Absolutely-Sasha’s NP fund

My Brood having decided that they would like to contribute to Ronnie’s Coca Cola Sasha NP fund go off to fetch their Piggy, well ‘Sheep-y’, money box from off the mantlepiece.

My daughter bought me this pottery money saver back from Germany when she went on a school exchange visit in her final school year. (Unfortunately this still occassionally reminds me that she had a motor cycle accident whilst out there when riding as a passenger on their son’s motor cycle…. and still bears the scar on her leg.)

Be very careful Matt (my Frido 1968 tiny crude eyed Shorts Gregor) as it’s made of pottery so breakable.

OK. Will do.                                                                                                                         Matt is wearing his super Dollydoodle oiutfit that Judith so very kindly gave me for my 70th birthday.

It is brought down from the mantlepiece in one piece and placed on their table.

 The rubber seal underneath is then removed.

……and the saved money tipped out.                                                                                 Annaliese has on a vintage-sasha outfit that  I think suits her colouring perfectly.

Next, the copper coins are sorted and separated from the silver and one pound pieces.

Annaliese (my 1969/70o brunette Frido/Trendon girl now re-rooted by Jackie Rydstrom due to falling hair) says that she will start to put the copper 5 and 10 pence pieces back into the money box so that they will have more room on the table.

They now decide to separate the £1 coins from the silver 50p, 20p, 10p and 5p pieces.

There’s a choice of three £1 coins? (There should have been five one pound coins but I had had to borrow two a couple of weeks ago for one of my nieces and a friend’ nephew’s  twenty first birthdays when I needed two shiny £1 coins to go with thw two minty £20 notes and haven’t found two more shiny ones to replace them with….but am still looking.)

How about this one? Do you think that this is the shinniest of the three?

No, I think that this is THE one!

They fetch their notelets and Annaliese starts to write the note that the coins will be enclosed in to Ronnie and her kids.

These delightful Stratford-upon-Avon Sasha sized notelets (that came with six adult sized ones) were designed and made by Rosie Shortell as her festival hostess table gifts. As I was hostessing at the same time as Rosie (so wasn’t able to be on her table as hoped) she gave me a set afterwards as I just loved them.

Whilst there I sat and wrote and sent five of the larger sized ones to Shelly, Sarah, Jill, Judith and my daughter because the hotel reception had no postcards for sale (and I was unable to leave the hotel.)

Annaleise and Matt have since sorted out two shiny 5p pieces to add to the £1 coin as a contribution to Lilibet’s toddler pram and Pix’s Teddy Bear funds …that they have since read about on Absolutely Sasha’s blogspot.

Putting in the money.

Finally sealing the envelope. Now already to be posted when we locate Ronnie’s address..


8 thoughts on “Absolutely-Sasha’s NP fund

  1. A lovely post Kendal. Matt and Annalise look so nice together and Annelise looks great with her rerooted hair and her dress does suit her nicely.
    Love the heads together sorting the coin,s then putting back the copper and picking the brighest £1 to send. I notice that Matt being a boy leaves the note writing to his sister!

    A truely great post Kendal which must have takken ages to set up and photograph.Thank you for such a lovely way to start the day
    Sasha hugs Dee

  2. I have to echo what Dee has just said. An absolutely brillant post Kendal!
    Thank you and the brood SO much for being so thoughtful. My ‘kids’ and I are really looking forward to receiving the oh so cute Sasha sized notelet!
    Can’t wait to see my ‘kids’ faces when it arrives…
    Thank you xxx

  3. Just the other day, I was thinking that I haven’t seen your sweet little redhaired re-root with plaits that Jackie did for you… and what do you know… here she is with Matt, working on a contribution letter to *Absolutely Sasha*.
    Funny, how girls always end up being the “secretary” when it comes to the written word.
    Your whole post is color coordinated right down to that darling little sheepy bank… lovely to look at… including those perfectly fitting clothes/outfits Matt and Annalise are wearing. Thank you Kendal for featuring a post on *generosity*… very nice and very thoughtful. As they say, “every little bit helps.”
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Rosie’s note-cards, and envelopes, are exquisitely designed and practical. They even come in their own little shopping bag, plus a smaller version for Sasha… impressive!

  4. This post is a labour of love! Again beautifully photographed. The settings and poses unbelievably realistic. Matt and Annalise are just lovely. I really enjoy looking at your gorgeous posts. xxx Karin

  5. Ahhhhh Kendal this is such a LOVELY posting – and you’ve taken so much care with it. Working in Finland at the mo……….and defo not the weather for t-shirts Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Keep up the good work 🙂

  6. Lovely post Kendal, love your sheep money box (am very fond of pottery) and of course Matt & Annaliese are dressed perfectly, I adore the Sasha sized notelets. Enjoyed the post on Ronnie’s blog of the envelope arriving (unfortunately I’m unable to leave a comment on that blog but look at it regularly.) I also love the table and chairs, have been looking for them for ages for my lot here!

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