Last call for Dollydoodle beach shorts

Fritz and Nik who make up the Gotz German Volleyball team (still got the Olympic fever here!) and decide to challenge Sam and James, the Frido team, to a game of beach Volleyball.
Since there are no Volleyball/Badmington nets available here to use they set up the girl’s clothes rail and agree to do without a net (since there is no time to make one) for the time being as they are just practising.

Below are a few action shots as they become familiar with the rules. (One of them being that you can’t touch the net but this has been allowed occassionally since a couple of them are rather loose stringed and finding it a bit difficult to stand firmly on their own without a support.)

Nik in these super unisex floral shorts.

Fritz in his very favourite USA shorts.

Sam wearing the blue version of the Union Jack shorts with one of my very first Dollydoodle T shirts.

James seen here in in Ross’ favourite set that he went out to Spain in.

A few more pairs of their shorts will be featured tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Last call for Dollydoodle beach shorts

  1. GReat action shoot and good idea using clothes rail, Looks like it was a very close game.The boys look handsome in their dd shorts and t shirts and the backdrop’s great bring the sunshine to us all. looking forwrd to next installment .
    Sasha Love Dee

  2. Fun in the sun continues on at your house this summer. Looks like the blonde german boys vs. the brunette english boys… ! A great great photo-shoot idea… *beach volleyball*… featuring your handsome lads dressed in their brightly colored beach-wear from DD. (Do hope they have applied sunscreen… lol… 🙂
    Thank you for the super pics Kendal!
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. Your boy are so wonderfully dressed for the beach (well all of your kids are, but I love the boys’ shorts!)! It has been a pleasure to see all these lovely photos of them.

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