The Helper’s Donated Items….

Post of the helper’s items.
These are donated Sasha related gifts that are raffled off and the raised money goes to help the following festival to get started until the attendees able to attend can pay their subscription fees.

As you view these wonderful generously given gifts you get to realise just what a marvellous community the Sasha collectors are.
Unfortunately unlike the Children’s Fund Auction donations these items are given annonomously so not individually named…and for which I would like to personally thank you all for your thoughtfulness and kindness as these allow the Sasha Festivals to continue.

My apologies for the camera catching the shine of the polythene bag coverings..

My very best wishes and good luck to Heidi Wheeler who is hosting the next festival, ‘Return to Childhood,’ on July 11-14th, 2013 at The Drawbridge Hotel in Northern Kentucky, USA. So very sorry that I can’t be there but will be especially thinking of you..


5 thoughts on “The Helper’s Donated Items….

  1. Thank you Kendal for explaining the purpose of these donated items… and yes, the Sasha community is overflowing with kindness and generosity.
    I remember seeing all these *helper gifts* and how wonderful it is to view them a second time around.
    Great photos and may I say… your coverage of the Sasha Festival 2012 is *splendid*!
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. Thank you Kendal I did not have a chance to see all the lovely things in the helper raffle so it’s nice to see what I missed!

  3. Great to all these lovely items, I missed most of them as I was drooling over William goes to Boarding School!!!

  4. I looked at these items with you so often and I am so glad you have taken these pictures as I still see things here I missed on the actual day!! A wonderful record of it all Kendal xx

  5. This comment was emailed to me privately……….
    The blog is brilliant I’m loving it and am still enjoying reliving the festival with all your fabulous pics. I’m shocked at how much I didn’t notice until I saw your pics! You really got everything

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