The Jelly-Cat soft toys section.

Bethany and I lingered rather a long time in this part of the Garden World as we both love these delightfully soft toys mostly made by the Jelly-Cat Company.

How I would have loved to have bought one of these gorgeous lime green Dinosaur/Dragon/Monster and Hippopotamus toys for a little grandson… but alas it seems I’m not to be blessed with any grandchildren.

Christmas shopping 139

….or how about a red monster made from candlewick material.

Christmas shopping 141

These two dogs and bunny are so wonderfully soft and felt almost like holding some soft velvet.

Christmas shopping 143

Another superb soft animal group comprising of a dog, bunny, pink cat and black and white nanny goat.

My daughter always has a small little mouse, very similar to the bunny, sitting by her computer.Christmas shopping 144

Bethany wanted to have a special photo taken with this dog as she said that the beigey-grey colour reminded her of my daughter’s two Wiemaraner dogs.

Christmas shopping 142

I can just imagine some wee child pulling this doggy along by his one of his legs dragging him sliding along the floor behind her.

Christmas shopping 148

My Brood are very familiar with the Maisy Mouse character and have quite a collection of the Maisy books that they like to read whilst hugging a little Maisy soft toy like these, but much smaller, shown in the basket here.

Loved too, the blue elephant tucked away in the background. A perfect companion for a little child.

Christmas shopping 146

Another favourite character and seen here being held by Bethany is Kipper. Again the books here are well thumbed through and the soft toy well hugged and loved.

Christmas shopping 149

We were quite sad when we had to move away from this stand to continue onwards.


11 thoughts on “The Jelly-Cat soft toys section.

  1. Dear Kendal, like you i am not going to have grand-children, but that wouldn’t have stopped me buying and giving a home to that wonderfull lime green dragon, lol.
    Love the pictures!
    Steve xxx

  2. I have bought a few of these Jellycat animals and so far I have no grandchildren but just as with Sasha some of these are hard to
    Lovely photo’s and very tempting, you are making me want to go shopping for all these lovely are showing us….
    Sasha love Dee x

  3. So far I have no grandchildren either, but how I love dreaming about the things I would buy them if any arrive! Are you sure you are not on commission for Jelly Cat toys? 🙂 Really enjoyed your descriptions of the toys!

  4. One more wonderful thing about having a Sasha family is that you can give them a very large cuddly toy for Christmas. Mine have two Jelly Cat toys – a floppy donkey and a happy monkey. They are so soft and cute and the Sasha’s let me give them a hug from time to time.
    Merry Christmas, Kendal!

  5. Having loads of grandchildren and given lots of jellycat soft toys away, I wish someone would buy one for me and my Sashas!!! Seriously, lovely photos again. That is a really well stocked garden centre!!! Have been to ours this morning and they do have some of what you have shown, but the quantities were miserly! Wouldn’t have made such good pictures, even if I had thought of taking one of my Sashas along. It has all been such fun! xxx Karin

  6. Jellycat makes a wonderful line of plushes. One of my best friends has a 15″ Junglie Zebra, who is utterly soft and adorable. It’s a joy to see Bethany modeling with all these furry creatures… though I do wonder which one was her personal favorite… do you know?
    I, too, have loads of grandchildren (ages 20-2)… but, to date, have not given them any Jellycats… usually Gund or Steiff. My oldest granddaughter always arrives here on vacation from college with a plush in hand… it’s nice to see she keeps her *inner-child* intact… she’s always been a lover of plushes and says the way to identify a wonderful plush is to look into its eyes. Speaking of the inner-child, thank you Kendal for these *holiday* photos… featuring a very beautiful Sasha and appealing plushes in all shapes and sizes… a little (or big) something for the child in all of us!
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. The 5″ Jellycat plushes are perfect for Sasha.

  7. Those soft toys are gorgeous, I particularly like the candlewick ones, they looks so incredibly soft and squidgy….I wouldn’t mind having one of those for myself!
    And once again, that outfit is soooooooooo cute!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

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