Couldn’t resist

Trying on this latest eBay win,  although it was meant tol be put away until the Winter as I should to be focusing on changing the rest of the dolls into their Summer wear. Mind you this weather isn’t exactly encouraging me to be dealing with fine cotton prints, shorts and T-shirts..

I have been admiring these dresses by lindabrooks for sometime now after having seen them for sale on eBay (plus a couple on Jackie Rydstrome’s dolls) but never managed to win one until now.

My 1968 Frido Single Fringe with cut hair waif doll is seen here wearing the dress and hat plus some tights that I already had from another outfit and commercially made shoes.

Thought that this backcloth went well with the clothing although alerting me that these kind of Autumn mornings are not far off us now even though, in my opinion, we haven’t really had a proper Summner yet.

Took this close up photo of her in her hat as I think that she has a really pretty face, although a pity about the trimmed hair (but which this hat does a good job of hiding!)

I hope that these photos have helped bring a little cheer in amongst the disappointing Bank Holiday Weekend’s weather.


11 thoughts on “Couldn’t resist

  1. I love this pattern and have made several of these dresses for my girls. It is such a lovely easy knit.

    Your little girl looks gorgeous in this and the weather certainly does encourage trying it on!

  2. Rain ,wind, trees yellowhing :just the time to put on some wool knitted tunique ! your beautiful Sasha is ready for this sad summer-ending .Wish some sun to-morrow….

  3. This outfit looks *winter perfect* on your 68 SF girl with the wider face. Her hat hides her short fringe beautifully and the length of this little dress is smashing paired up with the striped tights. This girl is one of my favorites and I never tire of seeing her face. I love the second to the last photo… lovely! Hugs, -Anne

  4. I am not surprised you couldn’t resist! What a lovely dress. And what a gorgeous Sasha! Great photos again. Thank you! xxx Karin

  5. Kendal, what a lovely outfit that suits your girl so well and the backdrop compliments it perfectly.I have one of these patterns and have so far not made one even though I keep seeing all the lovely ones that others make and put on !
    Your girl as a very sweet look and I do love Waif with shorter hair 🙂

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