Touches of Yellow and Orange

This little tot is just outside of my Sasha collection dates of 1965-1972 being, I think, a Trendon 1973/4 baby Nightdress but I have kept her on account of her lovely eye painting with the flicked up eye lashes.

He/she was purchased off eBay bought from the two eBay photos shown below.

This was the photo that clinched the deal for me! Utterly charming!

He/she is a minty sexed little baby still with it’s large silver tag, which has unfortunately slipped up inside the sleeve of the dress, so not actually showing.

She/he is wearing a very pretty florasl Summer dress and pants by, if I remember correctly, Maz45 won off eBay.

This baby usually can be found sitting on my dressing table (though which I might add I rarely use preferring not to catch sight of myself in a mirror!)

Not quite the matching shade for the ribbon but the best that I could do without buying another.

This is probably my favourite of her poses (although I’m thinking that she should have had her hair brushed for the occasion!) so I saved it until the last!

…..And now for another splash of yellow and orange on this rather grey looking Bank Holiday Monday!

I had a wonderful surprise on Friday the 3rd of August when these flowers unexpectedly arrived.

They were a get well gift from Steve Kingaby and his family as I was suffering from the worst attack of Sinusitis that I have ever had. In fact I almost lost all of my voice. All that remained was a rather unpleasant to listen to rough croak which when I phoned Steve to thank him said sounded like a Dalek!

They were a ‘tied’ bouquet ordered from Marks and Spencer. I think that these ‘tied’ arrangements are just fabulous especially if you aren’t feeling well or aren’t good at arranging flowers (although luckily I am with those that arrive in loose form ….and have a varity of vases that certainly helps!) 

I took this photo later on, on the 4th, the following, day to show how the roses were opening out… as so often Roses just decide to droop over at the neck and never actually open.

This photo shows how the yellow lily type flowers are now beginning to evolve out of their buds.

The roses starting to turn a lovely shade of gold whilst the yellow lilies start to shine.

 A final photo on Wednesday the 22nd, 19 days later, just before I said goodbye to them two days later as when I tried to lift them out to change the water and put into a vase I found that the petals were now badly falling.

Notice how beautiflly the roses have now turned to gold on the last days of the Olympics when the gold medals were coming in thick and fast. I felt as if I had won a gold too.

Millions of thanks to Steve, James, Ashley and Rachel for this magnificent bouquet of flowers that lasted for THREE whole weeks giving me untold pleasure…. and definitely helping me to get better as they were intended to.


8 thoughts on “Touches of Yellow and Orange

  1. How thoughtful, the flowers were beautiful…and what a fantastic advert for M&S quality!
    Baby is lovely too…I am getting ‘broody’ I keep admiring babies…of the vinyl variety I must quickly add…I don’t know what has come over me 🙂

  2. Kendal, love this little mite, lol. Love the little flick at the corner of her eyes. As you know i am not a big fan of the babies, but thanks to you and your wonderful blog pictures, i am coming round!
    I am blushing with looking at the pictures of the flowers we sent you, your so worth it my dear friend! xxxxx

  3. What a lovely little baby Kendal, you definately have an eye for finding the loveliest Sasha’s!
    And how nice of Steve and family to send you a lovely bouquet of flowers. I hope you are feeling better now.
    sasha Love

  4. What a cute baby and such a lovely dress. Beautiful flowers and they match your floor tiles perfectly!!! Love Gill x

  5. A *charming* and *gorgeous* blonde baby girl. Love the hair… in fact, I love her total *look*!
    I’m lovin’ your favorite photo as well of this little cutie. And, as for her messy hair… it’s perfect baby perfect. I have yet to see a baby or toddler, in real life, with perfectly styled hair.
    Great photos Kendal and thank you for sharing this beautiful tot with the wispy eye-liner today.
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. To Steve:
    You are a true sweetheart to give Kendal those lovely flowers when she was feelin’ down… to remind her of all the beauty in the world and that she is greatly admired and loved. A very kind and generous gift. (Thank you for being who you are!)
    Hugs, -Anne

  6. You make your pictures like a painter :the colors are “un enchantement” ,and the ribbon is just matching the eyelids of this cute Sasha -baby .Why not put one of your Sasha’s picture on the mirror ? great look every morning !…..

  7. Love the photos. Love the posts, too! Great suggestion from Bonnet! And you can see that Gillian is in house-decorating mode, as she managed to note your tiles as well as the flowers! All great, uplifting stuff! Thank you! xxx Karin

  8. So glad you are feeling a bit better now Kendal and the baby of yours is a total little love with her quietly stubborn expression that she is JUST about to get in to mischief!
    Steve and James! You are just wonderful friends and absolute darlings and these flowers say it all. What a great pick me up for Kendal and how wonderful it is to know that we are truly loved for ourselves by our great friends. xx

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