The Final call for Dollydoodle beach shorts until 2013.

Tomorrow is the first day back at school for most of the children (including the Sasha kids) so today is probably the last day for wearing the Dollydoodle cotton shorts before donning the school uniforms until next Summer., unless we have an Indian Summer later this month…

Jac, a 1970 Trendon, customised by Shelly, Dark Denim Gregor in some very smart ‘shades of grey camo cotton’ Dollydoodle shorts teamed with a sparkling white T shirt whilst waiting for a charcoal grey one to appear for sale.

PKNP, a rare Frido PJ  Gregor NP seen here in some checked blue/white cotton shorts and a dazzling white T shirt, both items off course by Dollydoodles. (My lads these days won’t be seen in anything but Dollydoodles!)

Ross, a 1969 Frido Dark Denims now re-rooted by Jackie Rydstrom due to falling hair, wearing some Dollydoodle yellow/lime green/white checked cotton shorts with a lime green T-shirt sent to me by Judith to match Ross’ original turquiose and lime green patterned shorts….(as we had run out of white T-shirts.)

Jon, a 1969 Frido PJ boy arrived as MIT but soon escaped from his tube and pyjamas to join the rest of my Gregor lads. He is wearing Dollydoodle cotton ‘shades of blue’ camo shorts and one of my very first of Judith’s T shirts.

The boys decide to have a game of French Cricket. This involves each person taking turns in standing in the middle with the bat whilst the others gather around in a circle and try to hit the batsman’s legs below the knee with a soft ball.

It is up to the batsman to twist and turn and try to stop this happening whilst shielding his legs with the bat.

When playing this with younger children I usually, once the first batter has been hit, pass the bat to another to have a go so giving each one a turn …but in older kids it is the one who actually hits the leg area below the knee that gets to bat next.

When everyone in the younger set has had a go of the batting it is then passed to the person who actually manages to hit the batsman’s legs so awardimg their throwing and aiming skills.

This game can be played on any surface, tarmac, sand, concrete or grass and doesn’t require much space.


6 thoughts on “The Final call for Dollydoodle beach shorts until 2013.

  1. Enjoy your last day of freedom, boys! Perhaps you might be able to wear your Dolly Doodles at the weekends though. All through my school years and teaching career, I wondered why children go back to school in September in winter uniform just as, after cool days in August, the weather so often turns warmer. Very uncomfortable in tie and blazer style uniform.

  2. Lovely photo’s of the boy’s playing french cricket. How quick the summer passes although we do have a few more weeks before the weather will turn and the winter woolies will need to come out! and the process of changing them and dealing with their preferences will start again!
    But it’s nice to hang on as long as possible to that summer warmth.
    Sasha love

  3. Cricket is not an american game and I’ve never seen it played, so it was educational to view your lads in action with their paddle and ball. A very gorgeous crew of boys you have there Kendal, decked out in their surf/beach wear by DD. I love seeing the interaction between the boys, with their different poses and expressions. Plus the individual shots… fun stuff! (DD forever!)
    Thanks for the pics! Hugs, -Anne

  4. Great photos of your boys in their colourful Doodles outfits playing French cricket, which sounds a lot easier to understand than English cricket. I love your backdrop, it looks just like Miami Beach. Gill x

  5. I love these pics so much and thank heavens for children as Cleo just fixed it for me to post again!
    The lime ensemble is really ME where Gregors are concerned and I am all for getting my girls to make the cricket tea to entice the lovely cousins down! Ha-ha! Howzat? xx

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