Website not working properly

Unfortunately my website isn’t allowing ME to add any photos (although it seems that my daughter can!) but I can type words.
Keeps saying ‘Error on page. Gravator is undefined.’ If anyone can help me with this I’d be most grateful.

Meanwhile I thought that you’d enjoy seeing this older photo of my daughter’s house, a Victorian Lodge in Surrey, in the snow (which she was able to download to try to find out what is wrong.)


9 thoughts on “Website not working properly

  1. Unfortunately I know nothing about computers so cannot help! But just wanted to say your daughter’s house looks lovely in the snow!
    Hopefully some computer buff out there will set you right, so that we can be once again entertained by your lovely photo’s and posts.

    Sasha Love Dee

  2. Sorry Kendal, i can’t help either, but i just wanted to say what a wonderful looking house your Chon lives in! Its the kind of picture you see on a Christmas card!
    Love steve xx

  3. Kendal, I can’t be of any help but

    Chon’s house is darling. I want to live there. Now.

    She has excellent taste, doesn’t she? Now, if she can just fix your website before we all have withdrawal symptoms……..


  4. See you there on the Sunday! Be so good to see Chon, you and Cleo and I together again too. Us Polo Girls rock!
    Or in this case sit and drink tea quietly!!
    We do tend to meet up all over England dont we for dodgy crocks? Sashas get one going…..

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