Laura’s Sasha Saturday Workshop 2

Instructions…. part 2

Sprinkle a few drops of water over the wool until it is wet enough to lather up when rubbed

Continue rubbing all over for about 5 minutes creating a good lather. This is the actual felting process

Judith is beautifully demonstrating the few next stages in the following six/seven photos.

Pull on and cover the whole of the ball and plant pot with the stocking or pop sock.

A different closer view showing the base more clearly.

Sprinkle a few drops of water from the plastic milk container, that has had about six small holes pierced throught the bottle top, over the item. You can see the water dribbling down here.

Next using both hands rub the water into it until it forms a foam from the initial handwash spread over the ball at the very beginning.

You can see the foam forming here.

The next stage is to carefully ease and pull out the plant pot.

Here the plant pot is completely separated from the ball that was resting on/in it.

This is Rachael’s hat (and Chris Meatyard’s the other side of her) minus the plant pots.

Final part yet to come…… BUT in the meantime is there anyone who could send me a photo/s of their finished hat as I had to leave just before the end and they were still in the process of drying out?


5 thoughts on “Laura’s Sasha Saturday Workshop 2

  1. I didn’t get to take part in the hat making session so this has been a very useful post. I shall have to give it a go. Thankyou!!! Gill x

  2. Continuing the felting process in part 2, it appears the hat is starting to take shape. I must admit, I do love *felt*… the pressing of woolens… as it has a very unique texture and look. I’m quite anxious to see the end results in part 3.
    Thank you Kendal for these photos that help to explain the process of *felting*… just amazing!
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. Many thanks Kendal for hat making part two, looking forward to finished hats in part three.
    you should be a reporter.. nothing would get past you !
    hugs Dee

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