My fourth doll who went to the festival

You’ve already seen and know Ross (my 1969 Frido Gregor Dak Denims who went out to Spain to visit Jackie Rydstrom and be her first Gregor re-root due to falling hair) and Belle, a Trendon 1970 Gregor customised by Shelly who went out to the festival to show off the exquisite Robyn Attwell winning pinafore in the Ted Menton pinafore challenge (as I didn’t think that the photographs did it true justice) …and which was then so kindly given to me for my 70th birthday by Ted, (plus my 1969 Trendon baby Woolly, Quirky who shouldn’t have been there!) so here is Amelia, the other (supposedly third) doll I chose to go with me, a Frido 1967 Blue or Brown Cord Dress NP girl. She is one of my favourite dolls and has a lovely young look about her.

Amelia has decided that she wants to sit on top of Dawn’s nursery display and hold the festival sign so Ross, offers to help lift the heavy sign.

As one of the children’s TV story programmes used to begin off with ‘Are you sitting comfortably then I’ll begin’ Ross asks Amelia if she is OK before he places the sign into her hands. He waits besides her just to make sure that she is OK before moving out of the way/scene for her to be photographed.

I think that she is doing a very good job of advertising the festival….don’t you?

I’ve told her though that it’s not safe for her to remain there on her own when we have to go upstairs and pack ready for the homeward bound journey, so she reluctantly puts the sign back to how it was.

Then a quick pose on the Wedding Fare display before we head back to our bedroom.

Both Ross and Amelia are wearing their Dollydoodle casual leisure wear here for ease and comfort on the long journey home BUT both had packed their more dressy formal gear for the evenings (Amelia had bought Steve’s Betsy-May outfit that he gave me this April for my birthday for hers)….although with the dinning tables being rather crowded they had to stay up in the room so didn’t get to wear them.


4 thoughts on “My fourth doll who went to the festival

  1. Ross is a very helpful lad.Amelia looks nice in her Dollydoodles gear and again a helpful girl advertising the festival for Dawn by holding up the sign. Looks like you had your hands full with your family attendees.

  2. Amelia is so very beautiful… with her wide face… just a very stunning NP! I love looking at her… this beauty can wear anything well… but, she looks very comfy in her *Dollydoodles-wear* in these photos. She’s quite a treasure! I’m so glad she has you for a Mum!
    As for Ross… he’s a *star*!
    Thank you for the pics Kendal… gorgeous kids!
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. I always thought that Sasha dolls were unusual people ,and now I know they enjoy Moët et Chandon…..very dispendious to be Sasha addict !!!

  4. They also can sneak out and get an occasional Bollinger too! Depends on the celebration and the 30th Sasha Festival was special!
    What lovely kids they are Kendal and great photos as always.
    Love, Aunty Sarah xx

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