Happy Christmas

Wishing all my blog followers a very happy Christmas.

Playtime outfits 006

My dear friend Steve sent me this delightful little Reindeer outfit and it’s my 1969 Frido baby Woolly, Quirky, that is wearing it here (though I have insisted that he shares it with the others later on!)
Many thanks again Steve, I just adore it. He is looking forward to sitting on the shelf in the hall right by the front door over Christmas and greeting my family and friends as the arrive.
(He is holding a Disney character Reindeer soft toy given to me for Christmas some years ago now by Nikki from Sashadollstyle. Thanks Nikki, it’s finishes off the outfit just perfectly.)

Playtime outfits 007

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for wonderful blog support and much appreciated comments. I feel quilty that I don’t have the time that I’d like to answer them all, as one or two of other blog owners do. (Will try to make this one of my New Year resolutions and do my very best.)

Hoping on Saturday and Sunday to add posts on my home decorations (though unfortunately just the same as last year!) and on Sunday some of my cards and present wrapping (unfortunately didn’t manage to photograph them all as was racing to finish and  post them out so that they would arrive in time)… BUT in both cases I still need to finish off the processes first. Usual mad last minute rush.


16 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Happy Christmas to you and all your family ,including all your Sasha ;and don’t worry :the best answer to our comments are your marvelous pictures !

  2. Happy Christmas Kendal to you and all your loved ones and thank you for all the wonderful photo’s I’ve so enjoyed throughout the year ~ love & hugs Jackie x

    • A very happy Christmas to you too Dee. (although you are on Santa’s naughty list with playing with your new doll before THE day)…..and to all who live in the Sasha Village.
      Have really enjoyed viewing your blogspot over the.last year. It has given me my much needed Sasha fixes and brought me many a smile..
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. Kendal, you’ve spent another year bringing joy to all of your followers. The last thing we’re worried about is a personal reply. Just let us keep peeping into your house. Let us keep following the exploits of your darling brood – all so beautiful and no two alike. Let us see the lovely clothes, the fascinating toys, the mischief they all get up to – that’s why we all follow the blog. And a Happy Christmas to you and yours – human and….ummmm….other-than-human!! Love from Mary

    • You Mary, are another super supporter of my Sasha Brood blog posts. If it wasn’t for these superb followers I would have fallen by the wayside long ago and missed the most enjoyable times that I have with my Brood when either ‘out and about’ or purely photographing them in my home..
      Seeing them up on the computer screen makes me realise even more just what magnificent and unique dolls they are, who bring us so much pleasure and a continual flow of new friends.and great events to attend.
      A very happy Christmas to you and your family….not forgetting your Sashas and Gregors.
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. My-oh-my… what do we have here? But an *angelic* Quirky dressed as a beloved holiday reindeer holding a mini baby Bambi plush… I love it! It’s precious and mega-adorable… especially with the falling snow. You take the most dazzlingly delicious photos Kendal!
    As one of your blog followers, I wish to take this time, and space, to thank you for another year of fabulous and memorable blog posts. You have made me smile over and over again with your creative stories, your informative writing and stunning photography… and the road trips! What fun you are and I never tire of viewing your collection of breath-taking Sashas. Bravissimo!
    Wishing you, and your Sasha family, a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!
    Holiday hugs and kisses, -Anne

  5. It is ME who should be thanking YOU for your much appreciated comments. Not ONE post ,since you joined up, have you ever missed commenting in great detail and in the process spurring me on, especially when the body was weak and time scarce..
    Wishing you and your Sasha collecting grandchildren, Eva, Cerelia, and Ava, a very happy Christmas and a Sasha filled New Year.
    Sasha love and many thanks again for your wonderful continued support. From Kendal.

  6. Awww so sweet, I love the little babies on their sledge….and their cute clothes.
    And here’s wishing you a wonderful festive season, with a New Year that brings you all you would wish for yourself, but particularly good health, wealth and happiness.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

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