Gone Missing!

Excuse me. I’m sorry to bother you but have you seen my brothers, Ross and baby Quirky around here as they aren’t in our room and my mummy’s eldest brother, our Uncle John has come to take us all home? Oh you have? They were here asking for a piece of the festival cake a little while ago. I don’t suppose you know where they have are now?

Oh I do hope that they haven’t gone outside sight-seeing.

Oh this wedding display looks very nice.

I like the way they cover these chairs and add the bows for weddings and parties. I must remember this idea for the future.

Oooh Champagne! We have the Brut one with the gold foil on special occassions at our house.

Oh is that you Quirky? How did you get in there? Oh dear it’s NOT you. I think that I’d better get back to our room and tell mummy that I can’t find them.

Oh Ross! Just look at this! I want to get in and look around.

Can you find a way for me to get in as I want to play with all those toys that they have in there.

Is there a way in at that side? No, it seems to be all sealed up. I wonder how they got it all into the hotel. Is there an opening at the top where you are?

Look Quirky, there’s someone here just like you lying in a pull out cot.

No Quirky, just because you can’t find a way into the nursery doesn’t mean that you can go outside to play. It’s too dangerous to play near the road and they might not let you in again. Come on we’ll go and find somewhere else for you to play inside.

I know! We’ll go to the library and have another look at all the three raffles and helper’s items.

Hello. I’m Ross. What’s your name? William. That’s a rather royal name. Do you mind if we stop to look around for a while as we were getting rather bored stuck up in the bedroom waiting for our mummy to come back for us? Where are you going to all dressed up in your school uniform and with these trunks and things?

What’s this for? That’s for putting your raffle tickets in. Then they are tipped into a hat, mixed up and then someone draws a ticket out and they are the winner of this raffle.

I like this hard hat. Wish I had one like this for when I go riding. What’s this small trunk for then if your clothes etc go into the big one? A tuck box for youir sweets and chocolate. Shall we open it and see what’s inside then as Quirky and I are feeling rather hungry. I’m sure that no-one will miss a Kit-Kat or a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate.

Oh hello. I didn’t see you there. Is your name Amelia like it says on that carrying bag by you. That’s a very pretty name and I like your baseball cap. Are you going off to boarding school too like William then? No. This is your wardrobe of clothing and things that you need for when you are adopted by a new mummy. Do you know who she will be or where you are going to live? Not yet but I will know very soon now. It’s all very exciting as I have just come over from the US and shall now be living in your country.

I’m feeling tired now and ready for an afternoon nap. Could you move over a little and let me get in? What do you mean, ‘No!’

Right then I’ll ask you again from this side, shove…I mean move over and don’t be such a ‘meanie.’ I’d let you in my cot if you were tired and needed a quick nap.
Come on now Quirky I think that we’ve been out long enough we’ll go back to our room and you can settle down there for a little sleep.


8 thoughts on “Gone Missing!

  1. Looks like Baby Quirky and Ross had a grand old time exploring…I wonder what else Quirky got up to? I’m sure he got up to more mischief than this to warrant having to sit in the naughty chair?

  2. Great! Great! Great!
    Belle is a charmer… always…. and so observant. (we have the brut one for special occasions too!)
    And, Ross… such an obedient, responsible and friendly boy… and baby Quirky… well, he’s a character!
    And, I can’t blame him, a bit, for wanting to get into Dawn’s lovely nursery… hmm, he could play all day in there… imagine the fun with so many toys!
    Thank you Kendal for this wonderful post… taking a different approach to the Sasha Festival… this one as seen by the kids themselves… very nice indeed.
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. Well Mummy WHERE were you then? I can have my nieces and nephews coming to harm you know!!
    Next time I shall go with them and get into Dawns wonderful room too as it was something I could have looked at for hours.
    As usual your well dressed kids were socially charming and well behaved….
    Send them my love,
    Aunty Sarah xx

  4. I can’t believe Ross didn’t fall over once, or did he save his usual party trick off camera this time? Love to my boy, Jackie x

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