A Customised Sasha

This is my favourite of my customised Sashas. She is a Trendon 1970 Gregor Dark Denim customised by Shelly with beautiful eye painting and wigged due to falling hair.

Unfortunately I have just forgotten the name that Shelly gave her but will try to search back here to try to find it. (Also missing is a photo of when I originally bought her….must have forgotten to save one.)

She is wearing a vintage-sasha dress and Dollydoodle’s leggings with JJ sandals.

Apologies for the handshake blurring but have put it in as I liked the angle of the pose.

I really need to change the white headband to a black or beige one but am afraid that I might disturb the wig and not get it looking quite the same…but will hopefully muster up the couirage one of these days

Adore the eye painting. Many thanks Shelly for producing this delightful doll.

Have just remembered that Shelly named her, Harper.


10 thoughts on “A Customised Sasha

  1. I remember this Sasha repaint, you beat me and probably a few other people, to her purchase Most re paints are nice but every so often you get a stunner and she is one! Her delicate face paint and beautiful wig are just out of this Sasha world! I must confess I too would worry about changing her hair ribbon because her hair looks so lovely in the way it’s swept up.

    thank you for showing her to us so we can have the chance to admire her again.
    Sasha Love Dee

  2. Another private comment…..

    Your customized Sasha that was painted by Shelly is amazing and I adore her wig. Please tell me what brand wig it is, and what the hair is made of as I would really like to have one like it.

  3. Her name is “Harper”, I remembered because Posh Spice named her new baby girl “Harper Seven.”
    I think she’s an adorable and beautiful customized Sasha wearing that wig of voluminous curls… cuteness galore! I really like the outfit you put together for her… it’s a nice color for her.
    Thank you for these pics Kendal… always fun to see a *yummy girl* on a Saturday morning.
    Hugs, -Anne
    (I, too, love Shelly’s repaints… and there are two that I would have purchased, but they were already sold.)

  4. She is a super looking girl Kendal! I always love Shelly’s repaints they are truly little works of art. She puts a lot of love into her work and it certainly shows!

  5. Pic 6 is my favourite Kendal – such character in that face. Love the wig and the scooped hair and , yes, beautiful and exquisite repaint. The hair reminds me of the actress Indira Varma.

    P.S. What’s happened to the ‘bad lad hoodies’? Have they formed a band (with Fritz on lead vocals)? Thought I spotted Fritz at the Leeds music festival – he was giving Florence Welch dancing advice (and probably charging her)!!!!

  6. I’m not always a fan of repaints but Harper is a work of art! Her wig is just amazing and I love how you have put her outfit together to capture her personality to a “T”. If you are nervous to change her headband, how’s about putting the new one in first, then gently taking out the white one so the hair stays put? Love Jackie xxx

  7. I love that girl! The hair is amazing. Very expressive features, too. There is hope for my Gregor with falling hair yet, although I wouldn’t say so in his hearing, poor lad!

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