This little tot

Sits riding her trike amongst a few other Sasha Dolls on my dressing table.

She is a little 1971-2 Trendon baby Nightdress girl.

Who due to falling hair has been wigged with a Monique wig.

She is wearing an ABC romper suit by the Doll Works.

I just love her very dark eyes which are of the 1971-2 Trendon period.

She says that she is training for a future Olympic Timed Cycling Trial and is practising resting her arms on the handle-bars as she has seen them do. Observant little lass!

I think that she has a rather wistful, sad look about her but I’m sure she will gain in confidence as she gets older.

My Sasha Brood would like to wish you all a very happy Bank Holiday Weekend and hope that the weather stays fine, warm and dry for any outdoor activities that you are planning or attending.


7 thoughts on “This little tot

  1. Well Aunty Sarah thinks she is an adorable little mite and will help encourage her along any time! Maybe Aunty Lorraine and I can get another lunch together and see you in September if she is ok to come up……
    I love her and her outfit xx

  2. Eyes as big as saucers on this dark chocolate eyed cutie! She must be one of your favorites since she rides her trike on a regular basis upon your dressing table. I hope to see more of her in the days ahead, as I can only imagaine how adorable she will look in one of DD’s fuzzy-furry-licious snow-suits.
    Thank you for the pics of this sweet and wistful tot in her alphabet romper. Hugs, -Anne

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