Red, White and Blue

I am English ‘through and through’ so a ‘true Brit’ and am thrilled that the UK is hosting the Olympic Games this year.
Over the follwing weeks I shall hopefully be watching them on the TV every spare minute that I can muster. (Housework and gardening will be almost abandoned…(and not much movement I fear on the blog!) as I remain glued to the screen.

I have always loved sports and was very honoured to have been Deputy and then Games Captain at Loreto College, in Llandudno, North Wales, where I boarded from the age of 11 to 18 years and played in their first netball, hockey and tennis teams….though who would have guessed this looking at my now Arthritic body!!!
This was followed by being a part of the mixed hockey team at the following Technical College where I studied Ceramics for a year.
A ‘sporting lull’ then occured whilst I married and had my daughter but then went on to teach the Physical Education timetable throughout the school (years 5-11+) when I started my 25 year primary teaching career covering gymnastics, netball, cross country, football, cricket, swimming (plus rugby and hockey skills.)

I am delighted to say that many of my Sasha Dolls have inherited my love of sports and will hopefully be sitting beside me and enjoying it too.

My wigged 1969 Frido Gregor (with his relacement Torso after Ronnie’s Basset Hound, Henry decided to have a little chew on his arms and feet) wearing the blue version of festival tracksuit getting into the mood ready for the Olympic Games which starts tonight with the opening ceremony (although the men’s and women’s football has aready begun.)

Seen here with the festival Union Jack vest made by Pattie of Sashawardrobe. Need to take and add a photo of him in the running shorts later.

Next we have another of my Sasha  outfits that I bought from The Doll Work’s festival sale’s table. I love the simplicity of this ‘A’ line dress with it’s now famous Sasha logo. I’ve swapped the commercially manufactured red bar shoes and white socks that came with it for a pair of JJ sandals and some trendy navy socks (although I know that these aren’t to everybody’s tastes but have rather become a trade mark of mine!)

Here she is carrying the little festival bag designed by Rosie Shortell for the festival converses to be given in.

Here I have teamed the logo dress with a pair of Dollydoodles cropped denim jeggings to add a more casual, trendy look.

My 1967 brunette Frido Gingham NP in a Doll Works Keep Calm outfit. I love this logo so immediately snapped up this pinafore/blouse set from The Doll Works sales table… which luckily for me was situated next to mine.
Here she is seen with the bag that my daughter gave me just before the festival to carry my Sasha Dolls in when out and about. Had I have seen it over two years ago I would have suggested to Dawn that we had them as our festival tote bags with the logo ending ‘carry Sasha’ used by Andrea on the pinafore.

Sasha Baby/Toddler’s turn now. Here Bea, my 1990s Gotz toddler customised by Raven is modelling a Doll’s Works Sasha logo dress….and frilly knickers.

This outfit came with navy boneka shoes but they are not being worn or shown as I prefer my babies and toddlers without any footware, either barefooted or with little socks.

Bea decided on an ‘all fall down’ pose to completely show off the frilly knickers as she has never had anything like these before and little does she know won’t be having any again if this behaviour continues!

My best wishes and good luck go to a successful and peaceful Olympic Games and as the saying goes ‘may the best man win’….though naturally I hope that TEAM GB do well!


12 thoughts on “Red, White and Blue

  1. Great post Kendal. Love all the patriotic Red White and Blue outfits on your lovely Brood and Bea is such a little tike flashing off her frilly drawers.

  2. Those outfits all look absolutely wonderful Kendal and as Steve says so very Patriotic! We could hear fireworks coming from London last night – assuming it was to do with the Olympics, it was ever so loud…couldn’t see anything though for all our trees!

    The girls look fabulous in the dresses and little Bea is rather cheeky isn’t she? Of course your Gregor also look great. Henry will be dressing up in his kit later today in readiness for the gymnastics on Sunday.

  3. I would say *olympic fever* has arrived at your hourse! How supportive and patriotic of your Sashas to join in the fun… and wear their ever-so-smart red, white and blue colors to celebrate the festivities… “may the games begin!”
    Bright and beautiful photos of some very happy children! Many thanks for your *delightful* photos!
    Hugs, -Anne

  4. Just shown Henry on the computer Luke’s photos but he doesn’t seem to show any remorse at eating him 🙂
    Love the photos (and Bea especially). I for one, will probably be the only one in the UK who is not going to be watching/following the Olympics. Wake me up when it is all over 🙂 But do enjoy!

  5. I just love the bright festive colors of these “Olympic” outfits. As you know, red, white, and blue are the colors of our nation (USA) , too, so it is fun to share these same colors and see them worn so beautifully on your dolls. They look like perfect little athletes. Best of luck to your teams! Cheers to the British teams! Love, Ellen

  6. I love all your red, white and blue outfits, and lovely photos as always! I’m sure you already realize who snapped up the blue version of the “Keep Calm and Carry Sasha” outfit. Great minds think alike. 🙂

  7. Fantastic photos as usual 🙂 I especially love your brunette NP wearing her ‘ Sasha ‘ dress and navy socks with red JJ sandals .. so cute!! Cathy x

  8. Absolutely loved the jeggings with the top and cant get over cheeky little Bea, always into everything all the time. She must exhaust you.
    Perhaps I should threaten you (yes not challenge) to a game of rounders thru our children and see if they can slog the ball as well as we used to what say you?
    Make good photos! Love you xx

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