My Shiny Hair

This 1967 Frido Brown Cord girl arrived here either last year, or the beginning of the year, from Sashadolluk complete with her box. Whilst the doll and outfit were basically minty her two toned blonde hair had so much dust in it that it looked almost grey.

On the actual day that she was delivered this escarper (Nikita) OOAK lovely dress and pants set (that I had bought off eBay on a BIN the week before) arrived (although shortly afterwards in the normal postal system) so the problem of searching for a dress from the ever increasing Sasha clothing boxes was abandoned as I immediately realised that this was the perfect blue for her eyes.

 No shoes (or socks) as yet but after trying on a pair of the navy sandals here I realised that they were rather on the dark side for the dress material but would do for the time being until something else could be sorted out.    


Next job was to email Jean Jenson to try to order some more suitablely coloured sandals.

A hair wash for this delightful Sasha was on top priority for when Sarah Price next came over for a visit.
(Sarah had volunteered to do this for me whilst I was taking some photos of her Sasha collection.)

Afterwards I wished that I had watched the process and taken some photos of the action.

After the actual washing Sarah lightly dried her hair with my hair dryer on a low setting.

Then stood her on my dressing table to let it fully dry naturally. Many thanks Auntie Sarah for my squeeky clean and beautifully shiny and conditioned locks.

Meanwhile these blue JJ sandals were on their way here from the US. Perfect colour.

I then added some pale blue socks to finish the effect. Really pleased with the whole look.

Looks loke I have completely got carried away with taking photos of her beautifully shiny hair.

A case of not taking note of the saying…. ‘Less is more!’

Sorry about that. Very naughty me but I was so delighted with the finished effect that I just couldn’t help myself!


9 thoughts on “My Shiny Hair

  1. Absolutely beautiful! What a difference to when she arrived. Love the dress, I do like blondes in blue and the shoes are a perfect match. She’s really lovely. Gill x

  2. She is indeed a beauty Kendal! No wonder you got carried away taking photos she is a joy to look at. Thank you for sharing her today!

  3. Beauty, Body and Bounce! Whatever Sarah P. used on her hair, it’s the perfect fusion of key ingredients to transform hair from ordinary to *extraordinary*. Her hair looks rebalanced and
    nourished. Very nice indeed.
    A lovely NP blonde girl with stunning (hand painted) eyes. I agree with you, the color of her dress compliments her eyes. And, I love the simplicity in its form. Delightful sandals by JJ, a
    *Kendal favorite* I’m sure.
    Thank you for the sweet photos of this luscious little cupcake. Hugs, -Anne

  4. It was amazing how much dirt came out of her hair and the transformation that resulted! I just love the photos you have taken of her, – such amazing shiny hair now, she looks fabulous! She really is a special girl.

  5. Kendal you have inspired me to finally consider washing my 68 single fringe girl’s hair which is still in it’s orginial style but very dusty. I may do it this weekend which I am sure she’ll love because we all know dirty hair is horrid! Love the blue dress and jj sandal’s they suit her to a T !
    I so love looking a your photo’s , so for me there are never too many!

    Sasha love Dee x

  6. Lovely photos Kendal, never can have too many Sasha photos to look at in my opinion! She looks so pretty now with her beautiful washed hair, which is now silky and shiny. I love how he hair is cut, with the side bits going to her chin, very pretty. Her outfit suits her perfectly such a pretty colour, love the JJ shoes and the pretty blue socks!
    I’ve also had a Sasha with very dusty hair, Lyra, her head/scalp looked grey there was so much dust on it but I washed it and it came up a treat!

  7. This was emailed to me privately and I’d love to add it here…..

    ‘I wish MY hair looked that good, Kendal. Would your Sasha hairdresser share some tips? I’ve got a schoolgirl whose hair looks as your girl’s did in the “before” pictures – well, no, that’s not quite right. My schoolgirl doesn’t look nearly as good as your girl! Would Sarah tell us all how she did it??’

  8. That is what I did for my dearest friend and darling niece of the Sasha variety!
    If anyone wants to know how to do a simple wash and re-style then Kendal has it all written down and it is also easy to apply simply rollers to gently ease back the curls too but the longer you leave the conditioner on the better and I always gently wash the hair twice in NOT TOO HOT water xx

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