‘Baby, it’s cold outside….’

Mummy has asked us to do an easy blog post for her whilst she is out for most of today attending medical appointments and assessments ….so here we are being very good and doing what we have been asked to do….

The title is from a famous Traditional Christmas Song, sung by Lee Ann Womack with Harry Connick JR. because although it’s lovely and warm inside with the central heating on and the Autumn sunshine pouring through the windows it is still quite chilly outside.

Since we can’t carry on doing the ‘Felt Hat Workshop’ post as we don’t know enough details or which photos to finish it off…

….this blog shows three of us adding some little ‘Molly’ cardi’s to our vintage-sasha dresses to provide an extra layer of warmth, until it is time for us to get into our real Winter woolies.

I’m Annaleise and I’m a 1971/2 Trendon Gingham girl whose brunette hair was badly falling until Auntie Jackie Rhydstrom very kindly rescued me and re-rooted me with this lovely fine textured auburn hair which plaits beautifully.

I’m a 1969 Frido wide faced Gingham girl originally bought from eBay many years ago ….and have been given the nick-name ‘Ebay Wide Face’….  and now even I have forgotten what my real name is.

….with silky two toned blonde hair (but with oxidised lips which mummy has promised she will eventually have removed.)

Like Annaleise I have popped a little ‘Molly’ cardi over my vintage-sasha dress but I’m not sure that the JJ lilac socks go with the outfit now that I have the cardi on SO might go and try a white pair on just to see which look the best.

My name is Amber and I’m a Frido 1968 FCP Dungaree girl….. but I prefer to occassionally ‘let my hair (hang) down!’

Like my other two friends above I have added this Molly cardi over my short sleeved vintage-sasha dress to keep my arms from getting cold.

We hope that you have enjoyed seeing us and that mummy will be pleased with this post when she returns home again early this evening.

Little King, the 1951 Steiff Bear, that Uncle Steve gave us last year features throughout.


7 thoughts on “‘Baby, it’s cold outside….’

  1. So lovely to see “our” Annaleise again and she looks so pretty in her outfit and pretty cardy.. I hope you got through all your meds today, but anytime you need my special M.O.T Kendal….all you have to do is ask! (lol) Hugs Jackie x

  2. Lovely combinations of style and colour again! Some people have such a good eye for colour. I can see it when I see it (if you see what I mean, ha ha) but I am hopeless at picking it out for myself. But I must protest strongly, Kendal! That gorgeous 1969 Wide Faced girl really does need a name to match her beauty. Ebay Wide Face just isn’t good enough! xxx Karin

  3. Kendal ! What an Aladdin’s cave of beautiful Sasha’s in the most gorgeous clothes you have.
    I agree with Karin that your eye for colour is perfect and a delight for the rest of us poor mortal’s!
    Annaleise’s hair is so lovely , a beautiful reroot by the very talented Jackie.
    Ah Kendal you make us dream of owning such beauties..

    sasha love Dee x

  4. Gorgeous girls as always Kendal in their delightful dresses and cardigans. All so pretty and well groomed and such good girls for helping you out like that. Hope all went well at your appointment today. Was thinking of you. Love Lorraine

  5. How fun and utterly responsible of these three, and gorgeous, girls to bump up their *vintage-sasha* dresses with the popular and much desired Molly-T cropped cardis. Certianly adds color, texture and warmth!
    I enjoyed seeing the semi-back view of Annaleise… *a super darling photo* of a not too often seen pose… many thanks.
    Hugs, -Anne

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