Some of my Gregor lads (the rest will hopefully follow on in the next two posts) dislaying their Dollydoodle Summer gear. Unfortunately their facial features are sometimes in the shadows as these photos that were meant to be taken in the morning with the sun behind me but had to shoot late afternoon against the sun filtering from above left (as friends popped in to see me that morning) ….but I felt this was acceptable as you are all by now familiar with my boys and it is their outfits here that are being showcased.

Matt, a Frido 1968 tiny eyed Gregor Shorts in a OOAK sleeveless gilet outfit with the ‘posh’ shorts (given to me by Judith of Dollydoodles for my 70th birthday last year) and worn with commercially made converses. (I think that this outfit really suits his colouring and so it has become HIS own.)

Fritz, a 1960s slate eyed Gotz lad in a navy/white stripped T-shirt and Judith’s navy ‘posh’ shorts teamed with commercially made converses. (Must try to tame his hair as it’s literally gone wild this Summer after being contained under his saggy beanie hat over the Winter months.)

Ross, a Frido wide faced 1969 Dark Denim Gregor, now re-rooted by Jackie Rydstrom, in his favourite camo shorts outfit, rucksack by Randal Keller and Ruthsdoll’s shoes and socks.
(Your shoelace needs doing up!)

James my 1969 Frido Gregor, a rare for me eBay BIN, sporting a very fresh and clean looking navy/white short sleeved hoodie and navy shorts with commercially made converses.

Continuing the topic tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Showcasing

  1. It is always a treat to see some handsome boys from your brood. They look great wearing their DD’s summer gear with coordinating trainers. Ross is the only one sporting an accessory… his camo-backpack looks super on him… a perfect size and fit for boys… although I’m sure a few of the girls would love to wear one… especially those with a tomboy streak. A great place to keep a cell phone, an i-pad, a frog or two and/or slinky… and a little bag of gummy worms.
    Thank you for showcasing a tiny-eyed redhead, a Gotz w/wild blonde hair, a blonde (wide face) re-root, and a brunette ebay BIN. All different, all uber-attractive!
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. Such lovely boys Kendal and great outfits by Judith. They always looks so smart in her summer clothes. Love all the boys such Handsome lads.

  3. What a great combination of handsome boys and great outfits by Judith. My favourite is Ross and I just love his backpack. I look forward to seeing more tomorrow. Love Gill x

  4. Yummy photos and they set off the outfits so well. A wonderful bit of teamwork between Seamstress, Mother and children in great poses – sigh!
    I still await the camera! xx

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