Leaving the girls

To cope with their own Autumnal clothing changes as I’m too busy over the next few days catching up with my medical appointments and monitoring before heading off down south to spend a few days with my daughter (as the clocks go back very soon and the dark early evenings put pay to doing as many outside activities after 4 O’ clock.)

Have erected their clothes rail and hung a selection of outfits for them to choose from and hoping that on my return on Monday the 15th that they’ll ALL be changed and ready for some official photographs later that week.

First up is my 1967 Frido Jeans NP with her unique eyes painted by the Manchester Art Student.

She looks like she has decided to keep with the same fashion designer, Pinestreetstudios, again… as the sailor dress that she is wearing is also by Cindy Patrick.

Does the turquiose blue colour go with my eyes she asks the others? They all agree that it does. I’m thinking black tights and black shoes will be just the thing and might even try a black beret if I let my hair down from out of these pony-tails.

Next in line is a Frido Dungaree girl with cut, bobbed hair and no fringe as the rooting machine had broken down that day. She is the doll that has been with me the longest  since her two NP friends, 1967 brunette Gingham and red haired Ballet,  that arrived with her have both now been sold on over the last year.

Looks like she has spotted her favourite Ruthsdoll’s OOAK smocked dress that she favours wearing during these colder months ahead.

It has a dainty little collar, in the same material, but edged with lace and is of the slightly longer length making her look, I think, rather like a little Victorian girl..

She holds it up,against her just to make sure that the style and colour still suit her. She knows that there are Ruthsdoll’s rust and cream stripped knitted socks and lace-up shoes that go with this outfit…. so that’s one down 40+ girls to go.

Following her is Harper, a customised  by Shelly 1970 Trendon lass who wasn’t with us this time last year so is unaware of just what’s on offer.

The dress that she first picks out the others tell her that it is one of the Ruthsdoll’s sales table festival buys that I purchased and this has already been chosen by another girl to wear.

She nevertheless holds it up against her and looks in the mirror just in case but decides that she will find another just as nice.

How about this Pinestreetstudio one? The browns bring out her eye colouring better.

She searches a little further along the rail and discovers a tartan Ruthsdoll’s smocked dress with long sleeves…. as she likes to haver her arms covered in the Winter months.

“Yes,” she exclaims! “I think that this is THE one for me….

…and I love the little white collar. It just finishes it off.”

I quietly move away and leave them to it hoping that they continue to find out what suits them the best as so often what I think might suit them sometimes doesn’t….although I think that I’m getting better at this with every passing year! As you no doubt have discovered not every Sasha suits every dress and this is why, I tell myself, that I need such a variety of Sashas to model the clothes that I just love to buy for them.

I have been practising my camera shots from different angles with this post… so hope that you noticed!!! Ah well, it doesn’t matter as I enjoyed myself along the way.


12 thoughts on “Leaving the girls

  1. Sasha dolls have their own life ,and how lucky we are ,that you can take so beautiful pictures ,without disturbing them from their choice between so many dresses !

  2. Lovely Pictures as alway’s Kendal! Your girls are wonderful and spoilt for choice with all those beauiful dresses, lol.
    Love Steve xxx

  3. Oooooh Kendal, but where are their thick chunky knit (EMU wool :):):) ) cardigans and jumpers? Also what about some appropriate autumnal hats? I think we need some knitting lessons for these girls.

    Apparently Frtiz is an extremely competent knitter ………he knitted himself a pair of very smart busconductor’s trousers…..including some fancy red piping down the side. His busconductor’s trousers are held up with knitted braces. Fritz is convinced that knitted braces are the future and has secured a place on Dragon’s Den in the hope of gaining finance and appropriate marketing advice.

    Ross thinks that boys look silly wearing braces, although his snake belt does look rather dated.

  4. What fun the girl’s are having looking through their lovely clothes. They are very good not arguing about who gets what dress, and it’s lovely for us peeking in and watching them choose.

    Hopefully they will have all made their choice and be waiting for your approval when you return.

    I loved all your new camera angles and shots, giving that extra spin.
    Sasha Love Dee
    Whose girl’s now want a smaller hanging rail , that they can chose from!

  5. I didn’t notice the camara angles until you mentioned them. That is because they were so perfect that the story and pictures blended beautifully.

  6. Oh I so enjoyed this post Kendal. I mustn’t let my girls see your wonderful hanging rail, they will want one, and I’m afraid I would have to remind them that finances won’t allow it, so best they don’t see! Loved the different angles, really good indeed and such fun. Hopefully they will all be dressed for your return.

  7. What a fun and girly post today… girls being girls… going one-on-one with a rack of sumptuous *designer dresses*… what could be more important than trying to find that one special Autumn dress that reflects their own individual style and personality… giving them confidence and delight.
    How lucky they all are to have a Mummy who dresses them in only the best!
    Thank you Kendal for the artsy new camera angles… your photos are sweet and playful!
    Hugs, -Anne

  8. Really fine photos of the girls in the midst of dress selection! It is quite a process of finding the right outfit for each child. I’ll admit that sometimes I have changed an outfit three times just to get the right look, but then when it “sings” it makes it all worthwhile. I love changing the clothes with the seasons. There is something comforting to have the kids in warm comfy clothes in winter and light play clothes in warmer weather. The only problem as always, is getting the needed time. Love, Ellen

  9. Cathy Buckley-Mellor privatley emailed me this………

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I can’t seem to leave a comment on your blog … but I had typed the following and luckily copied it, so I thought I’d email it to you 🙂

    Oh super photos Kendal! What beautiful dresses you have for your brood … I was gasping looking at the beautiful wooden clothes rail, full of gorgeous dresses. Love the dresses they have all chosen to wear, especially the tartan one Harper has picked out, love everything about it, the colours & the dainty white collar! I also love the sailor dress your blonde NP is currently wearing 🙂 Its great that you have such knowledgable history about some of your girls, so interesting to learn why your pretty redhead Frido NP has no fringe. Thanks for such an enjoyable post, have a lovely time at your daughter’s. Cathy x

  10. Beautiful photos!

    My daughter is really wishing for a clothing rail like the one you have pictured for her Sasha’s clothes. Did you make it or are they available to purchase? Melissa

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