All Hands to the Pump

At the first Festival meeting well over two years ago now I was asked to be a table hostess and to do a workshop.  Sarah Price and I decided to do something jointly.
Aware of the old saying ‘Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today’ I set to think as to what we could do….and came up with several achievable ideas….plus what to order and buy for my hostess gifts.

Unfortunately a year later I was informed that they had changed their minds and there were no longer going to be workshops but workshop demonstrations instead.
Panic stations then as to what to do with all the items and gear that had already been bought the year before and so were now un-returnable.
No alternative but to incorpoate them into my hostess table gifts and sell on the rest that weren’t needed on my half sales table.

Three of my Sasha Brood (naturally dressed in co-odinating coloured outfits) volunterred to help me wrap and be-ribbon these gifts. Annis, being the smallest, is put in charge of the ribbons.

Next decision was which wrapping paper to use. Wanted something linked to the Union Jack 2012 being such a UK year.

Firstly with the help of Jill Mackley I found an Emma Bridgewater roll of paper based on the Union Jack but wasn’t so keen on the overall colouring, a bit too creamy for the background but bought it anyway just in case…. decided to keep on looking and save that as an emergency.

My daughter found this design on the internet so I sent off for a sheet to see what the quality and finish was like. I was delighted with the thickness and colourings so phoned for another five sheets but was disappointed to discover they only had two more sheets left.

Got in touch with this new company who had made it but they couldn’t promise that they would be making any more unless future orders came in from their shop customers. but put me in touch with a list of shops that stocked this paper. After phoning them all though I was still unsuccessful in finding the three sheets still needed.

A week or so later Jill Mackley discovered two more sheets at a garden centre whilst visiting her sister down in the south so I sent a cardboard tube down to her for them to be sent up to prevent any creasing. 
Five sheets now…. measured up and felt that I might just managed if I pieced pieces together…. but still carried on looking for a sixth.

Annis, my Trendon 70s baby with hair re-rooted in mohair by Bettina. and dressed in a OOAK dungaree outfit by Ruthsdolls helps to hold the paper around the boxes whilst the cellotape sticks in place.

A few weeks later I was in my local Post Office and couldn’t believe my eyes. There before me in the wrapping paper rack was MY very paper…. so quickly snapped up two more sheets just to be on the safe side.

My 1967 Frido Dungaree waif with the force-fed damaged lips offers her help. She is dressed in a OOAK matching outfit to Annis.

Below Luke, a wigged Trendon 1969 Gregor Dark Denims with his new Torso (after Simply Sasha’s Basset Hound Henry decided to have a little snack on his feet) helps with the heavy lifting of the gifts. He is wearing a Dollydoodles Summer hoodie and shorts.

Here he is folding the wrapping paper at the ends as it is a super thick quality paper so needs a stiff hand to bend and crease, before cellotaping securely.

Annis holds the ribbon knot whilst Sasha finishes tieing the bows.

Notice little Annis’ concentration here.

I took a piece of the wrapping paper out and about with me whilst searching for colour co-ordinating ribbons and was pleased with the results.

Quite a hard task to tie the pink and blue ribbons together.

Pink curling ribbon is added as a final finish. Lastly the ten larger parcels, all wrapped and ribboned, are lined up ready to be placed in a box to be transported to the festival.

 Another festival preparation box ticked. Now onto wrapping the smaller gifts to be given out at the desert.

What’s next? Oh yes, my sales table items need to be gathered together and priced.

Searching the internet once again I managed to buy this matching carrier bag in which to put the set of smaller gifts to hand out at the desert.

What is in them will hopefully be revealed when I have sorted out the photos.


5 thoughts on “All Hands to the Pump

  1. Such fun seeing all your kids and baby Annis getting in and helping you with all your pre-festival related activities.
    It was nice to read how you bounced into action when prior plans changed into *new* plans… always good to keep your sense of flexibility… makes for a stress-free life.
    Adorable photos of the kids in *action*… they look very serious… and are doing an excellent job at wrapping and be-ribboning the hostess gifts. I’m sure you must have been very proud of them them for their hard work.
    Your choice for paper w/coordinating ribbons is splendid… and the finished result is absolutely *perfection*. Your gifts look very desirable!
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. Sitting on the table next to yours I was very intrigued (or should that be nosey) as to what was in those beautifully wrapped parcels. I love your background display of your girls on the sideboard.

  3. What wonderful helpful nieces and nephews I have got! I noticed Annis stuck her tongue out earlier with concentration and was so good she didnt even dribble on the paper with her new teeth coming etc… She is a good girl. They are all very nice children Kendal and I shall bring them a treat or send them something in the post to you! xx

  4. Wow no wonder your gifts are always so perfectly wrapped if those are the lengths you go to, to find just the perfect wrapping paper … that’s where I’m going wrong, lol! Gorgeous photos as usual Kendal, gifts that look too beautiful to open … I have a real soft spot for your 67 dungaree waif redhead, she has the most beautiful eyes. Cathy x

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