Friday Evening’s Dinner continued

One of the guests (still tryig to discover her name) on my table kindly asked if we would like her to take a photo of Steve and I. Neither of us like to have our photo taken but we agreed as this is the first time that we have actually met although we have been good internet and phone friends for well over three years.

My table hostess gifts. (More to follow about these in a later post.)

Steve Kingaby on the left talking to Tina Gross and her husband on my table.

Joyce and Len Jordan sitting at my table.

Susan Bugler-Pomeroy, my internet friend from the Republic of Ireland (who collects only the Sasha babies) sitting next to me on the table that I was hostessing.

Virginia Myers in the centre between Brenda Myers on the left and Susan Bugler-Pomeroy on the right.

Brenda Myers in the centre and Virginia Myers to her right.

Brenda Walton in the centre talking to Anna Doggart.

Still trying to find out the names of this family.

Cathy Buckley-Mellor on the right and Paula Morton.

Men’s talk!

Catherine French on the left and one of the Mayo sisters on the right.

Heidi Wheeler on the left.

Carol and Tom Beach on the right.

Teresa Christi on the back right with her sister Rosie Bloomfield on her right.

Ann Chandler on the right, Onno Horchner in the center with his wife, Lillian, on the left of the photo.

Un-named at the moment.

Lisa (on the left) and her mother, Ruth Hartley talking to Jackie Kraemer.

Jackie Kraemer on the left.

Natasha (Marie Morgan’s daughter) on the left, next is Marie. (Unfortunately can’t name the others.)

Sue McFarlane on the left, Angie Hale in the centre and Theresa O’Neill on the right.


4 thoughts on “Friday Evening’s Dinner continued

  1. The ladies in the last photo with Angie Hale are Sue McFarlane on the left and Theresa O’Neill on the right.

  2. Kendal… you are amazing… hostessing a table and being able to take all these lovely photos simultaneously!
    It was a grand night, indeed! Thank you for capturing the magic.
    In the 18th photo from the top… is Onno Horchner sitting next to Ann Chandler… with his lovely wife, Lilian, next to him… wearing those cool red eyeglasses… they are a very charismatic couple. Lilian was the only entrant of the paper dolls competition… her paper dolls were wonderful!
    Hugs, -Anne

  3. Wonderful photos once again Kendal (although not keen on the one of me but I also really dislike my photo being taken) how lovely that you got to meet Steve, I didn’t realise you hadn’t met each other before! I’m really enjoying these photos, its bringing it all back to me … and stupidly I dont seem to have taken any photos of real people at the festival – just the dolls!! So having yours to look at is a real treat. love Cathy x

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