My Lads in Summertime

First up is a rare Frido 1968 PJ Gregor NP known at the moment as ‘PJNP’ wearing a favourite of my Dollydoodle Summer outfits, a OOAK ‘posh’ shorts and short sleeved stripped hoodie, the mid blue bringing out the colour of his eyes.

Jac, my Trendon 1970 Gregor with eyes customised by Shelly in his favourite Dollydoodle camo playwear and Ruthsdoll’s shoes and commercially made socks. I just love his original hair style with it’s long fringe.

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Jon, a minty in tube Frido 1969 PJ boy wearing a super grey/white stripped T-shirt with white trim and grey ‘posh’ shorts set.

Nik (Niklaus, named after Sasha Morgenthaler’s second son) is a Gotz slate-eyed, sharp-nosed 1960s boy who is wearing a third favourite of my Dollydoodles Summer leisure wear and commercially made converses.

Last of the lad’s Dollydoodle Summer gear on the final post over the weekend.


6 thoughts on “My Lads in Summertime

  1. Another great post Kendal. I love all these boys and their Summer DD wear. I wish I had just the right colour trainers/shoes to go with each outfit, your eye for detail is second to none.
    The only problem with all these love pictures is my wish list is getting ever longer!
    Sasha Love

  2. Each one of your boys offers a *different face*… special and unparalleled. That’s why I love Sasha dolls so much is because of their *many faces*. Maybe that’s why we all have collections, whether big or small of Sashas, because we embrace their uniqueness. And, in a group they look just fantastic. Like a bunch of school kids strutting their stuff and style.
    The trendy DD-wear is ideal for summer, with the heat, and allows for movability when photographing these busy kids. Each one of your outfits is color coordinated to its wearer, complimenting their own individual hair and eye color… very nice. And yes, Dee is right, your trainers all match up with the outfits.
    You have very very handsome boys Kendal… with gorgeous faces! Thank you.
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. Super boys Kendal looking fab in their DD shirts/shorts. If you are reading this Judith hope all is well with you and yours and that you are busy sewing to make up for lost time…I still have boys dressed in just their pants here 🙂

  4. Well here we go…. I LOVE the boys. Dont know why some people cant see the wonder of them at all… BUT then there are a rare bunch of us crazy ladies who just love our dolls and each other and its all GREAT!
    These nephews of mine are super and I have a particular soft spot for Jac and Jon as they are so sweet. I am, like you Dee, adding to my wish list but now its for outfits (mainly) and I have a little tiny chest of drawers that has finally run out of space for shoes so am spraying up another one which should hold more…… oh dear! Where does it all end Anne?
    Dood is a great designer for the casual look for both babies and kids and Kendal showcases her wear wonderfully which gives me great pleasure.
    Love to you all. Sarah and her Sashas xx

  5. Super post Kendal, love PJNP. Mind you they are all fab looking so i shouldn’t be picking favourites, lol. You have such a flare for picking the right outfit for each boy! xx

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