Laura’s Sasha Saturday workshop

A close up of Laura’s original hat to show us what we would be making.

Instructions for the final stage 3

Put the ball and wool still covered with the pop sock into a biscuit tin (big enough so it can move freely) and shake for about 3- 5 minutes

(Alternatively you can put it into a pillow case and put into a tumble dryer for about 10 minutes on cold setting.)

Remove the popsock and now cut off the excess felt from the bottom. Remove by peeling it back carefully from the ball

If the edges start to open where you have cut them, rub these between your palms with a little more soap to re-felt  the edges


Rinse the the hat thoroughly under COLD running water removing all the soap – leaving some in will eventually cause the hat to rot

Squeeze out excess water, reshape again

Felt the hat by screwing it up and  throwing it onto a table about 10 times – it will start to shrink and become thicker as you do this so keep re-shaping and watching its size after a few throws.

Once you are happy with the size and shape (put it on Sasha;’s head quickly for fit)  you can leave it to dry resting on a towel to soak up moisture for about 24 hrs.

Once dry it will remain in its final  shape.

Although the next few photos looks as though Laura, Judith and Ronnie are moving/shaking to a Shakin’ Steven’s record they are in fact vigorously shaking the pop sock/stocking covered ball that has now been placed in a cake tin with the lid firmly on to ‘felt’ it.

A great deal of laughter was witnessed here. (My apologies for the blurred photos (had forgotten how to set the camera for FAST action photos) although I think that they actually add to the reality of this stage.)

Ronnie listening carefully to Laura’s instructions.

(Looks like it might be good for loosing a few kilos/pounds of weight if done properly….or at least your all daily exercise done at one session for the day!)

Once taken out the nylon pop sock/stocking was carefully peeled off as Laura is demonstrating below.

After which the matted felt is removed from the ball and eased by hand back into shape.

Some very satisfied and pleased ‘workshoppers’ here. (Catherine in the foreground with Rachael and Chris just behind her.)

Laura then shows them how to trim the base of the hat ready to form the hat’s brim.

Basically the base is being tidied up of the now stay bits of felted wool that were around the plant pot.

Adore this photo of a very pleased and delighted Rachael… as I’m sure her dad, Steve, will be. Definitely another for the family album!

Catherine proceeding with the trimming of her all grey hat (definitely suspecting a school hat in the making here!)

Judith doing the same with her hat in her favourite hot pink colour

Catherine continuing to gradually trim hers all round the bottom edge.

Judith carefully easing the now felted hat away from the ball mould.

Ronnie’s royal blue version looking in good shape here!

Laura easing her hat into the correct shape. If the edges have started to come ragged rub then between the palms with a little more of the liquid soap to re-felt this bit.

Finally turning back the blue brim.

Rachael seeing if her hat fits!

Laura watching over Judith’s hat departing from the ball.

Nearly all off now Judith!

Well done. All looking good and very neat and tidy as your sewing always is.

Rachael teasing her hat into shape.

A little extra pat here and there.

Now to turn the brim back.

Laura holding it under some running cold water from the tap.

A quick try on her doll to estimate the fit.

Chris sorting out the turning up of her hat’s brim. She certainly looks very pleased with her effort.

Laura’s is now liquid soap free and ready for the final stages of the throwing down and banging on the table

The final action before re-shaping and letting it dry for 24 hours. Hold the hat in your hand above your head and throw it down onto the table. Pick it up again and repeat several times to finish off the felting.

Another two poor hats taking quite a beating.

Keep on reshaping and checking the size of the hat on your Sasha Doll as this ‘slamming’ down onto the table does shrink it a little.

Laura has decided to add a flower decoration to her hat.

There are 2 ways to attach decoration….
Before the biscuit/cake tin shaking stage you can remove the stocking and add decoration and rub it in with the liquid soap or….

For a more intricate design such as Christina has done with the hats shown below…

This is done with a felting needle – bought where you buy the wool – it has barbs one it to catch tiny pieces of wool and push it through the felt fabric to hold the decoration
on. Put a sponge underneath and punch with the needle into decoration fabric
and sponge using a tiny strand of wool tops until none remains loose. Do this
around the edge of the decoration. For small areas or if you have time larger
designs don’t bother with the decoration and punch through tiny strands of wool
tops using the same technique.

Laura cuts out a simple flower shape from another scrape of felt.

First place the flower into the position that you want it to go in.

Then attach it to the hat using a felting needle as shown below.

Put a sponge underneath the hat so that the needle when being pushed through doesn’t damage the surface below.

This is the hat that Chris made when she was there but…..

….Since getting home she has made two more which are shown below.

First one is decorated with a scene of a Bumble-Bee landing on a flower stalk.

This one has a flower decoation and a lovely, unusual brim.

I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of all those who were there to thank Laura very much for her kindness in offering to demonstrate, run and provide the wool tops and liquid soap for this wonderful, useful and very entertaining workshop.


10 thoughts on “Laura’s Sasha Saturday workshop

  1. Wowee – this hat is brilliant. Well done everyone. Unfortunately Fritz also pinched my wool (and it was EMU wool !!!) whilst undertaking this hat exercise and so I’ve returned to a recent purchase from Exchange & Mart – ‘how to make 3 Christmas cards for 2p’).

    Fritz has realised that one of his Bon jovi records would make the basis for an interesting Morris dance……and he’s also spotted that this featured hat only needs a SLIGHT modification to make it perfect for his newly founded Morris troupe – ‘Fritz and the Fiddlers’. Unfortunately, he pinched Lottie’s hockey stick in order to practice with Ross, but their Morris stick duelling became the focal point for several years of personal acrimony between the two…….and so Ross has now gone in search of some glue 😦 Please don’t snitch to Lottie.

  2. Some fine hats emerged, but I am beginning to realize that this is not as easy as I thought at first! You probably have to have been there to get the full benefit of these tutorials! But, Kendal, you did an excellent job there. All those photos and explanations. A very valuable document. xxx karin

  3. A marvelous *wrap-up* featuring tons of photos of all the participants showing their newly acquired hat making skills with felt. Bravo… to everyone involved… your efforts paid off… the hats look *great*!
    Thank you Kendal for posting 3 parts, lengthy and detailed, to show the felting process step-by step… very very interesting. It is always a joy to come to your blog because I never know what I will find… and I found this workshop, in particular, to be quite educational. Good job… as always!
    Hugs, -Anne

  4. Kendal and Laura,
    Don’t know when I’ve had so much fun at a workshop—– and I wasn’t even there! The entire weekend (if that is what it was) proved how much fun one can have when sharing a skill – no matter what your age! Laura I do believe i can follow your directions from here (Alabama) along with Kendal’s wonderful pictures. Kendal you have a way of capturing the mood!
    Thank you soooo much for sharing. What did we ever do before computers?
    Sasha hugs to all—wonderful hats.

  5. What a fantastic feature and I just loved the photo’s seeing everyone have so much fun. I am in awe as to how much time and effort goes into our Sasha’s and will certainly see the felt hats in a totally new light from now on! ~ hugs and thanks Kendal, Jackie x

  6. I so loved looking at these photos with Cleo. It brought back all the memories of these moments of that day! We laughed our heads off remembering all the faces and comments and it was so good to have your wonderful reminder Kendal to keep it alive for any time we want to go back and have a look and also remember new friends made there.

  7. Thank you Kendal for taking the time to take such detailed photo’s of Laura’s workshop! Rachael is over the moon to be in quite afew, lol. xx

  8. Dear Kendal,
    Because I am not able to react directly to your blog I write to you by email.
    Herewith I want to say thank you.
    Your report on the felting of hats was such a delight, I have enjoyed the photos, (so many and so detailed) and wrote down the description of the process in my language . It has gone into my map with knitting and sewing patterns to be kept .
    You are a marvel and very skillful on the pictures. Hope you were able to get a hat or two for your own dolls too.
    Sasha hugs,
    Fanny / Frances

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