Dollydoodle’s Sasha Saturday…the sales tables

Fetch your handbag, open your purse and count your money as you will be well tempted to do a little internet shopping from these following sales tables….if there is anything left… as we all enjoyed some retail therapy!

First we have Judith’s Dollydoodle’s table with a sheer feast of her beautifully designed, made and sewn jersey and fleece leisure wear for Gregor, Sasha and baby.

Above we see hoodies for the Gregors in every colour and design with cartons behind of baby fleeces and joggers, leggings and cropped jeggings for the colder weather.
Steve had asked me to help him choose an outfit for one of his Gregors and I so enjoyed doing that. (As my family will tell you if I haven’t any of my own money to spend then I’m almost as happy helping others to spend theirs!)

In the centre were some delightful baby sleepsuits which first made Judith so famous! Luckily I spotted one that a wonderful Sasha friend of mine (who couldn’t come due to transport difficulties) had wanted but just missed on the website so that was my first purchase.

On the left were some gorgeous little cosy baby day outfits of mini hoodies and leggings, to keep those little rascals warm as they crawl around the house getting into untold mischief.

Luckily I was able to start my Christmas shopping here buying several little knick-knacks for a few of my Sasha friends.
I had told my Brood that I wouldn’t be bringing them anything back being so close to Christmas…. but I did buy the lads a new camo hoodie and the girls a gilet to be hidden away for December 25th.

Gilets in every available colour for the Sashas and Gregors were available as were two seasonal Halloween outfits!

Sarah and Cleo had the next sales table to Dollydoodle’s with a wide array of minty original outfits and clothing and oddments that every Sasha Doll seems to need.

Next to theirs was Christina Meatyard’s who again had a very tempting wide display including three Sasha Dolls for adoption.

This part of the sales table belongs to Michelle, Dee’s sister, and had plenty of lovely, warm, knitted woolly cardigans and jumpers for the Autumn.

Looks like there are some gorgeous little knitted items here knitted by, I think that I’m correct in saying, Jane Woodbridge.

…..and here are some smart little characters knitted, I think, by Plum’s mother. Just perfect for the Sasha Dolls to hug and hold. Also some Halloween lanterns, wooden bead and wire toys and grand Trophies for awards at those Gregor/Sasha sporting events.

In the background are some lovely rolls of fabric that Jill Mackley bought with her to sell and in front are the three minty babies belonging to Jane McLusky that I was mentioning in an earlier post. They had moved over from the display tables as their outfits were going to be sold. I hope that their mummy had bought some more clothing for them to go home in.

I see that Catherine French had bought some more of her beautifully made little books, mini chocolate bars and accessories for Sasha/Gregor/baby like she had for sale at the festival.

Dawn had brought a few of the remaining Festival bags and Union Jack converses in case the people there hadn’t had the chance to buy any or needed more.

A lovely, very finely knitted cosy baby outfit for sale by Jane Woodbridge..

This was Lee Moore’s table with the lovely array of original Sasha clothing and items to buy.

Gill bought some gorgeous jumper and hat sets that she had knitted. Sarah Price very kindly gave me a super multi-coloured set as I arrived. Many, many thanks again Sarah!

No need for me to tell you whose hats for sale these belong too… and Hattie herself had come alomg to sell them. She gave me a lovely royal blue one that you can add a ribbon through.Thank you very much indeed Hattie. That was a lovely and a much appreciated surprise, my girls were thrilled.

Judith organised a Tombola in aid of The Children’s Trust which is a national charity based locally to provide care and support for children with multiple disabilities, complex needs or aquired brain damage. We were asked to give items towards this ranging up to £5. Raffle tickets could be bought and the tombola drum container rolled before a ticket was picked out and matched to the numbered gift pinned on the board.

As well as the tombola there were a few individual smaller donated raffles (as well as the main raffle.)
I was lucky to win a silent auction canvas print of one of the Frido catologue front covers (an NP doll lying in the long grass) donated by Sarah Price which can be seen in the brown tube in the photos below.
(Unfortunately I haven’t got a photo of it as I left it down at my daughter’s as she is going to have it framed for me for Christmas but will hopefully take one then and post it on my blog.)

A delightful little beautifully knitted outfit for a Sasha baby, seen below, was another generously donated raffle prize.

This main raffle prize was a mainly navy/pink/white coloured Winter wardrobe for Sasha put together from attendee’s donations. This raffle and the two smaller ones raised another £132 for the second charity, The Little Princess Trust, which exists to provide real hair wigs for children who have suffered hair loss through chemotherapy or illness.
(Judith choose this charity on account of the link to some of the early brunette (plus a few red heads and blonde dolls) Sashas who too have suffered hair loss.)

Karen Cauldwell very kindly donated one of superb Sasha leaded glass windows pictures (which can be seen standing up at the back) for another silent auction.

(All the proceeds were added together and divided into two so that the same amount given to both charities.)

My last and final post in the next few days will contain photos of some of the Sasha collectors that attended, a couple more pictures of two Sasha dolls that were ‘hidden behind’ others and Laura Horner’s felt hat making workshop. Hopefully see you then.


7 thoughts on “Dollydoodle’s Sasha Saturday…the sales tables

  1. Gillian is right! The temptations I can see laid out on those tables would have been impossible to resist! I have become quite besotted with the babies and there were some delicious things there for sale! Thank you for showing it all through your photographs. xxx Karin

  2. Just had a look at your blog and have to say a huge thank you for such wonderful photos of all the sales tables and all the goodies on them … such a wide choice of goodies, its really lovely to see as I didn’t manage to get there to see everything for myself … have spotted a few things that I really like the look of though!

    love Cathy x

  3. OH Kendal if only I could go back and make some more purchases! I can see lots I should have given a second look and some that did not even get a first!
    Hattie would like me to point out that her hats were nicely displayed and the picture shows after buyers had been rooting through them and before she’d had a chance to tidy them!
    And I was right beside Christine when she was putting out the lovely tea trolley and I resisted because I did not know where I would keep it it…now I am kicking myself for not leaping in and buying it!!!
    But that’s what happens at these event’s , we really need a looking day, then a buying day!!
    lovely clear photo’s again Kendal…
    Sasha Love Dee

  4. Ohmygosh… a Sasha shopper’s paradise! I , too, will follow Susan’s lead and jump into my computer and have a rummage round those sales tables with her…. what fun!
    Congratulations Kendal on your purchases and how thrilling to take home some very cool threads.
    Many thanks for the wonderful photos and write-up.
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Oh, I think I would have had to walk all the way back to Spain without a single penny in my pocket had I been there! Sorry though Kendal you couldn’t have helped me spend, but thank you for showing us all what we missed ~ Jackie x

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