Moving away

Rather reluctantly from the Jelly-Cat stand we went on to look at the Christmas stockings. Unfortunately I now realise that I have only captured a few here, including ones for a dog and cat which I thought were very festive looking. Might have been tempted to buy two of the doggy ones for my daughter’s dogs but they already have two beautiful furry red trimmed with white ones in the shape of a dog’s paw.
Would love to go back again to take a photo of the rest that were there but not sure now if I have the time as it’s quite some way away. I was particularly taken with the two boy’s camoflauged ones that were hanging above these.

Christmas shopping 150

Talking of dogs…..!

Christmas shopping 137

These look very Christmassy in their Santa hats but not a patch on the Jelly-Cat soft toys.

Christmas shopping 138

Bethany was quite taken with these tall mice dressed as Santa Clauses though I’m not sure if there are copy’s of a real cartoon mouse character. Any one else know?

Christmas shopping 151

They too came in different sizes.

Christmas shopping 152

Christmas shopping 153

There were Penguins, Snowmen and Father Christmases too.

Christmas shopping 155

As we left this part on the Garden World and ventured outside to go to the Hobbycraft centre it was getting late and dusk had begun to fall so I quickly snapped these animal photos that were set up on a straw bail scene.

Christmas shopping 156

This Cockeral was obviously made with real feathers and looked really lifelike.

Christmas shopping 158

Bethany decided that she wanted to have a little sit on this model of a sheep.

Christmas shopping 159

….And on this cow whose head mechanically moved from side to side.

Christmas shopping 161

Next stop was to buy some Mistletoe for the Victorian Kissing Bunch that we hang on the wall besides the front door (photo later) and inside in our hallway.

Christmas shopping 162

Not forgetting the Holly, again for the Kissing Bunch.

Christmas shopping 164

Bethany finally posing in amongst some Pine Fir and cone wreaths.

Christmas shopping 166

On our way back to the car we spotted these most attractive owls made from stones. I might well have been tempted to buy one for our garden as wasn’t sure how to get one of the larger ones to the car, never mind into it as they weighed more than a ton. (Guessing one would need a mechanical crane mounted on a huge truck or several very strong men and a sturdy 4×4!)

Christmas shopping 167

Even the smallest ones were quite heavy.

Christmas shopping 168

The Christmas annual visit now ended we headed for home, tired but happy.


10 thoughts on “Moving away

  1. What a wonderful day you both had. Tiring I am sure, but fun. Makes me want to take Henry to visit one of our garden centres Christmas displays…although thinking that is unlikely to happen now. It was good to enjoy yours though.

  2. I must say Kendal, Bethany has certainly made me feel very Christmasy, visiting all these beautiful displays! I really admire you for taking the time to take such wonderful pictures, knowing how disabled you are! Thank you dear friend! xxxxxx

  3. Hi Kendal,

    A very happy holiday season to you and your beautiful family! I love every photo and so appreciate receiving them…thank you.

    Are you planning to go to the 2013 Sasha Festival? After going to my first one last summer, I’m hooked! It would be so wondereful to see you again.

    BTW, who made the lovely knit outfit that Bethany is wearing?

    My very close friend, Carolyn Campbell asked me to give you her email address so that she can get your blog again. It is:

    Again, have a wonderful Xmas and a healthy and happy new year!

    xxx Gayle

    Sasha Brood wrote:

    > kendalssashabrood posted: “Rather ruluctantly from the Jelly-Cat stand > we moved to look at the Christmas stockings. Unfortunately I now > realise that I have only captured a few here, including ones for a dog > and cat which I thought were very festive looking. Might have been > tempted ” >

  4. I *love* all the photos and Bethany is an extraordinary model!
    I completely enjoyed strolling through *Garden World/Hobbycraft Centre* with the two of you on this cold winter morning…
    taking in all the holiday accessories and greenery on display… from huge doggie stockings to a massive selection of wise stone garden owls…along with everything else to make this season a very special one.
    Bravo Kendal!
    Hugs, -Anne

  5. You obvioulsy had a really good look round! I saw that cockerell also in our garden centre. Astonishingly life-like! So handsome. Bethany is the ideal photographic model in that she manages to enhance all the pictures with her sweet expression. You have given us a lovely post again, Kendal. ~Thank you so much ~ and have a wonderful Christmas. xxx Karin

  6. Dear Kendal

    I think Bethany needs to pass on a little style advice to the mice featured in your missive. For example, where are the mice purchasing their shoes? I find it hard to believe that the mouse world doesn’t have a mouse equivalent of Jimmy Choo. Also, if – as appears in the posting – the socks are integrated into the shoes, then how do the mice wash their socks? And where are their trousers? They’ve clearly passed the ages of 13 and so should have transferred from short to long trousers – preferably without turn-ups if they are working–class mice.

    I like the owls………and, of course, the sheep. For some strange reason Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’ was floating around my head as I read through your posting.

    P.S. What’s happened to the ‘Hoodie Lads’? I like to read about their adventures 🙂 Or what about a story featuring Ross and Fritz gaining employment as bus conductors/drivers……..trouble breaks out when a) Fritz becomes jealous of the red piping down the side of Ross’s trousers or b) they argue over who should be the bus driver? I predict that Ross will lose out 😦

  7. Dear Kendal – thank you so much! The last few days have been such fun!!!!! xxx Laurie & Gracie

    ps – I’m wondering if I can find any of those owls here in Pennsylvania, USA. I’ve been looking for a statue for a “Meditation corner” which is sort of nature-y, and those owls might fit the bill! I’ll have to keep my eyes open.

  8. Another lovely post Kendal. I wish you lived near to me , so I could now go off to that garden centre and buy some of the lovely things you have shown with the help of Miss Bethany !
    There have been several ‘impulse’ buy items i could have acquired if I had been tagging along! Lol
    Maybe it’s lucky those treasures are not just down the road!
    Sasha Love Dee x

  9. Another great set of photos, this is such a fantastic place, I’d love to go there….but I’m sure it wouldn’t be a good move for the old bank account!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  10. It’s definitely a case of ‘mind over matter’ when it comes to not spending when you’re there. Everything looks so very attractive that it’s hard not to want to.
    Sasha love and many thanks for your comment. From Kendal.

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