Some of Shelly’s photos of………

Some of my dolls…..

1966 Frido Graphic-eyed Brown Cord.

1966 Frido Graphic-eyed Blue Cord.

1966 Frido Brown Cord NP.

1967 Frido Blue Cord.

1960s Gotz slate-eyed pale-skinned girl.

1966 Frido Dungaree Developmenbtal girl.

Sally. 1960s Gotz slate-eyed red head.

On the move. Only displayed 1966 Gotz yellow eye pony tail.

Past. 1967 Frido Ballet NP.


5 thoughts on “Some of Shelly’s photos of………

  1. I do have to say I rather adore the last girls gorgeous eyes! 😉

    They all have such beautiful yet quite different faces, all absolutely stunning and a treat to look at.

  2. Kendal what a beautiful set of Sasha’s ! And starting and ending with two magnificent Red haired girls. The eye painting of the first four is beautiful and I would put all of them on my wish list ! in truth I would most of your fabulous collection on my wish list! Lol
    And I love the Red at the end with her serious expression, I really must start my NP fund !
    Many thanks for sharing.
    sasha hugs Dee

  3. Well here they are! My nieces and nephews in the most angelic of photographs!! Empress Shelly either must bribe them with sweeties and toys or be scary to get them to pose so very well…. Love to all xx

  4. OMG! I didn’t know you owned the 1966 pony-tail blonde Gotz with the yellow eyes! My good Sasha friend, here in the states, is purchasing her! Please know she is going to an excellent home with a wonderful new Mummy, who has a *superb* collection.
    Really Kendal, you have a “WOW” collection of Sashas. My compliments to you for your superior eye and taste when buying… they are all *spectacular*!
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. My favorites, in no particular order, are the developmental girl with the wispy eye liner, the desirable wide-faced blonde girl and the graphic-eyed girl with the sumptuous eye paint.

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