Third installment of

Shelly’s facial photos of some of my dolls, both past and present

Past.1990s Gotz David

Past. Frido 1969 Blue Cord

Past. 1960s Gotz High Light yellow eyed

Past. 1967 Frido Gingham NP

Past. Mint 1968 Frido Single Fringe in small checked Gingham dress

Past. 1970s Trendon baby

Past.1970s Trendon Gregor customised by Shelly

Mid 1970s Trendon baby customised and wigged by Shelly (looking for a new home shortly on )

Past. 1970 Trendon Gregor customised by Shelly

1967 Frido PJ Gregor NP


6 thoughts on “Third installment of

  1. All beautiful, I love the 1960’s Gotz High Light Yellow Eyes Sasha. A welcome break looking at these from balancing on the ladder painting the living room! Gill x

  2. Hi Kendal,

    It was so wonderful to meet you at the Sasha Festival. Please forgive me for taking so long to write to you but we have been travelling most of the summer and I am now trying to catch up with my life. The Festival in June was my first and I was overwhelmed with meeting so many amazing Sasha-lovers and their dolls….and you were one of my favorites!!! Now your blog is helping me continue to feel connected to the Sasha world, and I thank you for your photos and wealth of information.

    I took many pictures of my ‘girls’ as we travelled through France and I will send you a few soon through Shutterfly, which is an online website.

    BTW, if you ever have dolls you are selling, please let me know as I am a relatively new Sasha mommy and would love to find some special little babies, girls and boys.

    Again, many thanks for sending on your amazing photos.


    Gayle Rotheim

  3. Fun! Fun! Fun!
    I do love these over-sized photos showing the different factory dolls with hand painted faces, along with Shelly’s repaints. Nice of you to include their current status (past or present). I would be hard pressed to name a favorite as they all have *a little something special*.
    Kendal, do you ever miss any of the ones you have moved on?
    Hugs, -Anne

  4. Another great set of photo’s Kendal. The nice large format is lovely for getting up close ,there are a few here that I would be happy to give a home to!
    I may need to get a second job at this rate with all this Sasha and Gregor eye candy you are giving us………cannot wait to see whose coming next……

    Sasha Hugs Dee

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