No Guessing……

What we’ve been watching……..Yes, the cross-country equestrian event…..yet AGAIN!
Here is Jac, a 1970 Trendon Gregor (customised by Shelly) on his way to catch and saddle up his pony.

Unfortunately ‘we’ must have gained some weight as our Ruthsdolls ‘Polo Whites’ won’t allow the Dollydoodle Olympic T-shirt to tuck in as we wanted it to.

As you can see we still haven’t found our riding crash hat but have now located the cycling/skate boarding hard hat that was needed the other day for the cycling…

… wearing this I guess is safer than nothing. (Apologies as always for the stray hairs over his face. Will I ever learn????)

Giving his pony a well deserved pat on his neck. (Completely forgot to to turn the pony round the other way for some of the shots…a sure sign that I’m still under the weather healthwise!)

He was pleased to be able to don his Ruthsdoll’s black rather than his usual brown riding boots for a change (as you are not allowed to wear black boots when playing on the Polo fields where he is normally riding these days) as he prefers wearing these as they are softer leather allowing him to ‘feel and relate to’ his pony better..


5 thoughts on “No Guessing……

  1. Jac looks amazing in his gear, love his boots, he has the most amazing mop of hair. As you know, I adore your rocking horse, it reminds me of the very large rocking horse my best friend had, so big even adults could ride it, her Mum still has it for all of her grand children to enjoy now. My Sashas would love a rocking horse like this …. Cathy x

  2. I agree with Cathy, Jac does indeed look amazing in his riding gear.The rocking horse is great just the right size for a budding equestrian , I am sure we’ll see him competing in major events shortly!

  3. So sorry to hear you have been unwell. Hopefully you are on the road to recovery. Such a gorgeous horse and lad. So glad the horse went to live with you and your crew.

  4. Good old Jac getting the spirit of the olympics into his system! What a delight he looks too!
    Make sure you keep taking the antibiotics and I will too. Sinusitis always gets us but we will rise above it and come out the other side for you to Blog and me to enjoy the posts as always. Beautiful pics Kendal xx

  5. Jac looks to be quite the horseman… all dressed up in his jodpurs and riding boots. Quite a nice little pony he’s got there. I was hoping to see a picture of him feeding her an apple for all her hard work and good behavior.
    Does Jac also ride Western? He’d look cute in some chaps, cowboy hat and boots!
    Hugs, -Anne

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