Children’s Fund Auctions….continued post 2

Chick Dress and pants made and donated by Tina Gross. Dress for Sasha in natural tan coloured cotton with yellow chicks printed on it. Peter Pan collar and chick hand puppet to match the chicks in the little hand bag.

For the last five years or so I have wanted to buy and own one of Tina’s dresses but always just missed winning on eBay by a minimum amount until there came a time when no more were listed…..SO when I spotted this one here I decided that this was definitely a ‘Kendal-must-have’ and possibly my last chance.
Feeling that luck might be on my side since this was CFA item no 78, my auction paddle was 78 (and thirdly I was married for the second time in 1978) I decided that I would allow myself to bid up to £78. My heart was beating wildly as the bidders dropped out one by one as the amount rose nearer and nearer to my maximum target until there was only one left bidding against me but luckily her paddle dropped with just a few pounds left below my maximum bid. I finally own a Tina Gross Sasha dress. Now I can’t wait to finish listing these festival posts before I allow myself a little Sasha trying on session.

Spring Ensemble made and donated by Sarah Williams. Raspberry wool coat and beret lined with in white cotton printed with pink flowers. Sleeveless dress with a full skirt matches the coat’s lining. Includes pants, socks, hair ribbons and hand made leather shoes.

A OOAK (even I haven’t got one!) Sasha book donated by me to celebrate the 30th Sasha Festival with 30 pages of close up facial photos of some of my favourite dolls. (I was meant to be signing it for the winner but they never came to me so must apologise for this.)

A ‘Wee-Wardrobe’ dress donated by Jackie Kraemer. Dark blue flowered cotton print dress with long sleeves and a white collar. It also has a separate bib with lace trim and red ribbon and ties either side of the waist,.

Water Babies. Yet another wonderful donation by Phyllis Goedeke. Matching swimsuits for Sasha, Gregor and baby in multicoloured strips. Sasha has a headscarf and the accessories include a beach ball, swim goggles and a life preserver ring.

Gregor casual outfit donated by Judith Easthope. Grey joggers, white hoodie and saggy beanie hat made from cotton jersey with a hand quilted grey gilet.

Candy stripped smocked dress donated by Jill Mackley. This fine cotton dress has piping at the bodice and neck with smocking to waist level with white pants and socks. Pink suede sandals donated by Jean Jenson complete the outfit.

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Flower Girl Doll donated and dressed by Karola Miller. Sasha is dressed as a flower seller of years gone by with her basket of flowers, her pet dog and little dish to collect the money.

Limited edition to just five copies this July 2012 to June 2013 calendar donated by me. I photographed some of my favourite dolls for this special festival calendar.

Blonde baby and crib donated by Dawn Law. A beautiful pink crib with mattress, fleece blanket and coverlete. The baby has a smocked dress, petticoat, panties and shoes and white sleepsuit.


5 thoughts on “Children’s Fund Auctions….continued post 2

  1. Congratulations Kendal… on securing a Tina Gross *original* for yourself… finally! I’m lovin’ the sweet chick-y material and the pattern is simple-licious… hmm, am wondering which lucky girl of yours will model this precious creation… (?)
    Just more and more wonderful donations… generosity galore… many thanks for posting these photos.
    Hugs, -Anne

  2. So many gorgeous items were available to bid for in this raffle it has been a delight to see them all again. Well done on your win, it is so very pretty and I look forward to seeing who will be the lucky girl to model it.

  3. I look forward to your pictures of the festival and drooled over all the wonderful outfits donated. I loved seeing the pictures of you, too, Kendal. Great to put a face to all your posts. I loved that baby with all her pristine accessories and the bathing suit set was just perfect. Oh, and congrats for winning the cute chick dress. Have fun dressing all your cuties…Diane

  4. I’m so glad you were able to win the dress you wanted. It’s nice to know that it went to such a good home. I’m looking forward to seeing it on one of your girls.

  5. The chick dress is lovely, would not have minded one myself. I do like the Japanese fabric these dresses are made of.
    Thanks for all the pictures interesting to see again what was up for auction.

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