Sasha Calendars for sale

Awaiting the arrival of the second batch (….which again have all sold out.)
Will inform the buyers when they have arrived here and are ready to be posted out.

(Apologies for the light’s reflection on this photo.)

The photographs are taken by me with my average compact digital camera in my conservatory so not professionally done, but pleasant to look at in their high glossy format.

There are 13 photos, a photograph per month and the front cover and the 12  photos repeated again in a much smaller size on the back outside cover.

They are £19.99 each plus postage (£2.70 first class in the UK, £2.20 second class in the UK, Europe £4.80- £5, US £7.98-£9.20) and measure 35cms (14″) wide by 28cms (11″) opening up to 56cms (22″) when hanging on the wall.

Please email me at if you would like to buy one for yourself, or as a gift to a Sasha friend.

I can take PayPal or a British cheque as payment.


8 thoughts on “Sasha Calendars for sale

  1. Hi Kendal, what a wonderful idea! As Gillian has just said to me, your Sashas are so beautiful and you take such great photos. Just gorgeous. xxx Karin

  2. I am very lucky to own two of your previous calendars, and the pictures of your Sasha’s are just wonderful. Well done you Kendal! xx

  3. I was going to say the same as Steve and can honestly say that my two previous calendars have given me daily joy as well as being useful and are wonderful keepsakes afterwards too as I agree with Steve about the quality of the Brood pics. I do love my Sasha kids and their many cousins and Aunts and Uncles! xx

  4. Hi Kendal

    My calendar arrived this morning while I was chatting on the phone to Dee! I couldn’t wait to get it open! It is sooooo nice, great photography of beautiful Sashas, much to nice to write my appointments on. I will get a lot of pleasure looking at it.
    Thankyou so much
    Love Gill xxxx

  5. Hi Kendal
    Just to say the calender’s arrived safe and well. It is so beautiful , cannot wait until the new year to open
    although the beauty on the front will be worth looking at until then

    Your Sasha’s and of course Gregor are a delight to see and it’s great to have such large photo’s to study,
    although could be dangerous in making one want one of these beauty’s for ones self.
    Sasha love

  6. Dear Kendal,

    I just sent an email to Gillian to say that the Sashas have not just brought joy into our lives, but also beauty! Then your calendar arrived and I had confirmation of those very sentiments! I can’t believe how beautiful it is! Your Sashas are exquisite and your photography is just soooo good! Needless to say it is not going to be put on a wall to be scribbled on! It’s a real keepsake.
    You have the perfect touch!

    Thank you so much.

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