My Mummy says

Hello, I’m Holly.

As you can see I’m a 1960s Gotz crude eyed girl with bobbed hair, (rather like Dee’s doll, Hattie’s hair.)

My mummy has asked me to go on her blog and tell you that…..

….She is very sorry to be taking so long in downloading the….

….Felt hat making workshop photos and descriptions….

….But there are loads of photos of various people making the hats at one stage or another….

….and she wanted to include as many as possible so that they can view themselves in action. (Unfortunately some are very blurred with these actions as mummy forgot how to set her camera to take the fast moving shots.)

Hopefully the posts will be finished by, or at, the weekend.

For the record I chose and am wearing a Ruthsdolls open fronted smocked top (and JJ sandals) as I thought that this gold colour suited me,


7 thoughts on “My Mummy says

  1. Dear Holly

    Thanks for this info. I don’t know if you are taking orders, but my cap size is 6 3/8 and I think Fritz’s is about 7. Can you ansure that Fritz doesn’t swap his invoice with mine please?
    Many thanks.

    Kind regrads,


    P.S. Fritz keeps referring to me as ‘Larry’……….and it’s really annoying. Can you have a word with him about this please? Vielen dank.

  2. Holly, you are lovely. Please tell your Mummy not to worry. Being patient is easy compared to all the work she does posting for us.

  3. Love your red bobbed hair Holly and the colour of your dress and matching shoes suits you so well. Good things are worth waiting for and your Mummy’s photos are always good. Love Gillx

  4. Thank you for the update Holly. You are such a cute (KSB) blog *spokesperson*… dressed in your sweetly styled Ruthdolls smocked dress with JJs classic sandals featuring the three tear-drop cutouts. I’m looking very forward to your Mummy’s new blog post with great anticipation.
    Hugs, -Anne

  5. Hi Holly! You just wanted an opportunity to take centre stage for once and very well you did, too! You are so right about the colour of your dress – it suits you perfectly! You are very pretty altogether! Nice to have met you. Tell your mummy, that her photos are always worth waiting for. Hugs from auntie Karinxxx

  6. Hi Holly
    I love your short hair it’s all the rage, especially if it’s red. Lovely dress which suit’s you to a T ! I may have to look at trying this colour myself.
    Tell Mum all good things come to those who wait! and that includes her beautiful posts full of fab pic’s and oodles of info.

    Sasha Hugs
    Hattie Bonham Carter Owen x

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