Harper and Riplee

….Are the very first Sashas to complete their Autumnal clothing changes and get to be photographed.

Harper, a 1970 Trendon doll customised, wigged  and named by Shelly.

She has chosen to wear a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s smocked tartan dress with commercially made shoes and socks.

Shelly chose to give her a rather unusual mohair wig although the actual name and style of it I can’t remember.

I think that the very sutle tones of this tartan really suits this doll’s colouring.

I just adore her eye-painting and overall look. Thanks again Shelly.

Again like Riplee she will change her socks to cosier, warmer tights as the weather gets progressively colder.

Riplee, named and customised and wigged by Shelly, is a 1970 Trendon doll….

…. who has chosen to wear one of the new Ruthsdoll’s OOAK dresses that I purchased at the 2012 Sasha Festival.

Shelly has given her a wig that was used on the Sasha-Doll’s limited edition 1981 Velvet dolls although from the look of it here the fringe has had a little trim at sometime.

At the moment the outfit is being worn with commercially made shoes and socks but in November the short socks will be exchanged for warmer white tights.

The bobbed hair has some lovely outward flicks at shoulder length.

I took a photo of the back of the dress as I love the half tie belts.

She is carrying the 1950s little Steiff Bear that Steve gave to the Brood on my birthday.


12 thoughts on “Harper and Riplee

  1. How lovely both girls look Kendal, they have chosen their winter dresses well! Love Harper’s wig, It makes a nice change to see a Sasha with curly hair!
    Love Steve xxx

  2. Funny, there are those days that a *repainted* Sasha gives much pleasure to the eyes and heart. So, imho, I feel every collection needs a repaint… for that very purpose… done in the spirit of Sasha Morgenthaler, herself. I love Harper’s hugh head of voluminous curls… and not to be outdone by Riplee’s super classic *flip*… beautiful girls.
    Very nice clothing choices by these two darlings… warm and cozy for the chill in the air… signalling Fall has arrived.
    *Little King* (wee Steiff teddy)…. is most precious!
    Thank you Kendal for a follow-up to your previous post… cute photos!
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. The girls look lovely in their autumn outfits, so now a few of the girl’s have made a start it may inspire the other’s to make their choice before the weather get much colder.
    I do love Harper’s head of lovely curly hair.
    sasha love Dee

  4. Your girls look great in their lovely winter dresses. I really need to get my act together and start changing my clan into warmer clothes. Gill x

  5. I just love Harper and her hair! Having 2 granddaughters (not to mention daughter) with just such hair, I really will have to get one of mine wigged by Shelly! The dresses are gorgeous and reminiscient of the mid – late 40’s when little girls wore such smocked tartan dresses for real. Such a wonderful post. Love it! Love the girls. Love to you Kendal! xxx karin

  6. Cathy Buckley-Mellor emailed this privately to me…………….
    ‘I don’t know what I’ve done with my wordpress log in but I can’t seem to log in as myself and what I did before to leave a comment on your blog isn’t working now either. I really love the Ruth’s tartan dress that Harper has chosen to wear.’
    Love Cathy.

  7. Hi Kendal: like everyone else (it seems) I love that curly wig – I wonder whether Shelly can remember where she got it from? Lovely dolls, lovely clothes, lovely photos! – Jocelyn

  8. Beautiful girls Kendal and lovely pics as always. Still recovering from great weekend and looking forward to doing it all again next year. SO wonderful to see Steve and all the others and wish I’d had more time to talk to everyone there.
    Funny day today as my ex husband came to see me at my volunteer job and kissed me and wished me happy anniversary! We would have been married 25 years today!! Most weird feeling…….. xx

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