More Olympic wear arrives

More Olympic wear arrives from Dollydoodles just in time for their first day of supporting Team GB.

Remembering one of Steve Kingaby’s comments a little while ago that I seem to always use the same dolls to show off new gear I therefore searched further around and chose my 1967 Frido bobbed haired NP waif’s sister, another 1967 Frido waif with slightly trimmed hair, who seems to so often stay quietly in the background, to wear them first.

The T shirt is Judith’s take on the Stella McCartney’s Olympic design for the Great Britain’s team.
Love the pointing finger hand to encourage the UK competitors on. The background is from today’s daily paper.


5 thoughts on “More Olympic wear arrives

  1. I saw this outfit on Judith’s website yesterday… and what a surprise to see your sweet NP waif wearing it this morning… in your timely post… on day 2 of the Olympics.
    I do love Stella’s line of clothing… that said, how clever of *Dollydoodles* to re-create their own interpretation for Sasha.
    Great background you have chosen featuring today’s front page… and the pics are *adorably supportive* of your Team GB… !
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. WOW! REALLY great stuff! Gets the mood going for the forseeable future. What great kids to get involved with it all xx

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