Dollydoodle’s Sasha Saturday….the Food

Welcoming hot (or cold) drinks, bicuits and nibbles as you arrived. Just what was needed after a long or even a short journey…there is nothing like a hot mug of tea or coffee.There was even some Ribena got in especially for me (because I unfortunately don’t drink tea or coffee.)  How’s that for service?

Some of the tables were placed into small friendly groups with adult sized chairs and all were decorated with paper cloths and coloured napkins.

On one side there was a longer main table with attached round stool-like seats (shown below) that can be wheeled around from position to position or room to room. We never had anything like this when I was teaching. Would have been excellent for stopping those children who were constantly swinging backwards on their chairs and catching teacher’s legs when they were walking round the classroom checking the work or giving assistance.

I’m sure that after viewing this magnificent array of food, bought in by individuals (or money given to supply what was needed) you’ll be feeling quite hungry and heading off to the kitchen to make yourself something to eat.

Starting from one end with the savouries ……

….continuing through to the centre…..

…and heading towards the far end …….

….to the deserts and cakes.

Lastly we have Judith herself enjoying deciding just what she would like to eat. Talk about ‘Spoilt for choice!’

Right, you now have my permission to leave the computer and head off to your kitchens to get yourself a snack!


8 thoughts on “Dollydoodle’s Sasha Saturday….the Food

  1. HA HA Kendal…made my trip…..I now have a mince pie….a bit of a poor show after looking at all that lot !! but the best I can do I’m afraid….great photo’s Kendal,nice to ‘meet’ Judith too..xx

  2. A symphony of food! A display of culinary delights! I am now seriously disappointed for falling ill at the wrong time (although very happy you all had a great day, of course!). I hope you managed to get away from the camera long enough to nibble at the odd thing, Kendal! hugs xxx Karin

  3. Dollydoodle-licious!
    What a fabulous *Sasha Saturday* for all those who attended… and made this day unforgettable!
    Judith did a super terrific job in organizing and hostessing this grand event… featuring everything we love… gorgeous Sashas… devine clothing for sale… party foods and drinks… and Sasha comradery. “Bravissimo!”
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Many thanks for the pics Kendal!

  4. Hi Kendal,

    Just a quick message to say I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the photos on your blog, great to see all the dolls who were at Judith’s Sasha day, so many beauties and lovely to see how they’re all dressed, Steve’s fringe girl is dressed beautifully and her hair is immaculate … I have a Ruth dress in the same material but different design, I love it with the white cardigan and white JJ shoes … I think his Gregor looks stunning in his suit, isn’t it fabulous! The food looked very tempting, I would have been spoilt for choice! Thanks again for posting such fab photos of the day, I was sad to miss it but just couldn’t be helped.

    love Cathy x

  5. Hi Kendal,

    I just finished the delicious luncheon from last Saturday. We are awaiting the enormous hurricane combined with a nor’easter, a cold front and snowstorm coming in from the west plus high tide and a full moon which is predicted to be the worst storm in a century! If it comes ashore where predicted, it will reach us by Tuesday. The whole northeast has been told to be ready to evacuate or have enough food and water etc. for one to two weeks without power. I’m afraid that most people in our area are not taking it all too seriously as the hurricanes do not usually reach this far inland. It has passed our daughter in Florida and their schools were closed yesterday, but our other two daughters in Connecticut and the Adirondacks are still in the eye of the storm–so we’ll watch and wait and hope for the best.

    Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy your lovely reports and make-believe that I am in the midst of Sasha friends, their lovely Sasha dolls and enjoying the delicious food. Thanks for the wonderful diversion.


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