Diverting a little today

From my facial close up photos …..and showing you the first post of some of Sarah Price’s Sasha Doll collection that came to visit me here a few weeks after the festival.
Unfortunately it wasn’t a good day, being rather overcast, for taking photos naturally without extra lightning but I did my best.

First up is one of Sarah’s Frido 1968 Gregor Shorts boys wearing Rosie Bloom’s gear to enhance his colouring. I think that he has a delighful ‘younger’ boy’s look, like the baby of the family.

Next we see her 1968 Frido brunette Gregor Dark Denim boy in his Dollydoodle hoodie, joggers, T shirt, beanie hat and commercially made trainers. Love his dark eyes and eyelash flicks.

A Frido blonde 1968 sidepart in her Daisy-Daisy little chicken print outfit. Notice the gorgeous little felt bag in the shape of a little chick.

This Frido 1967 blonde NP is one of my favourites of Sarah’s dolls and she is wearing a pretty Summer fresh looking floral dress made by Lorraine Tyler.

1968 Frido brunette sidepart in an outfit by Sashadollstyle with Rosie Bloom’s sandals. Love the all the colours here and the little cardigan is delightful with it’s unusual, pretty buttons. Rosie Bloom’s bar shoes complete the look.

One of Sarah’s Frido 1969 Dungaree girls wearing a Ruth Brigg’s of Daisy-Daisy patchwork gypsy outfit. The colouring of the patchwork skirt really suits her auburn hair and brown eyes…. and judging by her pose I think that she’s well aware of the fact!

The second of Sarah’s blonde 1967 Frido NPs wearing a gorgeous Ruthsdoll’s smocked dress and socks with Rosie Bloom’s sandals.

One of Sarah’s Frido 1967 Red head NPs. (The other will be in the following post.) Unfortunately I can’t give you any details of this very dainty and unusual dress but hopefully when Sarah is next on line and sees my blog she will no doubt mention them in her comments. (Haven’t alerted her as I wanted it to be a surprise!)

Will hopefully add the rest of her dolls, including her Sasha babies, asap.


6 thoughts on “Diverting a little today

  1. Another set of beautiful Sasha and Gregor pictures Kendal Such lovely faces I love them all not just the reds!
    Sasha hugs Dee

  2. Enjoyed this post. Since the Festival it has been so fun to put faces, with names, with dolls. It’s not “too bad” to see more Sasha’s and their diversity. These photos are so lovely.

  3. Sarah,
    What gorgeous dolls (Sashas) you own, beauty galore!
    I enjoyed seeing all the different outfits and how each outfit complimented its owner.
    Thank you for allowing Kendal to take these photos and share them with the world.
    Hugs, -Anne

  4. Dearest Kendal and lovely ladies! Thank you for the beautiful comments and Kendal the wonderful photos of my kids have me all emotional here and filled up.
    I love our hobby and friends and “kids” so very much.
    Anne, I only have about 20 big kids and 4 babies but they were worked hard for and chosen for their good looks lol so I find they mean the world to me and I just wish I had taken time to sort them out properly after their long journey to see their Aunty Kendal with their Aunty Lorraine and cousins galore. They didnt know what to do with themselves!
    The beautiful party dress was made by wonderful Ruth Briggs and her outfits are stunning with attention to detail like Nikita has so it is a shame she isnt making more at the moment.
    Ruth is known as Daisy Daisy.
    We must have more gatherings and pictures and one day I hope to get to grips with my new camera coming from Aunty Lorraine courtesy of Shelly and then maybe my kids can have their own blog or at least post some pictures on the Sasha Morgenthaler Doll on Facebook as i love to look but cant partake. However, Kendal and Lorraine are endeavouring to change all that.
    Love you ladies and see you soon.
    Sarah xx
    AND all the rest of them!! xx

  5. More gorgeous dolls and gorgeous outfits! I love the chick dress by Daisy Daisy and the pretty party dress, Betsy saw a lovely pale green party dress by Daisy Daisy at one of Dawn’s fun days a few years ago now, she really loved it and I hoped to buy it for her as a surprise for her birthday but I was too slow, it was already sold … Betsy still talks of that dress now though, funny how the things we love and miss always stay with us … x

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