Down to the Beach

Feeling somewhat guilty at the lack of posts for well over a week now so decided today that I really needed to do something about it…….

As today has turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous, hot, sunny day two of my girls decided to go down to the seashore to collect some shells in their sand buckets….but secretly I rather think that they were wanting to show off their latest (and the last for this year) Summer outfits purchased from Dollydoodles….and who can blame them?
This 1970 Trendon brunette Gingham tot has chosen to wear the red with white daises cropped cotton pique leggings and dainty white fine cotton top outfit as her dark brown eyes and hair sets it off really well. The outfit is finished with these red Mary-Jane canvas converses, perfect for walking on the sand.

Next is my brown eyed, brunette haired 1969 Gotz No-navel wearing her new purple Dollydoodle skinny jeans and another pretty floral frilled top outfit with JJ flipflops.


8 thoughts on “Down to the Beach

  1. Gorgeous girls wearing gorgeous outfits, absolutely perfect for the beach! I especially love the outfit that your brunette girl is wearing, (I didn’t spot this one for sale 🙂 ) It looks fab with the canvas Mary Jane pumps. Love their co-ordinating buckets and the beach backdrop with the shells is wonderful. x

  2. You always pick the *cutest* outfits for your girls! Judith certainly keeps up with the lastest fashion trends for our kids. I love the *new* skinny jeans and think they fit your gorgeous brunette 1969 no-navel perfectly (love her white sandals too). And, what fun little canvas (Mary Jane) shoes for your stunning 1970 Trendon brunette girl. I do agree w/you, the red and white colors suit her well. I should mention, I like her white top… almost a peasant style… but with a yoke… very nice.
    Wonderful to see pretty girls enjoying the seashore with their sand pails… thank you!
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. I imagine they will be building a sandcastle shortly. If they do, please provide a photo.

  3. Love the girl’s new dd outfits and in two of my favourite colours to! I do like the red’s on the Sasha’s and Judith’s little red crops look so sweet on your Sasha. And a lovely brunette no navel girl in purple another of my fav colours and sasha’s!. I always seem to miss the lovely girl’s outfits on Judith’s, I will need to keep my eye’s open.Beautiful post as always Kendal.
    sasha hugs Dee

  4. I’ve got some buckets for castles Kendal can borrow Anne! Have to do that another day!! What fun and I agree with you all that her kids look great as always and I HAVE to get some of those JJ flip flops!
    Gorgeous as always Kendal xx

  5. Kendal, love the back drop for this photo shoot its fab! and your girls look great in their summer D/D outfits, love the red leggings on your brunette 1970s girl and the lilac outfit on your brunette no navel is gorgeous, love the style of her blouse too 😉
    It makes me feel all summery again!

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