was doubtful that they would be as attractive as last year’s were (which I was really pleased with) but I needn’t have worried as they looked just as nice in a different sort of way.

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