Sales Shopping

In one of the comments in my last post Dr.Lawrence Jones asked where my Gregor lads had got to so Fritz thought that he’d better make a quick appearance to keep the peace.

Fritz is a 1960s Gotz straight nosed, slate-eyed lad who has become the leader of the Sasha Brood.

In her Dollydoodle Summer sale Judith had listed this T-shirt for £4, the front made up from the only remaining tiny remnant of his original surfing hoodie…. with the back and sleeves completed in black jersey material .

The rest of the nine lads agreed that it should be purchased for Fritz with some of The Brood’s pocket money since this fabric is part of his trade mark.

He has teamed it up with his original black joggers and saggy beanie hat for an Autumn look before the hoodied Winter season starts. He is ‘over-the-moon’ with it!

These photos show him hanging around on the street corner waiting for his friends to arrive to play a game of Basketball, having been inspired by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


6 thoughts on “Sales Shopping

  1. I love Fritz… and this *noteworthy* outfit is edgy w/the abstract material used in his tee, the fine gauge knit of his saggy beanie, comfy baggy sweatpants and his *rockin’ and classic* black converse street shoes. Fritz will always hold his own and stand out from the rest of the crowd. You have an awesome young man Kendal!
    Thank you for the pics. (And, congratulations on finding a bargin.)
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. Fritz is the bizz ! in his cool Tshirt , that is his trade mark, very much leader of the pack.
    Love his eye paint ! another one to add to my ever going list !

    Sasha Love Dee

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