Back on track once more!

Unfortunately try as she could my daughter was unable to fix my computer from over the hundreds of kilometres between us so had to get a computer expert in yesterday afternoon to sort it.
It’s now ‘up and running’ but with a slightly different format from what I’m used to so a matter of learning to cope with it yet again.

Even though I still have more Festival photos to post I thought that I’d take an easier route for a while until I feel really better and start to take a closer look at my Sasha girls.

First up is my 1966 Frido Developmental Dungaree girl bought from Shelly’s Sashadolluk website about a year ago from the next four photos.

This is the first doll from here to get changed ready for this Autumn weather as our forecast is for cold blasts, snow and ice over the next week. She is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s outfit very kindly given to me by Steve off one of the Gotz dolls that he recently bought as I loved it.

Many thanks as always Steve for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

The good news is though that I have now bought this doll off Steve, as although I really loved her at first sight I hesitated a little too long with my decision to buy her. Now very shortly she will be coming to live with me and be re-united with her dress etc.

She was my second Deveopmental girl as I already have a blonde Jeans girl with the grey/blue eyes and oxidised silver eyebrows.

I think that these dolls seem to have a slightly larger sized head than the ones manufactured in the following year.

Sorry but I’m still not following the rule and noting that ‘More is less’ and photos are cascading down into this post like ‘There was no tomorrow!’

I just love photograhing these Sasha dolls so my apologies for taking up your precious time having to look at them all. (My advice is to probably just ‘Skim and scan’ and breath a sigh of relief at the end and think that she has obviously enjoyed herself again!)

My favourite hobby/pastime these days is dressing these dolls and then photograhying them.

Afterwards I like to look at them on the computer screen to see which are the best poses to show off the doll to it’s best advantage.

My youngest brother who is a professional photographer (when life allows) once mentioned that you sometimes have to take as many as a hundred pictures just to get one really outstanding one. (Not sure if I ever achieve the latter though but do try!)

I think that I’ve taken his advice rather literally but after years of not having a digital camera and having to be extra careful of how many photos you took with a camera using a ‘roll of film’ … (due to the price of the actual film and printing costs) I feel liberated and free to take as many as I feel like doing… although I guess you are the unfortunate ones that have to suffer the after effects.


15 thoughts on “Back on track once more!

  1. Kendal, i love this girl, i think she is beautiful! I want one just like her! Your very welcome to the dress, lol.
    Glad to see your blog is now up and working, as i am sure many of us would miss seeing your wonderful Sasha’s dressed in their fab outfits!
    Love Steve XXx

  2. Hi Kendal,

    Oh, I do so love your beautiful redhead…and I really like the length of her dress. Last week, I mentioned to Ruth that I thought there are many folks who would like the to buy her dresses in a longer length. I sent her a photo from this blog (hope that was okay), and hope she will make some for her Fall/Winter editions. I have two friends who don’t buy the short ones but who would snap up the longer length.

    BTW, do you have any outfits that you may want to sell? I know some people like to rotate after a while, so do let me know as I’m always looking for “hand-me-downs”.

    I hope you are feeling better. I woke up to another day of cool rainy weather (we call it an England day) so Fall is definitely here. The leaves are changing but since we had a very warm summer, I don’t think we will get brilliant colors. I imagine you are getting much the same and that this type of weather doesn’t help your arthritis. I wish I could stay in the Northeast of the U.S, but have year round temps. In the 70’s. Now that is wishful thinking!!!

    Thank you, as always, for sharing your family as receiving your blog is always one of the highlights of my day.

    Xxx Gayle

  3. Oh, I love this doll. She has such a serene expression. She is simply beautiful. Love her hair, too. A very mellow, natural red! And the dress suits her perfectly. As always a pleasure to look at your lovely pictures. xxx Karin

  4. She is very beautiful and the dress suits her so well. I’m pleased you’re up and running again, I love looking at all your great photos. There can never be too many, the more the merrier I say!

  5. Can’t imagine why you think it is a chore…to look at beautiful Sasha dolls….especially yours Kendal,we all join in with your tremendous pleasure you have of your ‘Sasha Family’,completely harmless enjoyment that lets you drift off into dolly land !! Thank you Kendal….more…more…more….please !!! x
    Chris xx

  6. Please don’t cut back on the number of photos – it’s such a pleasure to look at the beautiful dolls and their stunning clothes. Such a wonderful range of both!

  7. Kendal what a beautiful Girl you must be so pleased to have her in the family. I love the dress to and I’m hoping that Ruth will make more dresses in these lovely checks and slightly longer length.

    And Kendal one Sasha photo is never enough ! What better way to spend an evening than looking photo’s of wonderful Sasha’s and your Sasha’s are some of the most beautiful and feed the soul of us , who can only press our faced against the glass, so to speak, until we to can maybe find a beauty to call our own.

    Keep snapping so we can keep peeping into the wonderful world of Kendal’s brood.

    Sasha Love Dee

  8. I remember seeing this exquisite developmental girl on Shelly’s website and my knees going weak from her spectacular beauty. I’m so pleased *you* purchased her so we (your blog followers) can enjoy her all over again. I *love* these particular girls, as I find them so *breath-taking* with their rare and gorgeous one-of-a-kind looks.
    Her lovely and cozy Fall outfit suites her coloring nicely… this girl is definitely ready for the cooler weather.
    Thank you Kendal for getting your blog up and running expeditiously after yesterday’s problems… my compliments!
    Hugs, -Anne

  9. Oh, Kendal, I would never get bored with your fabulous photos of your lovely dolls! They are such a lift to the spirits and an inspiration to look more deeply at our own treasured dolls. I’m so glad you are all straightened out with your computer!
    Love, Ellen

  10. Kendal you know I LOVE your blog & will never tire of looking at it, in fact when I have the time, I go back just to re-look at your posts and amazing photos! I love your redhead girl (just like Steve, I want one too!) She looks beautiful in the dress Steve gave you, love the autumnal colours in this dress, perfect for such a pretty redhead x

  11. We all love your photos and dolls Kendal and thats final!!
    Also this girl is just lovely. She looks like she is the sweetest thing but has that little stubborn expression too that could mean she could be an unholy terror! Steve would know all about that I’m sure lol!
    I really love her and cant wait to see a you in a few days time!
    Much as I love my father, a little break with my friends will be the pick me up I need to recharge my batteries again.
    Huge hugs all xx

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