Little Kendal

Meet Cerelia, one of Anne Dietchman’s grand-daughters. She is just seven years old but started her Sasha collecting and the photographing of them last year when she was six.

Her doll is a Trendon 1971 Gingham girl with bobbed hair who arrived at Shelly’s in search of a new home looking very appealing in just her vest and knickers (see photo below) and is called ‘Little Kendal’ (LK for short) as Anne asked me to help her find a suitable Sasha girl to give to Cerelia since her other grand-daughter who is now two had her own baby Sasha.
LK originally came from Shelly’s but stopped to visit me here for a ‘check up for suitability’ before continuing on her journey to California. There she went off to Jan Johnson for a re-string and spa before meeting her new adopted mummy.

After Anne had bought LK she heard from the doll’s one and only previous owner telling her a little of the doll’s history.
It turns out that both she and her elder sister were given Sasha Dolls and one day LK’s young owner wanted to cut her doll’s hair into a bob. Before doing this though she was assured by her sister that the hair would grow back again just as hers did when it was cut.

LK’s bobbed hair unfortunately never grew again…. as was anticipated. Jan told Anne that she is rather different in that her ‘meant to be’ centre parting is slightly off centre and to the side which is unusual.

Anne took this delightful photo of LK giving Cerelia a little kiss. Love the facial expression!

……and these photos when Cerelia went over there for the day to enjoy some Sasha fun.

Cerelia, herself, took the next three photos using Anne’s camera showing ‘LK’ playing in Anne’s garden on one of their Sasha fun days together. This house belongs to some of Cerelia’s small plush toys. (Unfortunately I have just forgotten the names of this series!)

Definitely thinking that we have a future Sasha Collector and photographer in the making.

Spotting some Dollydoodles wear here!

Might even become a future Sasha Blogger! Some trellis climbing attempted here!

Many thanks Cerelia and Anne for sharing these delightful photos with us all. Hoping for more to follow.


10 thoughts on “Little Kendal

  1. I was really torn when I sent LK to Shelly’s to be rehomed, I packed her up and at one point even took her out of the box and then finally decided to send her off…I am so glad I did, Cerelia is such a great new little mother to her and LK is certainly one very well loved Sasha. Lovely to see the pictures of her. Thank you so much x

    • Thank you simply sasha for putting LK into the box the second time and sending her off. Cerelia completely *adores* her!
      p.s. Thank you, too, for dressing her in that sweet little knicker and vest set.

  2. LK is gorgeous. I’m so glad her hair never grew, the bob suits her very well.
    She is playing with Sylvanian family animals in the little house, though I think they have another name in the UK. We still have the windmill and a host of little creatures – even though my ‘baby’ will be 32 next month!

  3. Lovely pictures of LK and her young owner, especially the one of her getting a Sasha kiss! I do like the Sasha’s with the cut hair , makes them that little bit special.

  4. Oh Kendal,
    What a delicious surprise to find “Little Kendal” as the topic of your blog today. I know Cerelia would be delighted. Thank you!

    I think it is fun to see where Sashas go once they leave Shelly’s and journey onward to their new homes and mummies. Since LK’s arrival, she has proved herself to be a fun loving and mischievous little girl.

    LK’s “Cozy Cottage” is a “Calico Critters” toy, complete w/Belle Hopscotch Rabbit and furniture.

    Cerelia loves dressing LK and is *picky* about what she wears. Cerelia could easily be the spokesperson for *Dollydoodles*, as she thinks the clothing is perfect for play… stylish and comfy for today’s active Sashas. At least for those who are outdoorsy and adventurous. (See photograph #8, LK oozes confidence in her DD-wear.)

    The outdoor photos (above) that Cerelia took were inspired by one of your posts… as she usually will use a tripod indoors when photographing. Even at 7 years old, she is selective about her background… her eyes are constantly scanning. She is *fearless* with the camera… taking close-ups and trying different angles . As you can tell, Cerelia’s playtime with me is *constructive activity*… Sashas forever!

    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Thank you for giving us your *seal of approval* on the purchase of LK… she’s a keeper!

  5. Bienvenue ,Cerelia ,in the world of Sasha’s addicts ! Great to see the new generation taking care of the dolls we love.

  6. Enchanting photos! What a lovely pair of girls! It is always a delight to see children playing with the Sashas and finding the same ‘magic’ that has been rekindled in us older Sasha fanatics. I must admit that I was always more taken by the Sashas I bought for Yasmin in the mid-70s than she was, but glad to find that her daughter has been dusted by ‘Sasha Fairydust’ and is completely under their spell. Thank you for the lovely pictures. xxx karin

  7. Kendal this is great! I really like Anne and to see her granddaughter playing like this has made my day and I’m sure, like me, this will bring back many happy memories for those of us who had Sashas when WE were small (mumble mutter dont ask)…
    What a lovely little girl Cerelia looks and I hope she continues to be a Sashaphile xxx

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